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Hyundai Elite I20 CVT Automatic Review. Is it worth over Baleno, Jazz CVT

Hyundai Elite I20 CVT Automatic Review. Is it worth over Baleno, Jazz CVT

Hyundai Elite I20 CVT Automatic Magna, Asta Official Review with Positives and Negatives in India. Review in Performance, Space, Styling, Features, Handling, Mileage, Suspension of Hyundai I20


Hyundai Elite I20 CVT Automatic Review

Hyundai India has finally launched in Elite I20 Facelift Edition in CVT Automatic Transmission. how is the performance, drive, handling for all new I20 CVT


Drive, Performance:

Its the same 1.2 Litre VTVT Petrol Engine with 83 PS Power and 117 NM Torque, however now is in CVT Automatic Transmission

There is no Sports Mode, No Paddle Shift, No Low Gear Mode in it. One gets simple P,R,N,D and to enjoy car in Manual Mode is D+ and D-. In terms of driving per se - as the comparison would be relative against Baleno and Jazz, can say one thing - the Performance and handling seems disappointed

Although, rubber band effect is part of CVT Transmission - but the Rubber band effect is pretty much visible and felt in I20 CVT.  It really does not feel as smooth in pickup as otherwise felt in Maruti Baleno or Honda Jazz CVT (leave aside VW Polo GT TSI - which is outstanding in its class). If one tries to revv for pickup, Engine Noise feels evident in the cabin

May be due to higher weight - where the owner feels surge to drive in, RPM does not matches to the speed pickup, Steering feels lot toysome light and missing in feedback as otherwise felt in Baleno and Jazz. Even - in Manual mode - there are no Paddle Shifts

It does not give a feel so as to drive and enjoy in the experience, except the fact of convenience. The only solace to it - is the convenience of drive and the car is ideally meant for buyers who just want to get freedom from clutch and habit of manual gear shift change

A Positive side is that car could be on radar of buyers, who just want relaxed drive and want to enjoy in experience of Premium Aesthetics, Styling, Build

Suspension: Seems well suited for City drive conditions, yet can take on slight bad road conditions at ease

Visibility: Reasonably Good, no as such blind spots

Build Quality, Safety: Although Build Quality is acceptable and felt even better as against Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Safety features of ABS, EBD and Dual Airbags are standard. But I20 Auto is available only in Magna and Asta Trim, means buyers who seek 6 Airbag Safety in Premium Hatch (which as of now is only offered in Elite I20) - has to make choice for I20 Manual Transmission. So - anyone considering in Unmatched Safety will not like Elite I20.


Features: Been I20 available in Magna and Asta Trim, it captures most of the features. But misses on advanced one like no Push Button Ignition, No Projectors, Also - as mentioned earlier - comes only with Dual Airbags, no 6 Airbags. Even lacks 60:40 Split Rear Seat and Stylish Diamond Cut Alloys

Space and Seating Comfort: Reasonable accepted space, but lacks the USP of otherwise as in Jazz or Baleno for Class Leading Spacious Cabin. Boot Space seems okay at 285 Litre, but not again to the class of Jazz and Baleno.

Good point however is acceptable under-thigh support (better than competition cars), Rear AC Vents, Good Recline Angle. But again has Integrated head rest - no adjustable head restraints in I20 CVT Automatic too

Mileage: Anything around 12 to 13 Kmpl in City Conditions should be considered a reasonable mileage for the car. The Car is heavier to tune of 15% as against Baleno CVT and this definitely going to impact in Mileage of Car

Price: Talking about Price - it costs almost around Rs 8 Lakh On Road for Magna CVT and Rs 9.25 lakh for Asta CVT - the price is higher to extent of 30K to 50K in Mumbai and Bangalore.  Spending that much amount without the fun to drive experience certainly makes it feel premium in pricing


Final Recommendation on I20 CVT Automatic

The biggest downside of Elite I20 CVT is Performance Pep. Across Premium Hatchback - Baleno, Polo, Jazz - the drive seems very ordinary in pickup and average steering feedback just takes away the experience

Also - for those ready to consider in I20 Asta CVT due to Build, Features, Styling do note that I20 Asta CVT misses on certain key USP of Push Button Ignition, 6 Airbags, Projectors and some other misses.

If its Elite I20 - to our view - a buyer should rather consider in Elite I20 Manual Transmission - where at the price of Magna Automatic with bare basic features (even without Remote Central Lock) - one can get Asta Manual or if considering Asta Auto - should consider in Asta Option Manual. Trust - the Clutch is butter smooth and very light smooth Gear Shifts in I20 Manual.

If its Automatic - our advise is to look at competition cars - Baleno, Jazz and Polo which offers something better against I20

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Guest - Ruchika on Wednesday, 13 June 2018 20:25

Yes - i think Hyundai Elite I20 automatic is a great car in build quality
you can find the premium features in Asta. Anyhow thanks for the review

Yes - i think Hyundai Elite I20 automatic is a great car in build quality you can find the premium features in Asta. Anyhow thanks for the review
Sunday, 19 May 2019

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