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Synthetic Oil Vs Mineral Oil. Best Engine Oil to Choose with Pros-Cons, Prices

Synthetic Oil Vs Mineral Oil. Best Engine Oil to Choose with Pros-Cons, Prices

Confused on Best Engine Oil for your Car as Synthetic or Mineral Oil. Compare Pros - Cons with Benefits including Price Difference and Best Brands for your Car Engine Life


Synthetic Vs Mineral Oil

A dilemma comes in front of Car Owners when they go for Annual Servicing with what Engine Oil should they choose for servicing there car – Synthetic or Mineral Oil

Although – the Car Manual has detailed specification with Viscosity grade of Engine Oil as best for your car – still the workshop throw in choices as Synthetic Oil or Mineral Oil by quoting that Synthetic Oil is best for Car Engine with superior Refinement, Engine Pickup and long lasting life.

But, when it comes to price the price Point of Synthetic Oil which is almost 3x Times  the Mineral Oil and 1.5x to 2x Time Semi Synthetic Oil – it makes a consumer feel dubious on whether the recommendation is best for the car or pocket in money of car workshop

So – here are key differences and Similarities in Synthetic and Mineral Engine Oil

The Base remains same as Crude Oil and have molecules to prevent engine wear and tear, but Synthetic Oil are developed in by adding additives, advanced micro impurity remover from base with better arrangement of molecular properties scientifically so as to provide the best protection to car engine.

Due to same properties in Synthetic Oil – lesser sludge is produced and for car which have to frequent start-stop in traffic will still continue with long lasting lubrication to provide the best protection to car engine using these synthetic Oil

In simple words – given a choice Synthetic Oil is best recommended choice.


But – should you spend 3x the money on Synthetic Oil as against Mineral Oil ?

Answer  is based on – Your Usage, Recommended Engine Oil as per Car Owner Manual

Been the fact is – there is always an Oil filter added in car, which catches on impurities in the Oil and the bottom line fact is that enough R&D by team of experts who develop engine for long lasting corrosion free yet optimum performance to make a recommendation of Best Engine Oil Viscosity for your car.

If the Manufacturer recommends Mineral Oil for your car and replacement at specified interval – trust following same sacro-sanct will still hold best for your Car Engine in Performance, Long Lasting Life without any issues.

But – at the same time Manufacturer also stock in workshop with Synthetic Oil (despite knowing that Mineral Oil is recommended) – which can just be better than the best for owners looking for better refinement from car engine in terms of NVH Levels, advanced molecular technology for your car engine which can even tackle on abuse in form of Start-Stop in heavy traffic conditions on long lasting basis at ease.


Which one should you choose Mineral or Synthetic Oil

As referred – if Manufacturer has recommended in Mineral Oil Viscosity in Owner Manual – trust if  followed the recommended service interval, engine oil grade – you can still get in the best for your car at economical price

But – where you seek to get something extra in form of advanced molecule management, even cleaner oil by removing in micro pollutants with added additives for lesser sludge and optimal performance in all drive and weather conditions – there should go in for Synthetic Engine Oil. 

For Car Owners who have relative high Mileage driving or Having a Diesel Engine with Higher running, Higher Capacity – trust Synthetic Oil can help in reduce Engine NVH Levels with superior refinement.

Price Difference: Some Popular Brands – Castrol, Mobil 1, Shell, Motul leads the segment with  Prices of Synthetic Oil ranges at Rs 1100 – 1200 per Litre as against Mineral Oil which ranges at Rs 260 – 300 per Litre.

Also - is utmost Important to choose correct Oil Viscosity. Refer details on

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Friday, 22 June 2018

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