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Car Companies Sales and Market Share Report for November 2017 in India

Car Companies Sales and Market Share Report for November 2017 in India

Car Manufacturer Sales Performance MIS with Market Share for November 2017. Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai India and Tata Motors commanding almost 75% Sales of Passenger Car in India


Car Companies Sales for November 2017

With Year End approaching, Car Manufacturers are on growth Track by posting 15% Growth on Year on Year Sales

Over 2.76 Lakh Cars were Sold in November 2017 in Indian Market with impressive show by Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors. Below is Sales Summary of Domestic Sales by Passenger Car Manufacturers

  Sales - November 2017 Sales - November 2016 Growth
Maruti Suzuki 1.44 Lakh 1.26 Lakh 14%
Hyundai  India 44008 40016 10%
Tata Motors 17157 12736 35%
Mahindra  16030 13198 22%
Toyota 13420 12593 7%
Honda Cars 11819 8029 47%
Renault India 7800 9604 -19%
Ford India 7777 6876 14%
Nissan+Datsun 3976 3975 0%
VW, Skoda (estimated) 5500 4860 10%
FCA Fiat, Jeep (estimated) 2500 266 900%
Audi, BMW, Mercedes 2500 2400 5%
  2.76 Lakh 2.4 Lakh 15%

Maruti Suzuki is at the Highest Market Share of recent times and commanding now 52% Share in Indian passenger Car Market. All its recent offerings - Dzire, Baleno, Brezza are doing exceptionally well.

Tata Motors after 2012 for the first time has regained the sweet spot of 3rd Largest Passenger Car Manufacturer in India. The recent launches - Tiago, Nexon, Hexa are doing all well 

Quality, Features, Styling, Most Powerful Engines in there Class, Styling along with Mr. Mayank Pareek (ex Director Sales of Maruti Suzuki), now President Tata Motors is investing his best experience to offer Cars with Low Ownership Costs too

Tata Motors P2P, Gold AMC Plans along with increased Training, Employee Engagements are reassuring to deliver a premium experience to customer. Its important to note that in JD Power After Sales Satisfaction Index Survey - Tata Motors jumped to Number 2 Position along with Maruti Suzuki.

Below is the New Market Share Shart of Car Manufacturers in India (post November 2017 Sales)

Manufacturers Market Share
Maruti Suzuki 52.1%
Hyundai  India 15.9%
Tata Motors 6.2%
Mahindra  5.8%
Toyota 4.9%
Honda Cars 4.3%
Renault India 2.8%
Ford India 2.8%
Nissan+Datsun 1.4%
VW, Skoda (estimated) 2.0%
FCA Fiat, Jeep (estimated) 0.9%
Audi, BMW, Mercedes 0.9%

Kudos to Mr. RS Kalsi (Maruti Suzuki), Mr. Mayank Pareek (Tata Motors) and Mr. Rakesh Srivastava (Hyundai) for commanding almost 3/4th of Sales of Passenger Car Segment in India

Its also important to note that Mayank Pareek and Rakesh Srivastava are Ex-Maruti Suzuki Employees and the key drivers for the respective Manufacturers in making them deliver products which offers Value to customers.

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Nice informative article
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