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Questions to ask before comparing Web Hosting. Shared, VPS, Dedicated

Questions to ask before comparing Web Hosting. Shared, VPS, Dedicated

Thinking of choosing a new web host - Shared, VPS or Dedicated. Know questions to ask and compare features before choosing a web hosting company


Web Hosting - Cheap or Stable

Every Web Host Announces Attractive Packages like - Unlimited Domain, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Unlimited Disk Space and Claims to be the Most Stable yet Cheapest in the Industry. Know the Top 10 Questions you should ask your web host to have them come to you on ground level so as to compare the Best Host Provider of the Industry

1) Where are the data-center located. If possible get an IP address of that data-center and ping it to check the latency time. If the ping time is above 300 MS or worse above 350 MS -- then its a cause of worry

2) Whats the Maximum Memory Limit assigned. Many companies shares unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space. Know the Memory Limit i.e RAM Allocation. If the site is script intensive or database friendly or high number of visitors - it may be possible that RAM may be touched 100%.

3) Know the versions of PHP. PHP 5.2 is outdated and many host still provide PHP 5.2 to its customers

4) Know Limits - Maximum Execution Time, Upload Max File Size, PHP Memory Limits

5) Whats the CPU Processor been used - Is it Single Core / Dual Quad Core . Whats the speed limit assigned. Better the specs and configurations - more faster and easier to the website to give optimal performance

6) Does it include CPANEL or WHM. Is it an Industry standard CPANEL or Inhouse CPANEL application by host provider

7) What is the Storage Option they are providing - SAS or SATA. Network speed. SAS generally considered better, while SATA Storage is mostly used by web host providers

8) What is the Back-up Plan Included. Does restoring website in event of failure, costs money. A Daily backup is considered the best option

9) The Support Team Availability, Response and Turn Around Times. Is it a Fully Manged Hosting or Semi Managed Hosting

10) Most Important at the end of day is the money - Know the Coupon, Offers from these host and get the best price


Some of the Known and Industry Leaders are - Hostgator, Rackspace, Dreamhost offering the best and most stable servers in the world

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