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Car Insurance Theft Claim Settlement Process Explained with FIR

Car Insurance Theft Claim Settlement Process Explained with FIR

Are you Impacted by Vehicle Theft. Know the Entire Step by Step Process for Vehicle Theft Claim Settlement including Documents, FIR with Police and Insurance Company Claim Settlement


Car Theft Claim Process

Are you Unfortunate to have Vehicle Stolen ?

Are you Curious to know about Vehicle Theft Claim Process ? Below are steps

Step 1 : Immediately call Local Police on 100 and inform them about your loss including area, date and time where the vehicle parked and if have call recording option enabled, save the call plus also note the time and date when the call was made

Step 2 : Take a Picture of Place where the vehicle was Parked including nearby Cars if Parked.

Step 3 : Lodge a FIR in local Police Station including the time when parked vehicle, area where vehicle parked, when came to know about theft, time of calling on 100 number and documents which were there in the car including RC, Insurance, PUC etc.

Step 4 : Call up Insurance company and report Vehicle Theft and also mention that you have lodged FIR and what next process if anything specific needs to be done.

Step 5 : Also ensure to send Emailed to Insurance Company Customer care with Claim Intimation along with Policy Number, RC Copy and FIR Copy as received.

Step 6: In 1 to 2 Days - ask for the Investigation Officer in Police station with details like his name, number and all. Do follow up politely with him 

Step 7 : If vehicle Financed, do inform respective Bank also for same and ask for Loan Statement so as to submit to Insurance Company. Its important that you should not skip in EMI Payment till the time claim processed as else it will show you a defaulter in CIBIL. Remember, in no way is it a Bank Mistake and in no way should you stop paying EMI.

Step 8: Contact Insurance Company Office and Submit in Letter Application of Vehicle Stolen and request for claim settlement along with FIR Copy, Claim Form, Original 2 Keys of Car (remember both original keys needs to be submitted, else claim may not approve), RC, Insurance, PUC, Bank Loan Statement if vehicle financed, Copy of Driving License, Invoice along with Reference Check from 2 Neighbor. Do not miss to take acknowledgement receipt including all documents checklist clearly mentioned as taken by Insurance company.

Step 8: Visit RTO office and submit an application to the name of RTO office that your car is stolen with all the details car number, Chassis number. You will be asked to block RC and submit form, The letter copy also needs to be sent to Insurance Company.

Step 9:  If vehicle not traced within a span of a month, get Vehicle Untraceable report and submit to Insurance Company. Periodic follow up will now be required with Insurance company to settle the claim

Step 10:  Once claim approved, Submit requisite RTO Forms as told by Insurance company with Affidavit Declaration, The Payment will be done to Bank (equivalent to Outstanding loan) and balance amount will be paid back to you

Very Important: Do take note of Time, Date Event on when you contacted whom and make a bunch of all correspondence and have written proof with you of what date you contacted whom

Know your Rights: For those Non Traceable Report if taking too much a delay

There was a decision said by Consumer Court in favor – where it stated that - The complainant has no control on the investigation of the police. Even after the untraceable report is submitted to the court, it is the discretion of the court to accept it or to send the case for re-investigation. The complainant has no control over the court also,

There was no clause in the Policy terms and conditions of the insurance policy to show vehicle untraceable report as pre condition for claim settlement

Thus – a consumer can not be denied claim due to delay in non traceable report.

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