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Most Powerful Hatchback Cars of India in 2019. Best Drive, Handling in Petrol, Diesel Fuel

Most Powerful Hatchback Cars of India in 2019. Best Drive, Handling in Petrol, Diesel Fuel

Most Powerful Hatchback Cars of India in 2019 in Petrol and Diesel Fuel in India. Cars with Highest Power, Maximum Torque best drive-ability with Top Notch Handling

Best Performance Hatchback Cars in 2019 India

Looking for Buying Power Packed Cars with Top of Line Engine Performance

Seek no Compromise on Power, Pep, Handling. Have a heart and desire for Sports Car Feel, Performance of Standards of  50 Lakh or 60 Lakh Audi TT. Now - there are many Small Cars in Indian market which are full of Enthusiast driving Performance and can impress you with there nimble handling

Know Cars with Best in Segment Engine Pep, Performance with Top Notch Drive and Handling - yet in Affordable Price Range upto Rs 10 Lakh which can unleash in Performance drive


Best Performance Hatchback Cars in India

» VW Polo GT TSI - Comes with DSG in GT TSI in 7 Speed Automatic Petrol with 1.2 Litre TSI Engine in Petrol with 105 PS Power and 175 NM Torque in Petrol makes it a contender for an Automatic which is fast, furious yet stable for enthusiast drive and handling. If you choose Sports Mode - you will get unmatched Power Delivery

Volkswagen Polo GT photo


» Ford Freestyle Diesel - You will be blown away with kind of Performance Oriented Feel in Freestyle Diesel. Reasonable Good Suspension Dynamics, Performance Oriented Power Delivery, Overall Handling of Car with Wider R185 Tyres makes it good to go in Freestyle Diesel. Although Ford calls it a CUV - but its more like Figo Cross

Ford Freestyle photo

» Maruti Baleno RS - Care for Performance with a Car which is Full of Reliability with Japanese Technology. Maruti Baleno RS Edition with Boosterjet Technology with 100 BHP Power with 150 NM Torque with Firmed Suspension, Rear Disc Brakes makes it fun to drive. You can experience the Power Output as otherwise available of Performance Sedan now in Premium Hatchback of Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki Baleno photo

» VW Polo GT - VW Polo GT TDI comes with 1.5 Litre Engine in Diesel with 105 PS Power and and massive 250 NM in Diesel - It certainly is to an enthusiast taste for those seeking the best in drive-ability, handling in Diesel in sub 10 Lakh Price range

Volkswagen Polo GT photo

» Hyundai I20 Active Diesel - A master-piece from Hyundai India in 1.4 Litre Diesel Engine with 90 PS Power and 224 NM Torque in 6 Speed Transmission with Loaded Features makes it a Performance yet Enthusiast Car to Drive. Very Refined, High on Features, Low on Maintenance, Top Notch Styling, Premium Interiors - its one among best Diesel Cross Hatchback one can buy in Indian Market. Although to disclaim - Steering is Light and one may not find it to Enthusiast taste. But - for some one who drives within City or possibly needs lightest steering will still love Elite I20 Diesel

Hyundai I20 Active photo

New Cars

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» Fiat Abarth Punto (On Order)- Although on sale in just a Handful of Digits, Fiat Abarth Performance Engine with 140 BHP Power and 210 NM Torque in TJet Petrol - and raised ground clearance in Avventura can unleash the wild side of an enthusiast driver. Considered the most Stable on Bad Patch Roads - its not going to disappoint. Probably the best Petrol Car with a lot more reasons to wake you up for a drive is right here in 10 Lakh Price range. But - if you care for Resale or Mileage or Advanced Features then this car is not for you.

» Tata Tiago JTP - Most Affordable Performance Enthusiast Car in Petrol is from house of Tata Motors. In 1.2 Litre Turbocharged Petrol Engine Delivering 114 PS Power with Torque of 154 NM in 5 Speed Manual Transmission and has potential to cover 0 to 100 in just under 10 Seconds. Its a Car which can explore the beast side for Highway Dynamics

Tata Tiago photo

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