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Cars with Push Button Ignition. Easy Target for theft by doing Radio Attack on Signals

Cars with Push Button Ignition. Easy Target for theft by doing Radio Attack on Signals

Push Button Ignition or Keyless Entry as used in Modern Age Cars is on Radar of Hackers in Stealing Car by doing Radio Attack. Cars with Push Button Ignition in India with Safety Tips for Owners


Cars with Push Button Ignition - Vulnerable to Theft

Push Button Ignition although a technological advancement feature looks cool where there is no manual key slot but comes with a button to start the ignition

The Key Fob remains in pocket of car and customer can open the car doors on press of door button where the sensors inside the transponder of the the key fob triggers to open the door, start the ignition and turn off the ignition

No Manual Interface to put key in any slot, feels cool

But – the cars with Push Button Ignition are on radar of thieves as Internationally thieves are trying to hack signal to the device and fool in car smart system with the device as it’s a key to open the door, turn on the ignition and move on

This is known as Radio Attack, see how swiftly is the robbery happened in the given video

The same was even tested by NICB – National Insurance Crime Bureau in United States of America and its report in End 2016 and found that such a kind of mystery device opened more than 50% of vehicles in a sample of 35 cars, and of the cars which were opened – 95% of the vehicles were driven away using this device as the engine was turned on with the signal from this device and push button Start Technology

The Biggest Automobile club ADAC in Germany with close to 20 Million Members through its spokesperson Arnulf Thiemel comes out that the hacking devices are simple to made and even a 2nd year engineering student can make the devices once they come to know how it works without any further technical details

We have in India – Push Button Start / Keyless Technology introduced in host of cars in last 3 to 4 years and considering the feature as styling – most of the Manufacturers are introducing in top end Variant


Car Models with Push Button Ignition Feature in India

Below is List of Mid Segment Cars from 5 Lakh to 30 Lakh with Push Button Ignition

Maruti Swift Zxi, Zdi Hyundai Grand i10 Asta Honda WRV Vx Diesel
Maruti Dzire Zxi, Zdi Hyundai Elite I20 Asta Option Honda City V, Vx, Zx
Dzire Zxi Plus, Zdi Plus Hyundai Xcent Sx Option Honda BRV V, Vx
Ignis Zeta, Alpha Hyundai I20 Active Sx Honda CRV 2.4
Maruti Baleno Zeta, Alpha Hyundai Verna Sx Option Toyota Corolla Altis GL, VL
Maruti Brezza Zdi Plus Hyundai Creta Sx Plus Toyota Innova Crysta Vx, Zx
S cross Zeta, Alpha Hyundai Creta Sx Option Toyota Fortuner
Ertiga Zxi, Zdi Hyundai Elantra Sx Option Ford Ecosport Titanium, Titanium+
Ertiga Zxi Plus, Zdi Plus Hyundai Tucson Ford Endeavour Titanium
Ciaz Zeta, Alpha Mahindra XUV500 W9, W10 Jeep Compass Limited Option
Nissan Sunny XV Diesel Skoda Octavia  
Nissan Terrano XV Skoda Superb  


Unsure how safe would Push Button Ignition a feature be – as there is no official data from Cops or any agency which maintains how many cars sold and stolen in India in last 12 months have this Push Button Ignition feature in it. Is the Percentage Higher or not

But - Certainly as depicted in Video - Cars with Push Button Ignition Technology seems to be at risk.


Safety Tips for Car Owners having Models with Push Button Ignition

» Use Gear Lock as First Hand Protection as this proves to be most Effective in Preventing Thefts

» Keep Valuables away from the Car, as although Gear Lock can help protecting Theft, the Thief may enter in car by hacking Radio Signals and can take away Valuables if left in the car

» Park in Secure Parking Areas with Clear CCTV Camera.

» Do Keep an eye on anything Suspected at the time of Parking. Be Vigilant 

» Lastly - Brand New Cars are most Suspectible to theft, so do not miss on Return to Invoice Car Insurance - which covers car at 100% of Invoice Price - means On Road Price of Vehicle.

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Thursday, 19 July 2018

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