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4x4 SUV Myth Demystified. Pros and Cons of 4x4 SUV Cars over 4x2 Cars

4x4 SUV Myth Demystified. Pros and Cons of 4x4 SUV Cars over 4x2 Cars

Planning to Buy SUV, Mind Says 4x2 SUV for Cost but heart Says 4x4. Advantages and Disadvantages of 4x4 SUV with Common Myth Demystified


4x4 or 4x2 SUV 

SUV in its Original Avatar is defined as vehicle class as a Large Wagon with Raised Ground Clearance, Commanding Seating Position, Wider Tyres, Powerful Engine and importantly 4x4 or AWD (All Wheel Drive) to take on on or off road conditions at ease.

Offlate – the term been Modified by OEM and in Indian Market have limited Options in 4 Wheel Drive. As of now – there is no Compact SUV in 4x4, Only Range Topping Models in Mid Range Modern Offerings (Duster RXZ, Jeep Compass, Safari Storme Vx, Scorpio S10, XUV500 W10) with rest of Model Variants in 4x2

There are some common Myths prevailing along 4x4 Cars and its important to know the facts

Firstly – a 4x4 or All Wheel Drive is not necessarily referred for SUV which are ONLY meant for Off road drive conditions drive. There are host of differences. It’s a wrong marketing done by dealers that – these Cars are meant for Off roads drive only and if you don’t do off road then 4x4 is not required, and 4x2 Car is good enough for you and not worth to go for 4x4.

Even some goes to extent that 4x4 Cars are meant where in actual there are no roads or you drive in heavy muddy roads.

While the above statements are true but only to one feature extent that – SUV Cars has superior Off road taking Capability. But – there goes much beyond

Here is what demystifying why a 4x4 / All Wheel Drive car goes much beyond Off roads

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» Ever Take your Car on Hills / Mountain : The 4x4 Cars works on concept where power flows to all 4 Wheels. Thus if you taking car on Hills (Uphill, Downhill) – the traction and stability levels remains much better in 4x4 wheel car offering Safety and Enhanced Handling Characterstic of the car

» No Torque Steer : It means – when driving on high speed, the engine torque can pull the steering to one side. For those who love Pep with High Speed, High Torque – this can be slight dangerous. But in 4x4 Cars - When Driving on High Speed on Highways, there is absolute Zero Torque Steer as against 4x2 (Front Wheel Drive) Cars.

» Social Factor : A Car Depicts one Personality. Watching a 4x4 Car in action calls a respect. If ever you feel to showcase your attitude – take your friends for a drive in 4x4 Car in Off road and see the traction. There is a Difference in so called SUV Cars which are 4x2 and True SUV Car which are 4x4

For Buyers in India – Go for 4x4 Car which comes with ESP, Hill Hold Assist and Traction Control. There is no difference in braking, cornering ability of a 4x4 and a 4x2 Car. Been your car can have potential to take on Bad roads at ease – its important that the Stability Program, Traction Control remains in place to possibly provide the best Safety,

Know Range of - 4x4 SUV Cars 


Some Disadvantage

» Some Downside - its yes agreed that a slight dip in mileage by 1 to 1.5 Kmpl can be observed on 4x4 cars as against 4x2 Cars.

» The price of 4x4 Transmission Technology is almost a Lakh Plus higher than its counterpart 4x2 Model

but who cares for such small thing – when a macho drive awaits with superior handling and safety. If ever get a chance and have budget – its strongly recommended to opt for a 4x4 instead of 4x2 SUV as that what call a SUV originally meant for.

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Friday, 22 June 2018

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