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Bull Bars in Cars Ban in India. More a Safety Hazard than Protection

Bull Bars in Cars Ban in India. More a Safety Hazard than Protection

Ban Imposed on Bull Bars in Cars in India. If you have Bull Bar installed in your SUV, time to know the Myths and and reasons for avoiding its Fitment in Cars


BullBars - Myth for Safety. Avoid Bull Bars

Bullbar in Layman Language is a Metal Protection Bar sheet fitted in Front of Passenger Car to 

» Protect Front Bumper, Engine, Radiator, Lights, AC Compressor etc in event of Frontal Collision

» Looks Macho and make Vehicle look Aggressive and Stylish to some

» Also comes with Myth that Bullbar are Safety Device 

Here - we are Focusing on Safety Aspect -- which is rather the most important factor

Attaching a bull-bar to the front of a vehicle rather than providing Protection may infact be dangerous and fatal for Car Passengers in a Catastrophe Situation. There are 2 reasons

» Force Impact Passed on to Passengers: This is due to the fact of Science that a Bumper is designed with Crumple zone, which absorbs in mitigating the force impact to car passengers, while Bull Bars are Solid Rigid Metal and they transmit in the impact with rather much higher speed to the car passengers - causing a life threatening incident in case of Cars fitted with Bullbar

» Lead to Distortion of Data sent to ECU for Deployment of Airbags: If the Car Equipped with Airbags, then as a basic safety knowhow how Airbags Works. The Sensors Collect Data basis - Speed, Force Collision Impact, Angle, and Seat Belt Indicator to decode and sent to ECU whicj is then passed on to Airbag Inflator Unit in less than less than 1/5th of a Second and thus triggers the Airbag if required.

Bull Bar as Safety Feature a Myth

Having a Bull-Bar may alter in the data sensitivity w.r.t Force Collision Impact and Angle and thus may end up with a likely possibility of Non Deployment of Airbags - which were most needed in a Catstrophe Frontal Accident Collision.


Bull Bar Ban in India

Its a Total No - No to choose in After market Bull Bar or Universal Bull Bar Fitment for your Car. Even if you have installed Bull Bar in your Car - get it detached on immediate basis.

Even to update in December 2017 - Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has come out with a notification where fitment of Bull Bar is in contravention to Motor Vehicle Act, and fitment of same on Cars will attract fine as per Section 190 and 191 of Motor Vehicle Act

While Section 191 of Motor Vehicle Act would impose fine to Fitment agency, as per Section 190 fine would be imposed to Car Owner driving car with Bull Bar 

Here is detailed Notification of same making Bull Bar Illegal

Bull Bar Notification from Government as Illegal

Think once more - Safety of Car Radiator or Bumper is more Important or Safety of Car Passengers ? Just Avoid and Remove this Bull Bar

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