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Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Review. Performance, Space, Mileage, Features, Styling

Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Review. Performance, Space, Mileage, Features, Styling

Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is a true Performance Oriented Car in 1.2 Litre TSI Petrol Engine with 105 PS Power and 175 NM Torque. Review of VW Polo GT with Interiors, Looks, Space, Mileage, Maintenance


Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Review

Care for the

» Unmatched drive and handling Experience

» For a powerful punchy pep yet in a petrol car

» Top notch Suspension Dynamic, Steering dynamics with very effective braking experience

» A true driver oriented car with utmost convenience to drive in an automatic transmission

» You should look no other than Volkswagen Polo GT TSI.


Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Positives

1. Its  a car which can actually bring a smile on your face with the kind of power delivery, unmatched gear shift response in an automatic transmission and sports mode which is even more fun to drive taking the experience all together to a new level.

2. The build quality is awesome the kind of thud feel which you feel while closing the door gives an inspiring confidence in the car. It's a car which has ESP along with Hill hold assist with dual airbags ABS ebd brake assist to deliver you a feel of safe car

3. Suspension Dynamics are well Balanced and can take slight Bad roads at Ease. 168 mm Ground clearance is reasonably Okay. Steering Dynamics are Top Notch and Braking is just spot on. Even though the car has ABS, ESP and no EBD Brake Assist - still the braking seems well effective

4. The 1.2 Litre TSI Petrol Engine with 105 PS Power with 175 NM Torque in 7 Speed Automatic gives you the same feel and experience, as what otherwise you can feel in Luxury Cars. Its a car for those who loves Immaculate drive and loves the pleasure of drive. 16 Inch Alloys just makes it even more better in high speed handling, cornering.

5. The Neat Fit, Finish, Elegant Interiors, Flat Bottom Steering loaded with all standard convenience, styling, safety makes it a good buy. The Paint Quality difference is observant and is rather the best in entire hatch segment in India. Even if you park your car in open in scorching sun for days - you will experience the same fit, paint finish as ever



Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Negatives

But despite been a punchy Power Performance Package, Elegance - everything is not the best with respect to space, rear seat comfort and some features which are missed and is thus important to know

1. The Rear Seat Legroom is strict average. If some one of height 5’11” is sitting in front and has other passenger of similar height in rear then yes - the Knees will touch in the seats. Its rear seats are strict meant for 2 Adults / 2 Kids with average height of 5’7” or below. The legroom space is strict average out there

2. Also - one needs to bend a bit to enter and exit out of the car. The Ingress and egress is not the best. If have senior members in family - they may not like the idea of bending and seating space is also low.

3. Despite of Rs 10 Lakh+ On road Hatchback - no Factory Fitted Rear View Camera, No Push Button Ignition, No Projector Headlight, No DRL, No Rear AC Vents, No Rear Disc Brakes - its Brake drum in rear. Even the spare wheel which was earlier offered in as alloy wheel is now removed and replaced with a space saver smaller 14 Inch Steel Wheel.

4. Volkswagen smaller service network in India. Even though Service Interval is 15000 Kms a year - but paid service costs are something which will always be like in Rs 10K+

5. If you care for Mileage - can share that anything around 10 to 11 Kmpl at best should be the realistic mileage which can be expected from this car in longer term

So spending even a relative premium may not deliver you the kind of premium experience with unmatched features List or Rear Seat Comfort Space 


So should you go for VW Polo GT TSI

Answer is yes - if Care for Unmatched Drive, Handling yet in an Automatic car. Its a true driver car and is a paradise for those who care no compromise on driving dynamics and yet immaculate Build feel in the car with Safety Features of ESP

Answer is No - if your care for a Car which offers Unmatched or even Spacious Rear Seat Comfort, Top Notch Features List, A Bullet Proof Long Term reliability / after sales service network, Low Ownership Cost Factor

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Saturday, 21 July 2018

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