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Maruti Ciaz Official Review. Positives, Negatives of New Ciaz 2020

Maruti Ciaz Official Review. Positives, Negatives of New Ciaz 2020

Considering all New Maruti Ciaz 2020. Detailed Review of Ciaz Petrol with Space, Features, Styling, Interiors, Exteriors with Detailed Positives, Negatives


Maruti Ciaz Official Review - Positives, Negatives for Purchase Call in 2020

Ciaz is what the premim Mid Sedan Sedan from Maruti Suzuki, which is now retailed throuhgh Nexa Counters. Its a 6 Year Old Product in India and sold over 3 Lakh Units since launch topping the charts among best selling Mid Sedan Cars of India

Reason attributed for Ciaz Success is Value Price Positioning where

  • Ciaz Manual Transmission Price range from Rs 8.32 Lakh to top end fully loaded at Rs 9.97 Lakh - Top Model of Ciaz is priced lesser than Base Model of Honda City 5th Generation, priced lesser by 1 Lakh On road against Hyundai Verna Middle Model
  • Impeccable Space - lots of Space for Executive Sedan kind of Feel
  • Impressive Features ranging across in Sigma, Delta, Zeta, Alpha Model with top notch Reliability, Fuel Efficiency


Maruti Ciaz 1.5 Hybrid Engine Performance, Handling Dynamics

In terms of Drive and Handling of Petrol Engine: Ciaz shares same 1.5 Litre Naturally Aspirated K15 Petrol Engine with 104 BHP power and 138 NM Torque , as what used in S Cross, Ertiga and XL6 equipped with Smart Hybrid Technology having 2 Batteries where the Lithium ion battery assist in Torque, Start-Stop on Red Light (Engine shuts off on red light and car runs on Electric Motor) and Brake Energy regeneration giving even better braking experience with the vehicle.

Its reasonably satisfactory from 0 to 80 Kmph Speed in Manual Transmission. There is no dearth of Power and the car feels reasonably well to drive in City and Mid Range. Steering is Light, Gear Shift are at ease, Clutch is smooth too. Only Car from Nexa Outlet with Soft Suspension (rest S Cross, Ignis, Baleno, XL6 all comes with slight stiifened suspension) - so this soft suspension will deliver Plush ride within city and good highway roads.

The Engine NVH Level refinement is top Notch and the car feels reasonable good to drive in speed band of 0 to 80 Kmph and for any one who follow speed limit and drive car in comfort oriented relaxed way will simply love Maruti Ciaz Petrol

Downside: Only post 80 Kmph Speed is what the car feels slight tip down when compared against Honda City, Hyundai Verna. The Steering also feels a bit vague on higher speed of 100 Kmph. There comes Speed Alert System with a beep over 80 Kmph Speed, and continuous beep over 120 Kmph Speed

  Maruti Ciaz Honda City Hyundai Verna 1.5 Toyota Yaris
Engine 1.5 Litre 1.5 Litre 1.5 Litre 1.5 Litre
Power 104 BHP 120 BHP 114 BHP 106 BHP
Torque 138 NM 145 NM 147 NM 140 NM
MT Transmission 5 Speed  6 Speed 6 Speed 6 Speed
Auto Transmission 4 Speed CVT IVT Automatic CVT
Kerb Weight (MT) 1010 Kg 1060 Kg 1140 Kg 1090 Kg
Kerb Weight (Auto) 1025 Kg 1080 Kg 1175 Kg 1110 Kg


While for Automatic Transmission - New Ciaz is what offered in 4 Speed Automatic as against its arch rivals Honda City, Yaris offered in CVT Automatic, while Verna in IVT 

Yes on papers Ciaz 4 Speed Automatic feels like outdated, but in real world scenario the car designed to offer an Option to Indian Consumers who are looking for Sedate, Comfortable ride in a spacious Saloon with Good Features primarily in City Driven Conditions at a Value Price.

Yes - Ciaz Automatic is what the best choice for those buyers who seek or drive majorly in City Traffic Conditions and / or relaxed drive with seek absolute convenience in 0 to 60 Kmph Speed along with Soft Suspension to offer Plush ride with Light Steering.

But - care for Mid range or Peppy Highway Dynamics - you will not enjoy in Ciaz Automatic as neither the Speed matches RPM on giving it more throttle and nor does it comes with Paddle Shift.


Ownership Cost

Proven Reliability and Low Cost of Ownership is what a big strength of Maruti Ciaz

Mileage - One among Best whether Manual or Automatic. You can vouch Maruti Suzuki for that to offer you best in class Mileage. A reasonable expectation for city drive conditions would be near around 13 Kmpl in Manual, 12 Kmpl in Automatic while on highway anything around 16 to 17 Kmpl in Manual and 15 to 16 Kmpl on Automatic would be a reasonable expectation

Cost of Ownership - Thats also a key strength of Maruti Suzuki to offer in low ownership cost by having Reasonably priced Spares, a reasonable service cost along with even extended replacement interval of Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Spark Plug only once on 40000 Kms in Petrol and no need of replacement of Transmission Fluid till 1.6 Lakh Kms

Refer details - Maruti Ciaz Service Cost


Maruti Ciaz Space, Styling, Safety, Features

Interiors - Although no soft touch plastic on Dash and no flat bottom steering but Interiors will duly appeal masses and thanks to Beige and Black Interiors, faux wood finish, instrument cluster design with graphic display, Space Feel will deliver a pleasing good Interior appeal in Ciaz.

Space - Outstanding in legroom, shoulder room and in a way New Ciaz delivers you a feel of Space like of even a segment up car. Although rear head room can be slight tight for taller passenger and rear under-thigh support not the best, but the legroom is phenomenal.

Exterior styling - Feels much improved with New Front Fascia design, and been the longest and widest car in segment. LED Projector Headlights, LED Fog Lights and all new LED Tail Lights in Zeta and Alpha Model looks stunning. Precision cut Alloys Wheels are top Notch in Styling Element

Build, safety - Safety features of ABS, EBD, Seat Belt Pretensioner and Dual Airbags as standard. The Automatic variant gets additionally ESP and Hill Hold Assist as standard too. Also gets Speed Alert System with Beep Alert sound at speed of 80 Kmph and continuous beep at speed of 120 Kmph

In terms of Build - Ciaz Thailand version got 4 star safety rating with ABS, EBD, Dual airbags, seat belt pretensioner and the weight is exact similar to Indian Ciaz. Indian ciaz has same weight and safety features as what sold in Thailand market.


Negatives of Maruti Ciaz

Not Peppy in Engine Performance: This car is not designed to deliver you a Kind of Peppy Performance, high speed revv as what felt in Honda City, Volkswagen Vento or even to extent as seen in Hyundai Verna. Although Ciaz is reasonably good for city but care for high speed dynamics with a revv friendly engine performance or class leading Handling Experience Competition cars are what to be better off. Even to disclaim - steering feedback felt slight vague on higher speed above 80 Kmph in Ciaz

Not Benchmark in Safety:  Lacks Side and Curtain Airbags. No ESP, Hill Hold Assist and Traction Control in Manual Transmission. Based on Heartect Chassis Platform as the same Heartect Chassis Platform is now what used in S Presso even. Also, if you seek best in class Build Quality - well you have Sturdy cars like Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Verna and Honda City in the segment 

Lacks Gimmick Features, Advanced Styling and Convenience: Care for Gimmick Features like Electric Sunroof or Remote Engine Start or Best in Class Infotainment Experience, Ventilated Seats or Lane Watch Camera - wont get either in Ciaz

Hybrid Battery Cost: Important to note that lithium-ion battery is an import, at least until the Suzuki-Toshiba battery factory in Gujarat to be operational, expected in 2020.

Rear Seat Headroom, Under Thigh: Not the Best in Rear Seat Headroom for Taller Passenger or for Under-Thigh Support


Final Recommendation of Maruti Ciaz

Maruti Ciaz Strength is the Price Point at which its offered. If your budget is limited and yet seek Best in Class Space, Reliability, Features, Comfort Oriented Drive and a car where you drive majorly in city and good highway roads and yet seek Fuel Efficiency, Cost of Ownership - all packed in Price range of Rs 9 Lakh to 11 Lakh on road will be impressed with Ciaz

However - care for Revv Friendly Engine with High Speed Dynamics or Advanced Automatic or Best in class Safety, Modern age Features and flexible with budget - its recommended to look at competition cars.

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Guest - Sunny on Wednesday, 01 December 2021 14:12

Amaze CVT can be a good option.

Amaze CVT can be a good option.
Guest - RR on Wednesday, 23 December 2020 01:32

Hi, Please help with the right capacity battery model for replacement of Original battery in Ciaz smart hybrid 2019 model petrol car? Kindly mention if there are multiple options.

Hi, Please help with the right capacity battery model for replacement of Original battery in Ciaz smart hybrid 2019 model petrol car? Kindly mention if there are multiple options.
Sunday, 29 January 2023

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