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Maruti Nexa S Cross Service Schedule, Maintenance Cost in India

Maruti Nexa S Cross Service Schedule, Maintenance Cost in India

Maruti Suzuki S Cross Service Schedule with Oil Change Grade for 1.3 Litre, 1.6 Litre along with Maintenance Cost, Labor Charges in India


Maruti S Cross Service

Maruti S Cross on lines of other Maruti Suzuki range of cars, comes with 3 Labor Free Services

» 1000 Kms or 1 month

» 5000 Kms or 6 month

» 10000 Kms or 12 month

Do note only Labor Charges are not payable for the Scheduled Service. Rest - charges to be paid for Oil Change, Consumables, Alignment, Balancing, Weights etc.

Then there are Paid Service, which is recommended every 10000 Kms or 12 month whichever earlier 


Below is Service Schedule of Maruti S Cross

Type Service Item Service Schedule
Oil & Fluid Engine Oil (3.2 Litre SAE 5W-30 for S Cross DDIS 200, 5.25 Litre SAE OW-30 Engine Oil for S Cross DDIS 320) 10000 Kms or 12 Month
  Engine Coolant (50:50 - Coolant to Distilled Water) - Capacity is 6 Litre in DDIS 200, 5.5 Litre in DDIS320 20000 Kms or 24 Month
  Brake Fluid, Clutch Fluid 20000 Kms or 24 Month
  Gear Transmission Oil - 75W-80 (2.6 Litre in DDIS200, 2.1 Litre in DDIS 320) 1.6 Lakh Kms or 10 Year
Filter Oil Filter (recommended with Oil Change) 10000 Kms or 12 Month
  Fuel Filter 20000 Kms or 24 Month
  Cabin AC Filter 30000 Kms or 36 Month
  Air Filter Clean every 5000 Kms and replace Every 40000 Kms
Tuning Wheel Alignment  5000 to 10000 Kms - basis requirement / recommendation from Workshop
  Wheel Balancing & Tyre Rotation Every 10000 Kms
  EGR Valve Cleaning (only in DDIS 200) 30000 Kms or 36 Month
  Master Cylinder Sub Assembly, wheel cylinder boot kit & caliper seal set 40000 KMs or 48 Month
Wear & Tear Brake Pads Basis Usage Condition
  Wiper Blade Set Basis Usage Condition
  Clutch Plate Assembly Basis Usage Condition
  Brake Rotor Disc Basis Usage Condition
  Battery (DIN55L for S Cross DDIS200, DIN65L for S Cross DDIS320) Basis Usage Condition
  Tyres Basis Usage Condition
  Shock Absorber Basis Usage Condition

Above are recommended Service Schedule, Wear and Tear Item list is indicative and basis usage


Maruti S Cross Service Cost

Below would the Service Cost of Maruti Suzuki Nexa S Cross

S Cross Service Component Service Cost
Engine Oil (S Cross DDIS 200) - 5W/30 - 3.2 Litre - Castrol Rs 1700
Engine Oil (S Cross DDIS 320) - 0W/30 - 5.25 Litre Rs 3100
Oil Filter Rs 400 (DDIS 200) / Rs 800 fr SCross DDIS 320
Cabin AC Filter Rs 350
Fuel Filter Rs 1250
Air Filter Rs 300 for DDIS200 / Rs 900 for DDIS 320
Coolant Replacement with Distilled Water Rs 850
Brake Fluid Rs 375
Wheel Alignment & Balancing  Rs 950 (Weight Additional)
EGR Valve & Intercooler Cleaning Rs 2500 - 3000
Front Brake Pad replacement for both Wheels Rs 2750
Rear Brake Pad replacement Rs 2500
Clutch Plate Assembly replacement (Clutch Plate, Pressure Plate, Release Bearing with Labor) Rs 9000 in S Cross DDIS 200, Rs 18000 in S Cross DDIS 320
AC Disinfectant Rs 700
AC Servicing with Gas Refill Rs 2500
Brake Cleaning with Caliper Pin Greasing Rs 800
Wiper Blade Pair Rs 480
Front Brake Rotor Disc Pair Rs 2780
Front Shocker Pair Rs 3500
Headlight Assembly Each Side Rs 4500
Tail Light Assembly Each Side Rs 2500
Illuminated Door Sill Guard Rs 3300
Intercooler Rs 6700
Turbo Charger Rs 35000 (S Cross DDIS 200) / Rs 53000 (S Cross DDIS 320)
Periodic Paid Service Cost Rs 1650


In terms of Estimated Service Cost of both 1.3 Litre Engine and 1.6 Litre Engine (include Alignment and Balancing)

  S Cross DDIS 200 S Cross DDIS 320
1st, 2nd and 3rd Service - 10000 Kms or 12 Month Rs 3000 Rs 5000
4th Service - 20000 Kms or 24 Month Rs 7000 Rs 9000
5th Service - 30000 KMs or 36 Month Rs 7500 Rs 7000
6th Service - 40000 Kms or 48 Month Rs 8500 Rs 10500
7th Service - 50000 Kms or 60 Month Rs 4500 Rs 6500

Its estimated that Rs 30000 (60 Paise per Km) for S Cross 1.3 and Rs 38000 (76 Paise per Km) for S Cross 1.6 would be the Scheduled Maintenance Cost including Alignment, Balancing and Consumables. For any additional repairs or wear & tear items - cost would be additional.

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Guest - Yuvraj Jagtap on Friday, 20 July 2018 13:50

Now rates are changed.

Now rates are changed.
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thank you for this knowlege

thank you for this knowlege
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