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Synthetic Oil Vs Mineral Oil. Myths, Facts and Scam of Engine Oil

Synthetic Oil Vs Mineral Oil. Myths, Facts and Scam of Engine Oil

Confused on Best Engine Oil for your Car as Synthetic or Mineral Oil. Know Myths and Facts involved to choose Best Engine Oil for your Car 


Synthetic Vs Mineral Engine Oil

Engine is like Heart of Car and is like Most Expensive and Critical Component of your Car Mechanical System. Having a Well Maintained Car Engine with 

  • Correct Engine Oil Viscosity with optimum Oil Levels at all times
  • Replacement of Engine Oil at Recommended Time / Distance Interval whichever earlier
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Strain on Car Engine by doing Excess Revv or Sudden RPM Drops
  • Follow Maintenance Schedule of Coolant Levels, Spark Plug, Oil Filter and Fuel Filter  

is of Paramount importance.


Been Engine Oil Provides Lubrication to Car Engine Components as all moving Parts

  • Pistons
  • Camshaft
  • Cylinder
  • Connecting Road Bearings
  • and all other Small and Bigger Moving Parts


to avoid Friction of parts, Also not only that Engine Oil provide enough lubrication to create a Film kind on these moving parts so as to prevent corossion and thus cools, cleans and seals in car engine moving parts for optimal performance and life span.

Thus is important to choose in Best Engine Oil for your Car and here comes the debate - Synthetic Oil or Mineral Oil ?

Been Synthetic Oil cost in 3 Times Mineral Oil. Is Synthetic Oil in reality so good or Workshop recommendes as have better Margins ?


Some Facts and Myth Busting about Car Engine Oil

  • Whether Synthetic or Mineral Oil - The Base remains same as Crude Oil and have molecules to prevent Engine Wear and Tear
  • Most Important Factor in choosing Engine Oil is not Synthetic or Mineral, but first and foremost is Correct Viscosity, Grade as what recommended by Car Manufacturer. Choosing Incorrect Viscosity Grade will end up been Thinner or Thicker Oil which is not good for Car Engine. Important to check on API / ACEA Rating with Correct Viscosity Grade
  • If a Car Manufacturer recommends Mineral Oil in Owner Manual then your Car Engine Health would be 100% Perfect if you choose that recommended Oil with replacement on scheduled time or Kms to deliver you long lasting experience in Several Lakh of Kms


Now what to Choose Synthetic Oil or Mineral Oil

To Choose Best Engine Oil for your Car is referred clearly in this video


Remember, no one knows better that your Car Engine that the Manufacturer. Top Notch Engineer team after thorough Testing, R&D recommends best Engine Oil for your Car.

Your Car Owner Manual is like the Bible of your Car, Spend some time to check on Recommended Oil Grade by Manufacturer. If Oil Viscosity Grade available in Mineral Oil, you are good to go

Some Manufacturers provides Inhouse Engine Oil, Like

  • Honda Cars India provides inhouse tested and approved Idemitsu Engine Oil for Honda Cars. The Mineral Oil is specific designed for Honda Cars IVtec Engine and we rate this Mineral Oil (or Semi Synthetic Oil) even higher than some Synthetic Oil available in after Market
  • Mahindra too has inhouse Maximile Engine Oil which is developed for best Protection of Turbo charged Diesel Engine in SUV Range from Mahindra. 

Important to not to deviate on same.


But if you offered Choice of Synthetic Oil. Here is key Advantage

1. Synthetic Oil is developed in by adding additives over base Crude Oil, where Molecules are better embedded to provide even superior protection in extreme Environment. Like 

  • Too much Start-Stop of Car in Long Halt at Red Light / Traffic
  • Driving too often at Slow Speed in High Traffic Conditions,
  • High Speed Drive for most of the times,
  • Very Short distance driving most of the times where Engine barely reaches optimal Temperature

2. Advanced Micro Impurity remover from base with better embedded Molecular arrangement in it so as to provide the best protection to car engine.

Synthetic Oil Vs Mineral Oil. Best Engine Oil to Choose with Pros-Cons, Prices


3. Due to same properties in Synthetic Oil – lesser sludge is produced and for car which have to frequent start-stop in traffic will still continue with long lasting lubrication to provide the best protection to car engine using these synthetic Oil

So, yes  Synthetic Oil has superior properties over Mineral Oil


But – should you spend 3x the money on Synthetic Oil as against Mineral Oil ?

As referred – if Manufacturer has recommended in Mineral Oil Viscosity in Owner Manual – trust if  followed the recommended service interval, engine oil grade – you can still get in the best for your car at economical price

But – where you seek to get something extra Protection in form of

  • Stress Driving Conditions
  • Even cleaner oil by removing in micro pollutants with added additives for lesser sludge
  • Optimal performance in all drive and weather conditions – there should go in for Synthetic Engine Oil. 

then can go for Synthetic Oil

For Car Owners who have relative high Mileage driving or Having a Diesel Engine with Higher running, Higher Capacity – trust Synthetic Oil can help in reduce Engine NVH Levels with superior refinement.

However, its a Scam if a Workshop tell you that Mineral Oil do not offer protection to car or not good (despite the Viscosity Grade matching with Manufacturer recommendation) and pitches Synthetic Oil. Yes, Synthetic Oil has superior properties, but going with Mineral Oil still will keep your Car Engine in best of Condition and Health.


Price Difference: Some Popular Brands – Castrol, Mobil 1, Shell, Motul leads the segment with  Prices of Synthetic Oil ranges at Rs 1000 to 1200 per Litre as against Mineral Oil which ranges at Rs 250 to 300 per Litre.

Also - is utmost Important to choose correct Oil Viscosity. Refer details on

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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments



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