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Renault Captur Petrol Review. Official Review with Positives, Negatives

Renault Captur Petrol Review. Official Review with Positives, Negatives

Renault Captur Petrol Review. Know what your Expectations should be before Buying the Renault Captur Petrol with Mileage, Performance, Features


Renault Captur Petrol Review 

Renault Captur is launched with Introductory Price from Rs 9.99 Lakh Onwards

The Price looks attractive - but is for what Renault Captur Petrol, so for those who seek to make decision on a Petrol Car, here is what can expect from Renault Captur Petrol with its review on Positives and Negatives


Renault Captur Petrol Positives

1. If buying Petrol – have your expectations correct. The Engine NVH Level, refinement levels are good and this crossover is good if you love relaxed drive. Where expectations are for enthusiast, peppy performance, fast acceleration then look for rather a Diesel one. No Lag as such in petrol as this is a naturally aspirated Petrol Engine. Been Heavier car, wider tyres – Mileage would be low. Overall – if you know for what purpose are you buying a Petrol SUV / Cross – then will not be disappointed with Captur.

2. Renault Captur RXE is excellent priced. Despite Base Model comes equipped with almost all safety, convenience, styling features as expected. Even has Push Button Ignition, Projector Headlight, Automatic Climate Control with Rear AC Vent in Base Model other than Safety, Convenience, Styling Features as standard

3. Suspension, Ride Quality, Highway Dynamics plays an important role. Good Steering Dynamics too which firms up well on High Speed. For any one looking for Crossover with Raised Ground Clearance of 210,mm, Wider Tyres to take bad roads, Tyre Profile in R16 215/65 and R17 215/60 is Impressive too Long Drive has Captur as good choice

4. Easy Ingress, Egress. You walk in and walk out of cabin. Comfortable Seating for Elderly with good Headroom

5. Competitively Priced in Captur RXE, RXL, RXT and Dual Tone Variants. Can get a Crossover in a Price in which Petrol Sedan Cars are available.


Neutral Points

1. Not the best in Space, Legroom Space and Width is almost at par with Hyundai Creta. Not the best in space if comparing it with Sedan Cars like Honda City or SUV like Honda BRV having better legroom. Just feel adequate on Space Front but expecting it to be spacious among lot would be incorrect. 

2. Interior Aesthetics of Car feel average. Although to figure out – Digital Speed o meter looks differentiating but Nothing Extra-Ordinary appeal based on dash layout, plastic quality. If you expect a Wow appeal – then will be down here. Overall will rate Interior as Average considering the price point at which this Cross is launched.

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Renault Captur Petrol Negatives

1. If care for Mileage, then will slight be disappointed. The Claimed Mileage although at 13.87 Kmpl is lower than counter-part like Hyundai Creta Petrol. Anything around 10 Kmpl can end up as good mileage on the car

2. No Android Auto, No Apple Car Play. The Petrol Model of Captur even in its top end variant lacks Hill Hold Assist, ESP, Traction Control. Airbags are also only 2 in petrol.

3. The Steering Feels slight Heavier on Drive. Although Electric Steering but still the Steering Feels heavier than Hyundai Creta.

4. If you love Automatic or feel to get best of convenience then as of now Captur is available only in Manual Transmission. No Automatic on offer

5. Rear Profile of the Car actually gives a feel of wide Hatchback.

6. Renault India as per JD Power Report for last 2 years is sitting almost in bottom 2 in Customer Satisfaction Index and Sales Satisfaction Index. Its concerning especially by been on bottom for 2 consecutive years.

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Thursday, 21 June 2018

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