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Best Car Dash Cam Review in India from Rs 3500 onwards

Best Car Dash Cam Review in India from Rs 3500 onwards

Details of Best Budget Dash Cam in India. Review in Installation, Warranty, Prices, Features and types of Dash Cam in India 


Why Car Dash Cam

Dash Camera is one among best things can buy for your Vehicle Safety. You can not only be confident in driving but can actually have proof of anything happens on road including Road Accidents, Violations.

Think of a Situation when you driving in safe, controlled way but some rash driver in Bike or Car hits your car from Opposite direction and cite your mIstake - you can have recorded proof with you to present to relevant authorities. 

Dash Cam (effectively abbreviated form of Dash Camera) holds much more relevance to provide

  • Effective recorder video in case of a road mishap where the car owner can show in footage of the video on which the Incident happened. What exactly happened and whose fault as what happened is all caught in recorded video to understand the gravity of Mishap
  • Acceptable in Court of Law if captured with Date,Time captured
  • In case of any Toll Person or Police person asking for any unintended fine (like Red Light Cross) or Toll Person charging beyond will all be recorded in

In countries like Russia – DashCam is Mandatory and it has helped in curbing on Corruption on Illegal Fine collection and almost every car sold in Russia has DashCam attached to it.

Considering Paramount Importance is what DashCam should be the Number 1 Pick as Safety Feature for your Car 


Types of DashCam

There are 3 Types of DashCam available

  • First are Basic one for Recording Front View only
  • Second are Dual Dash Cam which records both Front and Rear View
  • Third one are advanced which captures Geo Location too means GPS Enabled 

Optional : If you need parking surveillance, can buy Hardwired one to connect to Fuse Box

However, before buying a DashCam important is to check whether

a) G-Sensor is there. As G-Sensor if detect an impact can automatically download video on your mobile through inbuilt Wifi of Dashcam and also captures photo of incident too.

b) Audio / Mic Facility available. You can optionally turn this Feature off in Camera if required

Important: Do note that all DashCam tends to heat up to an extent as they are Electronic devices which when remain continually charged to Power Socket - thats a common phenomenon like any Electronic device like our Mobile Phone or Laptop.  


Best DashCam in India

Here are 3 Best DashCam recommended for need in Defined Budget

1. NexDigitron A3 or DDPAI Mini: Probably the best budget DashCams with HD Clarity in 1080 Pixels in 30 Frame per Second having G-Sensor, Mic and pretty straight forward to Install in

Best Part is that its based on Super Capacitor and thus can withstand even much higher temperatures. Although there is no separate screen, but can view the camera on mobile app by connecting through Inbuilt Wifi

Both Camera comes with similar Hardware, Camera Lens and Fitment process and almost identical with even similar support team.

Cost - Rs 3500 with 1 Year Warranty


  • Price Point
  • Fast Easy Installation
  • Decent Footage at Day Time with Registration Numbers of moving car in close proximity even much visible of car
  • Loaded Standard Features


  • Night Footage is medicore with registration numbers of moving car not as clear
  • Does not come with Rear Dash Cam



You can check on Installation of Dash Cam with Demo


2. DDPAI Mola N3: Another Capacitor based Dashcam but with even improved

  • 2K with 1600 Pixel recording
  • Optional GPS Enabled
  • Optional Dual Dash Cam with Rear Camera too


Price: Rs 6500 - 7000 for Front Dash Cam, Rs 8500 to 9500 for Dual Dash Cam 


  • Rear DashCam is 1080 pixel - so number may not be as clear visible in night

Mola N3 Dual DashCam with GPS - b2ap3_thumbnail_Buyitnow.jpg

Mola N3 Front DashCam with GPS - b2ap3_thumbnail_Buyitnow.jpg


3. 70 Mai Pro Plus: Care for Advanced Dash cam with Picture perfect resolution with 1944P 2.5K Front Cam having dedicated screen for video recording including rear Dash cam look out for 70 Mai Pro PLus . It has advanced night vision for numbers too much clear visible and GPS too

Additionally is a product which has ADAS Feature too - with Lane departure warning and Collission Warning.

However kind note that its a Lithium Based Product

Price: Rs 11,000


  • Relative Pricier
  • Rear DashCam is 1080 pixel - so number of moving car may not be as clear visible in night



Additional Purchase with all DashCam: Buy a 64 GB or 128 GB Memory card.



Important: Do note that for its very easy to fit DashCam and no Warranty will be impacted. you just need to fit Dash Cam behind rear view mirror and connect through USB Cable .

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Hi, recently I booked TATA HARRIER XT DIESEL. What is the current specifications. Dt. 24/06/2022

Hi, recently I booked TATA HARRIER XT DIESEL. What is the current specifications. Dt. 24/06/2022
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Its very helpful. Looking forward.

Its very helpful. Looking forward.
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Anywhere between 120-170 degree is accepted.

Anywhere between 120-170 degree is accepted.
Guest - Vikas Kumar on Saturday, 25 July 2020 06:16


Is 140 degree angle wide enough or should we go for more? What is the recommended angle of view for a dash cam?

Hi, Is 140 degree angle wide enough or should we go for more? What is the recommended angle of view for a dash cam?
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