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Maruti Ciaz Vs Hyundai Verna 2017. Review Best in Ciaz and Next Gen Verna

Maruti Ciaz Vs Hyundai Verna 2017. Review Best in Ciaz and Next Gen Verna

Maruti Ciaz Compared against Hyundai Next Gen Verna 2017 Model. Review Differences with best Value Buy in Petrol, Diesel, Automatic in Ciaz and Verna


Maruti Ciaz Vs Hyundai Verna

With Launch of Next Gen Hyundai Verna, the supremacy of Ciaz is close to end. Hyundai India has done exemplary Job in All New Verna in making it Price Competitive, Performance, Stylish, Loaded with Features, Safety and yet packed in low Maintenance Car.

Here is Brief Comparison of All New Ciaz against Next Gen Verna

Maruti Ciaz Plus Points

Maruti Ciaz Facelift Model

Rear Seat Space: This is the biggest USP of Maruti Ciaz. Sit in Ciaz and experience to enjoy in loads of Rear Seat Legroom. If you are the one who loves to seat on Rear Seats, love loads of Spacious Rear Seat Legroom then thanks to design and longer wheelbase of 2650mm - Ciaz has a huge edge feel.

Although Verna has better under-thigh support on Rear Seat , but Verna Biggest Weakling is Compact Rear Seat Legroom Space. Sit in Ciaz First on Rear Seats and then sit in Verna . Feel the Difference both cars have. You may even feel that you sitting in One Segment Down Car

So – if Rear Seat Space Matters a lot then Ciaz is what it excels as against Hyundai Verna

Mileage : Smart Hybrid Technology in Diesel along with Tuned Petrol Engine – care for Mileage, nothing to beat Ciaz in Mid Saloon Segment as the end resultant Mileage would be Best in Segment making low Running Costs


Hyundai Verna (Next Gen Verna) Plus Points

Hyundai Verna

Engine Performance: 6 Speed Transmission in bigger 1.6 Litre Engine with More Power, Higher Torque, Impressive Low End Performance to Surged Power Delivery. Hyundai Verna is no brainer to be better refined, much more impressive in Engine Performance with much peppy drive as against Ciaz

Automatic Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic Transmission is what the standard norm Internationally and feels much more advanced as against Outdated 4 Speed Automatic

You Test Drive Verna and Ciaz – Observe the levels of refinement Verna has in Petrol Automatic. Although Ciaz does not come in Diesel Automatic – but Verna Diesel Automatic

Drive, Handling, Suspension – Build on Similar Platform as what Elantra is – Hyundai Verna Ride and Handling along with Driving Dynamics especially in Diesel is almost like a segment up car. Infact – no comparison on Power, Performance, Refinement. The Suspension Dynamics feels much improved in Next Gen Verna and if you looking for a better car from Driving Perspective – Verna is default pick

Even in Petrol – Hyundai India did considerable job in making Verna a perfect driver car – almost to levels of refinement Honda Car India has done in IVtec Engine. Expect Verna Petrol Drive, Handling aspect to near best in Mid Saloon Segment too outperforming Ciaz in a big wat

Build Appeal – As against Skinny Build of Ciaz – Hyundai Verna feels much more solid from Side Panel. Open Side door of both cars and feel to experience in the Solid appeal as felt in Verna. With option of 6 Airbags in Top End Sx Option even infuses more confidence in Safety Aspect

Advance Features – Although most of the Feature Difference is in Top End Model but if you feel to get Advanced Features – Hyundai Next Gen Verna is all for you which comes with Perforated Seats (as what you call Ventilated Seat Feature), 6 Airbags Safety, Electric Sunroof, More Stylish Alloy Wheel, Projector Fog Lights,  LED Positioning Light, More Advanced Smart Instrument Cluster with even Service Reminder along with Premium Infotainment Arkamys Sound Quality


Common Factors

Interior Aesthetic Styling – Hyundai Next Gen Verna Interior Aesthetics feels good, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Interiors too good. Although none come with exceptional appeal – its mostly to one individualistic taste preference appeal

Steering Appeal – Although Hyundai India seems improvising in Steering appeal with almost every generation car. But overall Steering Appeal, Feel factor seems similar in both Cars. Both are light and weighs up marginally. Its German Maker – Vento, Rapid – which remains the best in Steering Connected appeal

Maintenance – Although Hyundai India revamped in Service Schedule with longer service replacement interval of Filters, but in real life situations based on spare prices – expect Similar cost of Ownership as Maintenance Costs of both Cars



  Maruti Ciaz Hyundai Verna
Diesel Engine 1.3 Lit DDIS- 5 Speed Manual 1.6 Lit Crdi- 6 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic
Performance 90 PS, 200 NM 126 BHP, 259 NM
Petrol Engine 1.4 Lit K Series - 5 Speed Manual & 4 Speed Automatic  1.6 Lit VTVT - 6 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic
Performance 92 PS, 130 NM 123 PS, 154 NM
Body Specs    
Length 4490 mm 4440 mm
Width 1730 mm 1729 mm
Height 1485 mm 1475 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm 165 mm
Wheelbase 2650 mm 2600 mm
Boot Space Litre 510 Litre 480 Litre
Alloy Wheel Size 15 Inch & 16 Inch 16 Inch


Overall Recommendation

New Cars

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Maruti Ciaz : If Care for Car which has Immaculate Rear Seat Legroom and looking for Car with Low RunninG Cost. In other words - if seeking Sedan Car preferably to be driven by Driver and has lower running Cost - Ciaz is a Good Buy. In Ciaz - Maruti Ciaz Sigma Petrol : If seeking a Full Fledged Sedan Car as upgrade from Premium Hatchback or Compact Sedan

Hyundai Next Gen Verna : As Superior 6 Speed Automatic, Much more Refined Engine Performance, Technological Advanced, Higher Up Features, Superior Drive, Handling, Performance Enthusiast Car along with Better Safety with Better Build - Hyundai Verna can be an excellent Value Proposition. Looking at Value Buy Variants - consider below

» Hyundai Verna Sx Petrol Manual 

» Hyundai Verna Ex Diesel Manual 

» Hyundai Verna Sx Option Automatic Petrol, Verna Sx Plus Diesel Automatic 

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