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Diesel Cars left with no Future in BS6 Regime in 2020. Discontinued in Hatch and Sedan Segment

Diesel Cars left with no Future in BS6 Regime in 2020. Discontinued in Hatch and Sedan Segment

Diesel Car Price Gap against the Petrol one in BS6 Regime can end up in range of Rs 2 Lakh to 2.5 Lakh. This can end up Diesel Market in 2020 onwards in Hatchback, Sedan Segment


Diesel Cars Future is Bleak post 2020 in BS6 Regime

Diesel Cars already facing the heat to be considered

» More Polluted

» Ban of 10 years imposed on Plying Diesel Cars

» Green Cess Imposed in, Higher Road Tax on Diesel Cars against Petrol one in some states

Now in 2020 when the cars would be upgraded to make them BS-6 Compliant then it requires substantial changes in terms of DPF, Catalytic, Fuel Injection System, Engine components too having relatively much higher cost for Diesel Cars

As per updates from Manufacturer R&D - there are no issues of running BS-6 Petrol Car on BS-4 Fuel, but are issues in driving a Diesel cars and hence the change in technology would even be on higher side.

This all requires substantial investment and changes which will likely increase the cost of upgrading from BS4 to BS6 Diesel Car, as against the Petrol one to higher extent. At Present - the price differential in Petrol and Diesel Counterpart Models is as below

Models Price Difference 
Maruti Swift, Ciaz Rs  1 Lakh
Maruti Ertiga Rs  1.4 Lakh
Hyundai Creta Rs 1.3 Lakh - 1.5 Lakh
Honda Amaze Rs 1.1 Lakh
Volkswagen Ameo Rs 1.5 Lakh
Ford Freestyle, Aspire Rs 90K
Tata Nexon Rs 90K

Exshowroom Price Difference


Cost of Upgrading BS-4 Car to BS-6 Cdmpliance

As per updates - Been the cost of Catalytic, Fuel Injection is higher in Diesel Cars along with additional cost of Diesel Particulate Filter, the overall cost of upgrading the existing BS-4 to BS-6 Car can lead

Fuel Type Price Hike in BS6  over BS4
Petrol Cars Rs  15K to 20K
Diesel Cars Rs  50K to 1 Lakh

Considering existing price gap of Rs 1 Lakh and future price gap due to upgrade in technology - the net On Road Price difference would go anywhere in range of Rs 1.5 Lakh to 2 Lakh across manufacturer

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Adding up higher Road Tax, Insurance Premium difference - the final On Road Price difference will end up to extent of Rs 2 Lakh - Rs 2.5 Lakh in between a BS-6 Petrol and BS-6 Diesel Car.

Its not Finished yet - Adding on woes to it would be future years upkeep ownership cost, Higher Spare Part Prices of Diesel Cars, Interest Cost for buying a Diesel Car against the Petrol one

So - for any one who invest money in a Diesel car in BS-6 regime to save on running cost - it would be turn out to be unviable option unless the average monthly driving is beyond 3500 Kms. Considering the fact that Hatchback, Sedan segment cars are available in both Petrol and Diesel - this can just kill the Diesel Vehicles in Hatch, Sedan. Even the Cabbies will stay away from Diesel Cars and will prefer to buy Petrol Car and convert them to CNG

However for SUV and Luxury Range where the preference criteria is fun to drive with higher torque, in that scenario only would be a segmented market left for Diesel. But am sure slowly the Manufacturers will adopt Turbo charged Petrol Engines in near future to give the fun to drive character even in Petrol one too.

Net all - Diesel Cars especially in Hatchback, Sedan are bound to get Dead End in near future in Indian Market.

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