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Hyundai I20 Petrol Ownership Review. Mileage, Performance with Negatives, Positives

Hyundai I20 Petrol Ownership Review. Mileage, Performance with Negatives, Positives

Hyundai Elite I20 Petrol 2 Year Ownership Review. Know the Mileage, Performance, Steering Feel, Features, Safety, Space of all New Hyundai I20 Petrol in India


Hyundai I20 Sportz Petrol Ownership Review

Hyundai I20 Petrol is very good buy if you got your aspirations correct. I am surprised that some people say that its not very powerful, not enjoy pep. Please friends if you need pep go for a Diesel Car and especially something like Chevrolet Cruze

Engine Performance: If you are buying Petrol car and that too in 1.2 Litre engine – have your belief system correct that it can be good for drive for city or high speed only if you drive the way the car is made of.

The Hatchback has a very linear acceleration. I mean there is no sudden surge of power, so if you are some one who like a sudden surged power then go somewhere else. The starting 1st and 2nd gear are good for city, while the car started feeling lively with ease of pickup from 3rd gear onwards.

Once you get used to driving in Hyundai I20 for couple of days – you will find how easy and better is to drive this car. Smooth gear shifts, light clutch and light steering wheel

In some cases where you feel to have faster pick up then downshift the gear and enjoy driving above 2500 rpm. One more thing if you drive in hills then its best to drive with one gear down to enjoy the ride as rpm will be higher.

Lastly - The engine feels very silent and refined. No Sound

Mileage: In terms of mileage – usually gets around 12 to 13 Kmpl in city and in highway 15 to 16 kmpl. Touched even 17 kmpl on highway too sometime. 

I20 Best Model to Buy: Also – if you go for Petrol, it makes sense to go for atleast Hyundai I20 Sportz and above, as the features list in I20 Sportz Model, Asta and Asta Option is what justifies the premium tag including all safety, convenience, styling features.

Why I20 over Baleno: Also, if you are comparing I20 with cars like Baleno which are much light weight and thus are more fuel efficient then compare in Interiors, Exterior Looks, Build Quality and Feature level differences. Its upto you what you want to get by paying for the car

I20 Diesel Vs I20 Petrol: I have driven Diesel I20 too and would say that yes I20 Diesel feels more muscular and better in pickup, but for some one like me who has relatively lesser drive will pick I20 Petrol. One more thing one of a friend who always drive I20 Diesel car find I20 petrol under-powered.

I have given him feedback that he is comparing Diesel engine with Petrol Engine. Again, if you know what you are buying as linear acceleration, features, styling and if mileage of 12 to 12.5 kmpl is okay with you then should go for it

On high speed the car do feels stable. No issues. I have also heard that Hyundai India offering in Top model with 6 airbags, earlier it was not there. So this is very good for someone looking for higher safety.

Steering Feel of I20 Petrol: If you ask for Steering – you will very much love in steering as been light steering. There are misconceptions going of steering very light weight on high speed, I say these are misconceptions, as I found steering to gain some weight and no issues as such. It yes may be possible that some other cars steering feel on higher speed may even be better, but if you are owner of New generation elite I20 and driving it the steering feels remains well satisfactory on higher speed too.

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Service Cost: In terms of Service cost – reasonable with 2 year total service bill spent is under rs 10000.  At speed of 100 kmph it touches around 2900 rpm and at 120 Kmpl touches around 3400 rpm if correctly remember.

Rest is Great. Rear Seats have good support. Rear AC vents yes do cool the cabin faster.

Features: Good Feature List in Hyundai I20 Sportz, Satisfactory with all standard features including Safety in the car

Hyundai I20 Negatives: For someone who feel that to get sports car feel or Peppy as Diesel Engine then will be disappointed and yes its not having one touch super pickup – so if you seek such sort of car look somewhere else. This car has linear performance and on initial gears (1st and 2nd gear) speed the pickup is just average

Mileage is mostly in between 12 to 13 Kmpl, this translates in running cost of more than Rs 5.5 per Km


Overall Recommendation to Buy Hyundai I20

Go for Hyundai I20 Petrol if your running is less, but seek Safe Car, Stylish Car, Linear Acceleration with Satisfactory Steering Feel, Performance Feel. Also go with I20 Sportz or higher

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Saturday, 25 May 2019

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