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Petrol Car Owners please note that 10% Ethanol mixed with Petrol Fuel in India. Impact

Petrol Car Owners please note that 10% Ethanol mixed with Petrol  Fuel in India. Impact

The Petrol Fuel as sold in India now has 10% Ethanol Mixed in it giving Blended Petrol. Know how good is this Ethanol when mixed with Petrol for your Car Engines with Impact


10% Ethanol Mixed with Petrol Fuel in India

You have a petrol car, it's very important to know about some changes in the fuel which is been sold from Petrol Pumps

As offlate - government of India along with the Oil marketing companies performed some changes on the fuel Grade as been sold

Now petrol contains 10% ethanol as an environment friendly initiative. Although you must be knowing what Ethanol is - still important to know that Ethanol is Colorless alcohol which is made from fermentation from Sugar and Starch

Its basically a natural Fuel, and is mixed with Petrol - to give Blended Fuel. Not only India, but many countries across the world sell blended fuel - having 10% Ethanol and 90% Petrol. Best part is no modifications to Engine are required to burn in Fuel


The Benefits are obvious of Selling this Blended Fuel with Ethanol

» Lower costs as Ethanol is sold at just around Rs 40 per Litre in India

» Been Ethanol formed from Sugar and starch - the Pollution would be lower, Effectively, Ethanol is PM Free (particulate material free) burning fuel

» Can easily be mixed with Petrol making it a Blended Fuel well suitable for almost all engine types

» Ethanol also has a higher Octane rating making it will suitable for the car engines

» In fact some countries are doing research on making cars which can run on as high as 50% Blended Fuel (due to high Octane ratings of Ethanol) in the near future.


However a very Important Cautionary from Petrol Pumps

The water should not come in contact with the fuel by any chance.  the reason is that it will break the ethanol as a separate layer from the Petrol and will  settle down at the bottom of the fuel tank of the vehicle

The end result would be jerk on drive, very difficult to start in the vehicle for which repairs would be needed to do fuel tank cleaning along with the change in fuel filter.

So it's very important that if you are going for fuel refilling during heavy rains you should avoid it and also while giving your car for washing ensure that the fuel cap should not be opened in

The petrol pump Association has come up with the notice that water found in the fuel tank would no longer be a responsibility of the petrol pumps .

Petrol Mixed with Fuel

Has issued an advisory to the customers that they can check the petrol at the petrol pump but in no way would they be held responsible after the car leaves the fuel station

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Friday, 21 June 2024

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