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First 5 Things to Do After Buying Brand New Car. Checklist Guide after New Car Delivery

First 5 Things to Do After Buying Brand New Car. Checklist Guide after New Car Delivery

Have you bought a Brand New Car in Family. Congratulations, but very important to know the First 5 things to do after taking Delivery of Brand New Car Car


First 5 Things with Brand New Car

Congratulations for Buying your Next Mobility Partner. A Car not only satisfies your Mobility Needs, but goes much beyond with your Style Statement, Comfort, Social Status and act as a New Member in Family.

It calls for Celebration as Car is considered as Second Most Valuable asset after Home in India. Its utmost Important to know what you should do after bringing New Car to your Home and post sharing Happy News by Celebrating the occasion with Family and Friends. 

So - Here it is - First 5 Things to do after Buying New Car

1. Read Car Manual: Your Car Manual is like Bible of the Car, give a shot to read on recommended speed for Gear Shifts, run in period, Service Schedule as Free Services and Paid Services, recommended checks, functions manual, Warning Indicators, AC Manual to get a feel of your car. If bought a Diesel Car - very important to know Idling, Car Engine Off so as to avoid any issue to Turbo-Charger. Your Car Manual has whole lot of Important Information which deserves a well to do attention. 

Do not shy away to read it 1 hour for First 2 days to get important information to be known about your Car. Never ever Deviate from Car Manual, it’s the best way to avoid been duped by workshops who may ask for unnecessary repairs, service checks. Check out Warranty Terms

2. Fill Fuel to Top Up along with Checking Tyre Pressure: As your car is generally filled with 5 Litre of Fuel at time of delivery. Ensure that you visit in Early Morning next day to top up Fuel Tank and also check Tyre Pressure. Despite PDI done at dealerships, its yet seen that Tyre pressure in some of the cars remains on higher side. If higher, Get Tyre Pressure adjusted to what mentioned as per owner manual . Also mentioned on Side Door Closure Latch on Driver Side

Why Fuel to be filled in Morning – refer Car Fuel Filling Tips

No need of Premium Fuel too - refer Premium Fuel Myth

3. Avoid High RPM / Speed under 80 Kmph for initial 1000 – 1500 Kms: Its utmost important to be gentle with your New Car. Do not floor in Accelerator Pedal to Maximum for sudden surge or High RPM on lower gear to make Engine run faster. It will unnecessarily impact in car piston. Also – sudden Braking is best to avoid by rather driving car in controlled manner.

4. Avoid Very Short Trip during Run in Period:  Advisable to avoid car driving for very short trips of couple of Kms as car engine will not warm up. If possible - take car for a long drive as the car engine needs time to warm up, let lubricants pass through it. Don’t do frequent short trips (in under 5 Kms) in initial 800 to 1000 Kms. If possible use your car for a highway drive at relaxed under 80 Kmph Speed to let the lubricants flows in at ideal level along with engine perform at best.

5. Read your Insurance: Read your Car Insurance Policy on Coverage, Zero Depreciation Cover if opted along with Name, Engine Number, Chassis Number as correctly mentioned in Insurance, Invoice.

Its utmost important to know what your Car Insurance terms are. Like some people take additional Engine Protection Cover over and above zero depreciation for any damage to engine due to engine oil leakage or water ingress. Its utmost important to check whether your car insurance Policy meets in the covers as what you paid for.

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» Additional Useful Guide: Bookmark MyCarHelpline - you can get in scores of information on Car Servicing, Spare Part Cost, Future Maintenance, Insurance Renewals, Technical Knowhow and Best Car Care  Tips for your Car including RTO Transfer, Selling your Car to Buying your Next New Car. Your one stop Friendly Unbiased yet Professional Guide for all Source of Information related to Car Purchase to Car Ownership.

» Other Important Info : Ensure that you have Dealer Workshop, Dealer Manager, Manufacturer Customer Care Numbers, Insurance Helpline Number with you in the car.

Also note that PUC (Pollution Certificate) is not required for brand new car for 1 year.

If your car is delivered without HSRP (High Security Plate) – contact dealer to get HSRP Plate affixed on priority.

Mandatory Documents Before Driving Car on Road: Have – Driving License, Car Insurance Policy, RTO Receipt with Invoice (If RC not available in the Car)

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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

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