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Top 5 Gimmick Features in Modern age Cars. Save money by not going in trap of these Features

Top 5 Gimmick Features in Modern age Cars. Save money by not going in trap of these Features

OEM are making modern age cars full of Features to create differentiation. But here are Top 5 Features as Sunroof, Rear AC Vents, Cruise Control, SD Card Navigation, Cooled Glove Box which are not required in India


Top 5 Gimmick Features in New Car

Gone are the days, when Engine Performance and Mileage used to be differentiating factor. Now a days - vehicle owners looks for Styling, Safety and very importantly the advanced features which what the vehicle owner feels as for differentiating appeal

Some Gimmick Car Features - you may tend to avoid


Sunroof: Sunroof is considered very highly aspiration feature among Indians. But is what a gimmick in Indian conditions

Electric Sunroof

Essentially Sunroof designed as Glass panel to let fresh air and natural light enters in the car. But in India where people just want to keep windows up across all times due to poor air Quality and beat Scorching Heat to turn on AC - its a feature which would be barely used only occasional drive to Hill Stations.

So if you care to pay for Sunroof so as to enjoy in experience, its rather better to save money by avoiding same. Also - fitting after-market Sunroof (in a car which does not have OEM Factory Fit Sunroof) is not recommended as this can impact in Structural strength of the vehicle


Rear AC Vents: Another Gimmick feature as its essentially are blower Vents only. Do note that these are blowers and in no way to be confused with proper AC Vents or Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control which otherwise comes in Luxury Cars

Its important to be note that the car cooling temperature will more or less remains same. The only benefit of it is that one can get cooled fan on his or her face, which otherwise feels a bit relaxing initially especially during peak summer. The Feature not required in Hatchback Cars, although for 7 Seater SUV / MPV Vehicles - one can use it.


Cruise Control: A Feature which you need to be known is essentially used when driving on highway conditions and that too without traffic to enjoy.

Been Indian roads are such that not everyone follows traffic rules, the feature is used only if you drive too often on highway. Also importantly to note that it actually can turn out to be risky if one adapts cruise control on higher speed, been the attention to drive would be even lesser especially for vehicle owners who frequently use same.


Cooled Glove Box: Another Gimmick Feature - where vehicle owners presume that they can actually cool in water bottles in the glove box.

But the Car AC temperature is what at best 16 degree (if outside temperature is 30 degree or so) which in no way can cool in water bottle. Its only that the temperature of the water bottle will be retained for longer hours or your chocolates  will not melt due to scorching heat. But presuming Cooled glove box to cool up water bottle will be incorrect. Its better to use a water Flask which can keep in water rather cooler.

InBuilt SD Card Navigation without Android Auto / Apple Car Play: Although Navigation as a feature is very useful in present era to reach destination, but what is the use of Navigation which does not show in live traffic.

Some of the OEM now showing SD Card based navigation (meaning no live traffic updates) which only gives a feels of days like 10 year old, where navigation was used to find route to reach from Point A to Point B

But without knowing the Traffic conditions, without knowing the alternate route due to traffic - the SD Card based Navigation is what a feature which looks outdated in present times

If you going for a car with Navigation feature, then it should support in Android Auto and Apple car play to show its effectiveness.

If you feel of any other gimmick feature - feel free to mention it in comment box

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