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Hyundai Santro 2018 Service Schedule, Maintenance Cost Review

Hyundai Santro 2018 Service Schedule, Maintenance Cost Review

Hyundai Santro Service Schedule with Maintenance Cost Explained. Know how much will it cost in Labor Charges, Free and Paid Services with Spare Parts of Hyundai Santro


Hyundai Santro Maintenance Costs

Hyundai Santro 2018 is launched in Indian Passenger Car Market. Known for Segment First Features, 4 Cylinder Engine with Reliability of Hyundai. Hyundai India Offering 3 Year Standard Warranty on the car with Option of Extending Warranty for 4th and 5th Year too at just 2% of cost of car.

Heres below the service and maintenance costs of Hyundai Santro

Free Services of All New Santro

Hyundai India offers 3 Labor free services for New Santro :

» 1st Service - 2000 Kms / 2 months

» 2nd Service - 10,000 Kms / 12 months

» 3rd Service - 20,000 Kms / 24 months

Its to be noted that only Labor Charges will not be applied for all work related to Scheduled Servicing. Rest - Any Consumables, Parts, Oil Change will be charged as per Actual Cost (as per Scheduled Maintenance)

Paid Service of Santro

Then is Periodic Paid Service recommended at every 10,000 Kms or 12 Month whichever is earlier for both Santro Petrol & Diesel


Hyundai Santro Service Schedule

  Hyundai Santro Petrol Manual, CNG, AMT automatic Petrol
Engine Oil 10000 Kms or every 12 Month
Oil Filter 10,000 Kms or every 12 Month
Climate Control AC Filter 20,000 Kms or every 24 Month
Air Filter 30,000 Kms or every 36 Month
Fuel Filter 60,000 Kms or every 6 Years
Fuel Additive One Bottle every 5000 Kms
Brake / Clutch Fluid Now Lifetime
Gear Transmission Fluid Lifetime (Manual) / Inspect every 5 Years or 60,000 Kms for topup or replacement (AMT Automatic)
Spark Plug Replace every 5 year or 70000 Kms
Valve Clearance Replace every 9 Year or 90000 Kms
Coolant Inspect for Top up if low in every Service. Replacement at 10 Years or 1.2 Lakh Kms which ever earlier
Wheel Alignment & Balancing 10,000 Kms or 12 Month


Hyundai Santro Service Cost

Hyundai Santro photo

Below is Schedule of Estimated Scheduled Service Maintenance Cost for All New Hyundai Santro 

Service Service Interval  Hyundai Santro (except Alignment and Balancing)
1st Service 2000 Kms / 2 mo NIL
2nd Service 10,000 Kms / 1 Year Rs. 1100
3rd Service 20,000 Kms / 2 Year Rs. 2100
4th Service 30,000 Kms / 3 Year Rs. 3600
5th Service 40,000 Kms / 4 Year Rs. 3600
6th Service 50,000 Kms / 5 Year Rs. 3700 (Manual) / Rs 4500 (AMT)
7th Service 60,000 Kms / 6 Year Rs. 4500
8th Service 70,000 Kms / 7 Year Rs. 3500
9th Service 80,000 Kms / 8 Year Rs  3600

In terms of Estimated Service Cost for Hyundai Santro (for Periodic Maintenance)

» Hyundai Santro - Rs. 26000 approx for 80,000 Kms or 8 yrs i.e 33 paise per Km

Include: All Scheduled Servicing be performed every 10,000 Kms. Does not include Alignment and Balancing along with Wear & Tear Items or other Service related expense.

For Spare Part Prices - refer Hyundai Genuine Spare Parts


Hyundai Santro Service Cost and Spare Part Prices

Service Component Service Cost
Engine Oil 5W-30 3 Litre + Oil Filter + Gasket Rs. 1150
Air Filter Rs. 200
AC Pollen Filter Rs. 230
Fuel Filter  Rs. 400
Fuel Additive Rs  350
Gear Transmission Oil / Clutch Fluid (1.3 Litre)
Rs. 324 per Litre
Dot4 Brake Fluid (max 750 ml needed) Rs. 350 per Litre
Brake Cleaning (Front Brake Pads & Rear Brake Drum) + Caliper Pin Greasing Rs. 750
Coolant (5 Litre AntiFreeze Mix needed)  Rs. 245 per Litre for Top up
Spark Plug set Rs. 300
Front Wiper Blade Set Rs. 650
Front Brake Pads Replacement wit Labor Rs. 2000
Clutch Plate Assembly (with Pressure Plate, Release Bearing & Labor) Rs. 7000 - 7500 approx
Set of 4 Wheel Cover Rs. 2000
Wheel Alignment, Balancing - Labor Charges
Rs. 1300 including GST
Tyre Rotation Rs. 265 including GST
Front Bumper replacement with Paint & Labor Rs. 7000 approx including Body Colored Paint, else Black Bumper as SPare Part Rs 1500
AC Servicing with Gas Refill and Labor Rs. 3000
Throttle Body Cleaning Rs. 225
Paid Labor Charges (Scheduled Maintenance) Rs. 1835 + GST = Rs 2165
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