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Car Dash Cam Review in India. Best Dash Cam Video Recorder Brands, Prices, Tips before Purchase

Car Dash Cam Review in India. Best Dash Cam Video Recorder Brands, Prices, Tips before Purchase

Car DVR or what known as Dash Camera records in vehicle movement. Review in Best Dash Cam Camera Recording Brands with Prices along with Important Tips before purchasing same


Car Dash Cam

Consumer Pattern is shifting away from Buying Car to Features.

Rather than giving importance to Engine, Safety, Performance is what now consumers giving importance to Feature which car have like Push Button, Electric Sunroof, Projectors, DRLs, LEDs, Touchscreen, Rear AC, Cruise Control, Automatic Rain Sensing Wipers etc

But, despite of spending in several Lakh - one major feature missed in possibly all the cars and that is Dash Cam. There is no car which comes with Factory Fitted Dash Cam but rather is fitted as after-market Accessory.

Dash Cam (effectively abbreviated form of Dash Camera) or Car DVR (Digitial Video Recorder) holds much more relevance to provide

  • Effective recorder video in case of a road mishap where the car owner can show in footage of the video on which the Incident happened. What exactly happened and whose fault as what happened is all caught in recorded video to understand the gravity of Mishap
  • Acceptable in Court of Law if captured with Date,Time captured
  • In case of any Toll Person or Police person asking for any unintended fine (like Red Light Cross) or Toll Person charging beyond will all be recorded in

In countries like Russia – DashCam is Mandatory and it has helped in curbing on Corruption on Illegal Fine collection and almost every car sold in Russia has DashCam attached to it.

Considering Paramount Importance is what DashCam should be the Number 1 Pick as Safety Feature for your Car 


Important Before Buying DashCam

If you find DashCam relevant and intended to buy then buy a DashCam which meets some requirements as some real cheap one are available in market and does not hold much value

  • First and Foremost – DashCam should be able to track on GPS location – as else it would be worthless in event you do not get exact location on what happened, where. Geo Tag is utmost important
  • Second – Camera resolution with Picture Clarity, Road Coverage area should be good enough, as then only would be able to get know what happened. Been the car is driven in night also, having a good quality camera with night vision ensures recording happens in night too. 
  • Although HD DashCam are available, but try to get feedback on recoding in regular SD (Standard) quality as against HD (been HD takes up too much space). A Tip – avoid 4K recording or HD recording as this will end up finishing in Storage space in the Cam very quickly (and will even take much longer time to upload in Cloud Storage). Choose SD recording mode
  • Go with DashCam which comes with app so as to check Real Time Footage Playback and Share Feature. Also the DVR should come with an Inbuilt feature wherein the Car recording should automatically move to Cloud Data, so that one can have previous recordings saved in, Else in case of mis-hap the car memory data if corrupted in case of accident would serve no purpose
  • Last but not least - have DashCam which comes with atleast 32 GB Micro SD Card which can store atleast 3 Hours in 720 pixel x 1280 pixel or 90 Minutes in Full HD (1080 x 1920). Ofcourse a higher capacity Memory card will store even longer hours of recording and recommended to go with atleast 64 GB or 128 GB Memory card.


Best DashCam Brands, Prices

Well some cheap one available from Rs 2500 onwards, but considering paramount importance to long lasting Reliability, Features, List recommended to consider in Popular and Reliable brands of Dash Cam like

  • Transcend Dash Cam (Transcend Drive Pro, the best and most reliable and Popular one. Cost in range of Rs 10000 to 12000)
  • 70 mai (Rather Economical, but comes with Good Clarity. Comes at Price of Rs 6000 - 7000)
  • BlueSkySea B1W (Available in Rs 4000 to 5000, but also good clarity and Popular among Budget Segment Buyers)

having USP which are Popular are and if seeking the best with Branded Dash Cam with Good Quality recording should go with either.

Do note that for its very easy to fit DashCam and no Warranty will be impacted. you just need to fit Dash Cam behind rear view mirror and connect through USB Cable


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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Guest - VENUGOPALAN on Monday, 21 September 2020 12:46

Its very helpful. Looking forward.

Its very helpful. Looking forward.
Guest - Danesh on Tuesday, 01 September 2020 20:25

Anywhere between 120-170 degree is accepted.

Anywhere between 120-170 degree is accepted.
Guest - Vikas Kumar on Saturday, 25 July 2020 06:16


Is 140 degree angle wide enough or should we go for more? What is the recommended angle of view for a dash cam?

Hi, Is 140 degree angle wide enough or should we go for more? What is the recommended angle of view for a dash cam?
Wednesday, 22 September 2021

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