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Honda City VMT Vs Hyundai Verna Sx 2017 Facelift Model. Review Best Car

Honda City VMT Vs Hyundai Verna Sx 2017 Facelift Model. Review Best Car

Comparing All New Hyundai Verna Sx 2017 Facelift Edition in Petrol, Diesel with Direct Arch Rival Honda City VMT. Review in the Best Value Buy Car


Honda City VMT Vs Hyundai Verna Sx

Honda City in Manual Transmission is selling maximum in VMT Model with Heavy Demand. 

Hyundai Verna based on Pricing, Features going to be Popular in Sx Trim. Lets Review in the Best Buy in both Cars

Hyundai Verna 5th Generation is launched with loads of High End Features, Safety, Styling.

However – considering Features, Styling yet in Attractive Price – Hyundai Verna Sx would be highly popular and buyers on it will compare it against Honda City VMT

Lets review how Hyundai Verna Sx compared against Honda City VMT in both Petrol and Diesel


Areas where Honda City VMT Beats Hyundai Verna Sx

1. Spacious Appeal: Despite increase in wheelbase as longer wheelbase and in number terms similar 2600mm Wheelbase as in Honda City, yet Honda City feels much more Spacious in Cabin as against Hyundai Verna. Sit in Verna and then sit in City – Rear Seats feels much more spacious with Class Leading Legroom.

Even – headroom seems better and also in Width for Comfort of 3 Adults – Honda City leads as been more spacious car against Hyundai Verna

2. Interior Aesthetics: Hyundai Verna feels good to be in Cabin, but nothing extra-ordinary. Sit in Honda City and experience in Class Leading Interior Aesthetics with Piano Black Finish on Dash, Dash Layout and Soft Comfy Seats feels Premium in Honda City.

3. Exterior Appeal: Somehow the Front Fascia of Hyundai Verna seems lot similar to Sub 4 Meter Sedan Hyundai Xcent and Rear Lights looks close similar to Stylish Hyundai I20. Some may say – looks similar in Elantra roo Although – this is an altogether new design language – but Elantra front grille looks different and Verna Front grille feels close similar to Xcent. For delivering a premium experience – this does not go as well and considering Alloy Wheel Design, Honda Front Fascia – City feels slight premium over Hyundai Verna


Hyundai Verna Sx Plus Points over Honda City VMT

Hyundai Verna Facelift Official Review. Positives, Negatives of New Verna 2017

1. Advanced Features: Though most of Features are same but  Hyundai Verna feels slight more advanced as its Touchscreen AVN comes with Android Auto along with Apple Car Play including Hyundai Remote Blue app to connect to Infotainment, Bigger 16 Inch Alloys with even wider R195 Tyre as against 15 Inch Alloys in Honda City VMT with R175 Tyre, Projector Headlights, Projector Fog Lights,  LED Positioning Light, More Advanced Smart Instrument Cluster with even Service Reminder

2. Diesel Engine Refinement: Hyundai Verna Diesel Engine feels not only more Powerful, but even superior Engine Noise and Vibration level. The Diesel Engine refinement levels in NVH, Surged Power Delivery with High Torque makes Verna Diesel more peppy, faster In acceleration to drive in.

3. Ownership Maintenance: Hyundai has done considerable job in bringing down cost of Maintenance. Especially 12 month / 10000 Kms Service Interval as against Honda City with 6 month / 10000 Kms with even extended replacements along with spare parts sold over the counter can make Verna relative economical on maintenance

4. Sturdy Side Door: Although both Cars comes in Similar Features but somehow the side door Feels more Heavier and Sturdy in Hyundai Verna as against Honda City. More details can only be known on Safety Crash test report which will be available soon

5. Price Advantage – Hyundai Verna Sx is almost priced Rs 50K lower than Honda City VMT. Though the price difference is negligible (in under 5% of cost of car) – but with that Rs 50K – one can almost have 7 Maintenance Free Years with Verna Petrol and 5 Maintenance Free years with Verna Diesel.


Common Factors

Suspension: Both Cars got good Suspension – which is compliant on City Roads, Highway drive – but care to drive on bad roads, uneven one – you will find ride quality as just acceptable in both. Ground clearance is almost similar in both cars. The suspension dynamics of Volkswagen Vento seems superior or choose in Renault Duster SUV if care to drive on bad roads too often

Petrol Engine Performance: Hyundai has done considerable job in making VTVT Petrol Engine almost to the best of standards as what set in Honda City in IVtec Petrol Engine. Build on K2 Platform – the Handling, Drive is close to the best. The Edge which was earlier with Honda City IVtec Engine seems almost wiped out by Hyundai delivering in the best in Petrol Engine

Steering Dynamics: Steering Dynamics feels good with ease of connect in City Drive. However – care to drive on High speed – both cars feels just average to good. If you seek Top Notch Steering feedback – you may be slight disappointed in both the cars.



  Honda City Hyundai Verna
Diesel Engine 1.5 Lit I-Dtec 1.6 Lit Crdi
Performance 100 PS, 200 NM 126 BHP, 259 NM
Petrol Engine 1.5 Lit IVtec 1.6 Lit VTVT
Performance 119 PS, 145 NM 123 PS, 154 NM
Body Specs    
Length 4440 mm 4440 mm
Width 1695 mm 1729 mm
Height 1495 mm 1475 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm 165 mm
Wheelbase 2600 mm 2600 mm
Boot Space Litre 510 Litre 480 Litre
Alloy Wheel Size R 175/65 15 Inch R 195/55 16 Inch


Final Recommendation - Honda City or Hyundai Verna

Although Suspension, Steering Dynamics and Petrol Engine refinement seems lot similar

» Honda CityAdvantage of Space, More Premium in Interiors and Exteriors

» Hyundai Verna – More Features, Superior Engine Performance in Diesel Engine, Lower Maintenance, Slight Lower Priced with Equally Comparabale Petrol Engine as in Honda City

Net all – If going to have Adults, Senior Family Member on Rear Seats, Space for 5 Adults with Slight premium Interior and Exterior appeal – Honda City leads

Else – Hyundai Verna looks Value Priced - for More Responsive Diesel Engine, Higher Features, Ownership Maintenance Cost in Value Price.

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Monday, 18 June 2018

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