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Delhi to Mumbai in 12 Hour through Expressway. Project Details of Delhi Mumbai Expressway

Delhi to Mumbai in 12 Hour through Expressway. Project Details of Delhi Mumbai Expressway

Delhi and Mumbai to be connected with all new Expressway via Jaipur, Kota, Vadodara by making travel time through road in just 12 Hours. Details of Project with Completion Date in India


Delhi Mumbai Expressway

Indian Government is planning to connect Capital - New Delhi with Financial Capital - Mumbai with all new Road Expressway so that People who intend to commute by Road can cover in road distance in just 12 hours

Been, as of now there are 2 High Speed Trains Rajdhani Express and August Kranti Rajdhani which depart in evening and take around 16 to 17 Hours

Although there are around 60 odd flights which are Non Stop in between Delhi to Mumbai each way but considering time from residence to airport then around 1 hour before flight depart time and reaching from airport to other place - it almost takes around 4 to 5 hours

An expressway can serve in need of People who want to impromptu make a travel plan or going with Family.

Been the distance is around 1400 Kms - the running cost in a Fuel Efficient  Diesel Car like Honda City Diesel, Maruti Ciaz Diesel would just be around Rs 4000 at max or with a Fuel efficient Petrol Car at Rs 7000. Considering 5 people in car - this effectively means an economical ride.

Also - People can commute at any time, in evening, early morning or any time they feel in.

However - it still has a long way as this will be completed in Phases been


Phase 1 of Expressway

» Delhi to Jaipur (195 Kms) - Expressway will be first Built in which is expected to complete by end of 2019 and will take around 2 Hours

» Mumbai to Vadodara (380 Kms) - Expressway yet to start and may take in around 3 to 4 years. This will just make travel time from each side to just 3 hours


Phase 2 of Expressway

» Jaipur to Kota (250 Kms) - Another Expressway will be built in Phase 2 to connect Jaipur to Kota


Phase 3 of Expressway

» Kota to Vadodara (600 Kms) - This will be the final leg and will be the longest expressway to connect in and complete in final completion of Delhi to Mumbai

» Its Early 2018 and for completion of this Long Expressway as connect in between 2 Capital - Delhi and Financial Capital Mumbai - the project may take in almost minimum 7 to 8 year. One may expect the final expressway only after 2025

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