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Fire due to After market CNG LPG Kit in Car. Prevention Tips against Fire in Car

Fire due to After market CNG LPG Kit in Car. Prevention Tips against Fire in Car

Have been hearing car accidents due to CNG LPG Kit broke into fire. The driver and family members dies due to LPG Kit Explodes, CNG Leakage. Is it risky to drive


Are CNG Kit Safe ? Fire in Car

You must have been reading on news at intermittent times where the CNG or LPG Equipped car catches fire due to leakage or sub standard CNG Kit or members trapped inside the car after explosion of LPG Kit causing fire and central lock system of car getting failed in the accident.

It all leads to Emergency Situation. Do you know when a car is caught with the most unfortunate instance of fire :-

- Car Electrical Wiring get short circuit or even burn off due to which the central lock system gets jammed and would become impossible to open the door

- Carbon Monoxide Gas in the AC will also be leaked due to fire and can enter in cabin leading the passengers faint

- Creates a panic situation if the car is fully equipped where there would be much lesser space to do anything


How can you take Preventive Steps to come out from this Disaster Situation

Prevention is better than cure

- If you want LPG or CNG in Car - is always advisable to own car which comes with Factory Fitted CNG Kit as thats an ideal situation been the car manufactured and thoroughly tested for CNG to make it road worthy

- Still if you have bought a Petrol car and want to Fit CNG now get it installed from branded and authorized agency with a certified kit with Proper Invoice, Warranty. Dont compromise on this - it can cause risk to the most precious thing. Going with Economical, Counterfeit CNG Kit is what the primary cause. Know Best CNG Kit

- If you are planning for Aftermarket installation of Electrical Accessories - ensure to check its wiring as weak wiring density can be biggest cause of Fire. Sub Standard wiring or Heavy Electrical Accessories can be cause of fire

- Get your LPG and CNG Kit checked atleast once every year along with Hydro Stress testing every 3 years. Never ever ignore any foul smell or leakage from the Kit

- Always ensure to use Fire Extinguisher in Car. Also use Hammer to break Window Glass if required in. It can prove a life saving device in disaster management

- Know your Car. Been Adjustable Head Restraints has SS Roads can prove to be utmost important in breaking glass in emergency situation where if the car is fully equipped can use it to break window glass to come out of it as Time is the most crucial element

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