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Upcoming Electric Car Launches by 2020 in India. More than 10 Cars getting Launched

Upcoming Electric Car Launches by 2020 in India. More than 10 Cars getting Launched

Upcoming Electric Car Launches in Indian Market. Cars which will run on Rechargeable Battery from Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Ford, MG Motor, Honda, Renault


Electric Cars in India

It was year 2000 when MPFI Engines were introduced as standard against Old Carburetor Engine making a substantial change in Automobile technology and also introduced in BS Emission Norms. It was a big transition and update in technology of Internal Combustion Engines

Now are talks up for another major transition which is possibly even bigger for a shift from Internal Combustion Engines to Electric Motor in pur Car. As what known that Electric Vehicles will be what future and although Government of India aiming at 100% Manufacturing of Electric only Vehicles from 2030 - its evident even if not 100% - Electric Vehicles will be what a major contributor in sales.


What are Electric Cars : The Childhood Toys - Battery Cars are turning to be a reality in Real Life Mobility Solutions with Increasing Demand. The Electric Energy as stored in Rechargeable Batteries will be the future of Passenger Car Segment in India.

Benefits Of-course is Zero Running Fuel Cost. Only Electricity Charges are Borne. 

Challenge: The Challenge though remains of Infrastructure Set up for Charging Electric Vehicles on Road. Also, the Limited Range of Electric Cars (leave ARAI Numbers - for Mass Market cars expect in range of 150 Kms, while High Capacity Battery one to be in range of 250 Kms to 280 Kms.

High Investment Costs along with Low Demand due to Steep Price of Electric Cars, Limited Infrastructure set up would be the initial bottleneck of Car Manufacturers

But thanks to some active Government Initiatives now

  • GST on Electric Vehicle slashed to 5%
  • GST on Electric vehicle charger slashed to 5%
  • Upto Rs 1.5 Lakh as Income Tax Deduction on Interest on Car loan taken on Electric Car (other than Depreciation Benefits
  • State Level Incentives of Rebates on Road Tax, Lower registration Charges will what give boost to Electric Vehicle Segment


Upcoming Electric Cars in India by 2020

Some of the Upcoming Models expected by 2020 are listed below :-

Mahindra: The Pioneer of Electric Vehicle on Indian roads. Launched way back 6 years ago E20 its first Electric Car in Indian Market, but sadly minimal support on Infrastructure by Government, low subsidy and mindset of spending over 6 Lakh rs on a car which has space less than Alto led to end of E20 in Indian Market despite substantial improvements by M&M. Mahindra set to introduce in eKUV100 (Electric Version of KUV100) in 2020 along with XUV300 Electric Version also to be introduced in 

Mahindra KUV100 Nxt photo

Tata Motors: Tata Motors will possibly introduce in 4 Cars - Tiago EV, Tigor EV, Nexon EV and even upcoming Altroz also in Electric Vehicle Segment from 2020 to 2021

Although Tigor EV is already on sale for select Government organization and Cab Aggregator - but for mass market it still has some time and expect that range would be anywhere around 200 Kms with Full Electric Charge.

Maruti Suzuki: Maruti Suzuki too having plans of introducing in Wagon R EV along with Baleno Hybrid Version in near future. Wagon R EV would be the mass market car and can come in likely range of 150 Kms with a tentative price point of Rs 7 Lakh onwards

Ford: Ford also will not miss the Electric Vehicle segment and can come up with either Ford Figo or Ford Aspire Electric in partnership with Mahindra before end of 2020 in Indian Market.

 Ford Aspire photo

Hyundai: Hyundai pioneered by introducing in Kona EV and as per news has plans of investing in over 2000 crore for all new Electric Car for mass market of 10 Lakh with a new Platform which will be used in future Electric cars. But this car will be introduced only in 2021 


MG: Morris Garages after tasting success from Hector, is planning for its second car in Indian Market and that would be an all electric Vehicle to be MG EZs SUV. To be a direct competition to Hyundai Kona but with bigger battery, range expect eZS to also undercut Kona in price range by almost Rs 5 Lakh to expand the Electric Vehicle Market in India.

Renault : Renault Kwid EV (aka as Renault City for International Market) would be what likely entering in Indian market. As the car is  unveiled in China estimated that similar battery with 33 KW Motor could be used which can deliver in 120 NM Torque with peak range of 240 Kms.

Renault Kwid photo

Toyota: On similar lines to what Camry and Prius seen in Hybrid Version, expect Toyota Altis Hybrid to be likely introduced at a price as what 60% of Price of Camry and will fit in price budget of Rs 22 Lakh to 25 Lakh Segment. 

Toyota Corolla Altis photo 

Audi: Luxury car Manufacturer Audi will also launch in E Tron Electric SUV, but been to be introduced as CBU - the import duty would be to extent of 120% making the car price to likely touch to Rs 1.5 crore


Nissan: Nissan India sales is at its low. Despite of launching Mass Market Car Micra around 10 years back - they are struggling a lot in there range - Kicks, Micra, Sunny. Anyhow Nissan can also introduce in World renowned Electric Car Leaf which they have sold over 4 Lakh units. However, despite been an excellent proposition - Price can be what a concern as the car can be bought through CBU route and this means 120% Duty making the car price to touch beyond 40 Lakh in Indian Market.


Honda: Honda seems to be on works on all new Electric car for Global and Indian Market, Unlike other Manufacturers who will be modifying there units for Electric cars, Honda seems developing from core an all new Electric Hatchback in India for mass market with a range of close to 200 Kms. Not much details available except fact that Honda can potentially introduce this model by 2020.

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interested in cars and how they are evolving....

interested in cars and how they are evolving....
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