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Maruti True Value Review. Important Facts before Buying Used Car in True Value

Maruti True Value Review. Important Facts before Buying Used Car in True Value

Maruti True Value Review from a Prospective Used Car Buyer Perspective. Important Facts about Warranty, Price, Ownership Transfer, Reliability of Cars under Maruti True Value


Maruti True Value

Looking to buy used car you must have heard name of Maruti true value. Well True Value as the name suggests is introduced from Maruti Suzuki with objective of

» Transparency in Deal

» Quality Checks for Listing a car in True Value. Maruti Claims 376 Point Checklist

» Warranty along with Labor Free Checkup of Cars as bought from MTV

» All this at a Fair Price Deal

But before buying Used Car from Maruti True Value, its important to know about certain facts :-

1. Inventory Stock of Used Cars: Maximum Used Cars in True Value are those which are sold by Customers as part of Exchange Process against New Car purchase at Maruti Dealership.

Dealers Buys these cars, inspect as per checklist and if required perform some Minor repairs to niggle down issue, Wash and Clean the car to impress the Prospective Buyer

2. Warranty Terms (For Cars under 1 Lakh Km): If the car already part of Extended warranty or regular warranty then same will be applicable to Buyer plus additional warranty as applicable under below rules

a) If the car out of warranty 1 Year or 15000 Kms Warranty for Cars less than 4 Year Old.
b) For Cars which are more than 4 Year Old - 6 month or 7500 Kms Warranty

Yes - its not a Dealer warranty, but warranty from Maruti Suzuki and applicable Pan India across all Maruti Suzuki Dealer Workshop and MASS

No Warranty for Cars having Mileage of more than 1 Lakh Kms on Odo.
No Warranty on AC Gas, Tyre, Battery, Brake and Clutch Assembly as per Terms and conditions of Manufacturer

3. Free Service: Only Labor Charges are Free, rest all repairs, consumables, oil change will be paid by New Owner. Indicative Service Schedule of car bought under True Value is as below

Service Schedule Month
1500 Kms 2 Month
5000 Kms 4 Month
10000 Kms 8 Month

4. Certification Check: As per True Value sheet, 376 Point Checklist followed before listing a car for sale in Maruti True Value. However - as a prospective buyer its important to note that this 376 point checklist is given by Manufacturer to Dealer and a dealer does same in his dealership from there own personnel without any in person supervision from Manufacturer

If you are under impression that True Value Cars are 100% Non-Accidental Cars then you are mistaken. Although its mentioned in True value that there are differentiation in accidental and Non Accidental Car. But - its possible that you may get Car with Door Panels, Bumper, etc been replaced as part of Minor Accidental and such repaired cars can very well be sold under True Value.

5. Maruti True Value Price / Deal: This is also been determined by dealer after taking into account his margins, repairs as done and considering the price at which car can be sold

Also important to note that this is not a fixed price, and negotiations across the table are done with dealer to determine a fair price

6. Finance on Maruti True Value Cars: You can also get Finance on Used Cars as to be bought from Maruti True Value. But important to note that here Ageing of Car matters for Finance and also is Interest Rate which remains high to extent of 13% to 14% on Used Cars

For Finance - Banks Finance Loan on Used Cars where the last EMI Date of the loan remains in under 7 Years from the date of First Registration. For example if car is 5 year Old then Bank will Finance car for Maximum 2 Years at around 14% Interest Rate.

7. Insurance and RC Transfer: You have to check with Maruti True Value Dealer if the car has active Insurance on it. If yes, then is it 3rd Party or comprehensive Insurance. You have to make payment of Insurance Premium

For Car RC Transfer - Although its a dealer responsibility to transfer car in your name, but important to ask dealer before making token payment to check Original RC, Insurance and Signed Owner forms so that the car can easily be transferred to your name. The registration papers post purchase can be taken by you (in case of cash purchase as per your wish), else dealer will do registration (if the car bought on Finance).

8. Pricing : Our suggestion before buying is to check Fair Value at MyCarHelpline Used Car Calculator or Raise Query in Used Car Forum, where the Experts can help you with a tentative assessed value of the car based on condition

As what we have seen - the price in Maruti True Value is slight higher to extent of 10% to even 15% against fair market value of the cars. You can prove it yourself - Call up another Maruti Dealer ask him that you want to sell car in True value against New Swift and need indicative approximate value based on telecon conversation - you yourself can judge in the price difference in purchase cost and sale price of the Model in Question

Look at this Classified Listing in December 2017 of Maruti Ciaz 2015 Manufactured Petrol Car in True Value

See the Asking Price as Rs 9 Lakh

Present On Road Price of Brand New Maruti Ciaz Alpha Petrol (highest Trim) in Delhi is Rs 10.4 Lakh (including insurance worth Rs 26K). Been Insurance is not counted in True Value Price and there are discounts to extent of Rs 30K Cash + Rs 50K Exchange Bonus - you can well judge yourself how fair is asking price of Rs 9 Lakh on this Used Car look like.

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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Guest - Venus Sharma on Sunday, 17 November 2019 00:45

Worst deals, they don't check cars before delivery 376 checks is just a word for publicity, nonsense reply once you pay all money, they even damage your car during services.

Worst deals, they don't check cars before delivery 376 checks is just a word for publicity, nonsense reply once you pay all money, they even damage your car during services.
Friday, 28 February 2020

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