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Most Powerful Sedan Cars of 2021. Best Compact & Mid Sedan Cars of 2021

Most Powerful Sedan Cars of 2021. Best Compact & Mid Sedan Cars of 2021

Most Powerful Sedan Cars which you can buy in 2021. List of Best Compact Sedan, Mid Sedan Car with Top Notch Engine Performance, Handling


Most Powerful Sedan Cars in India - 2021

Love Sedan Cars for Better Handling and the fact that Sedan Cars feels better Planted Unlike SUV Cars which have Body Roll due to Raised Ground Clearance.

For those who love to unleash the Power Potential here are Most Powerful Sedan Cars in Petrol available in Compact Sedan 

  • Hyundai Aura Turbo
  • Ford Aspire Diesel

and Mid Sedan Segment namely 

  • Volkswagen Vento TSI
  • Hyundai Verna 
  • Honda City


Most Powerful Compact Sedan 

Ford Aspire Diesel: If you seek Fun to Drive Compact Sedan - best across all Cars is Ford Aspire with 1.5 Litre TDCI Diesel Engine with 100 PS Power and 215 NM Torque.

Very Impressive Mid Range, Clean Pull, Almost no Lag, Good Steering, Handling - you just will be impressed with capabilities of Ford Aspire Diesel. Cant go wrong

Ford Aspire photo


Hyundai Aura Turbo: Hyundai Aura Turbo in 1 Litre GDI with 100 PS Power and 175 NM Torque. This is the same engine as used in Hyundai Venue but detuned to lower power at 100 PS for optimizing Fuel Efficiency Factor

Considering lower weight of Aura - expect Scintillating Performance and fun to drive factor. Care for a Power Packed Petrol Compact Sedan - Aura Turbo is what can be on your radar.

Hyundai Aura


Most Powerful Mid Sedan

Volkswagen Vento TSI, Skoda Rapid TSI: Care for Punchy Mid Sedan, Vento and Rapid in 1 Litre TSI Petrol Engine with 110 PS Power and 175 NM Torque is very best in Performance and is what the benchmark in Performance Mid Sedan Cars in India.

Skoda Rapid photo

Handling, Suspension, Steering Feedback, Build Quality and Superb Mid range is what delivers you scintillating performance in Vento TSI and Rapid TSI

Volkswagen Vento photo


Hyundai VernaVerna DCT Automatic is what a gem of Car in terms of 1 Litre Turbo GDI with 120 PS Power and 175 NM Torque in lightning quick 7 Speed DCT Automatic Transmission.

The way DCT changes gear shift - you going to love the Revv free performance of Hyundai Verna DCT Automatic.

Hyundai Verna photo


Honda CityHonda IVtec Engine is one which despite of Naturally Aspirated Petrol is one which is high Revv Friendly. Care to extract Maximum from Engine with RPM as high as 5000 to 7000 RPM to unleash the real Potential of fun to drive then Honda City is what for you. This Iconic 1.5 Litre Engine delivers the best when driven in Manual Transmission and superior NVH Levels in 5th Generation makes it a charm to own this Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine.

Honda City 5th Gen photo

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