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Interest Rates in World. Countries with Lowest and Highest Rates

Interest Rates in World. Countries with Lowest and Highest Rates

As Interest Rates determine the Investments/ With Recent fall in Interest Rates in India, Know Countries with Highest and Lowest Rates Across World in 2013


With recent drop of 25bps Interest Rates in India announced by RBI - the current Bank Rate has come down to 7.75%

Bank Rate is that rate at which Central Bank Lends to Commercial Banks in the country and well thus control Investments, Lendings and Inflationary aspects in the economy.


Countries with Highest Interest Rates in World

Belarus - Country in Eastern Europe has Highest Interest Rate in World with Central Bank lends at around 30% and deposits are as high as 40%

Do you know that 6 US Dollar is 50,000 Belarus Rubel as per prevaling exchange rate

Guinea - In Africa, Interest rates are as high as 20% - 22%

Do you know that 7 US Dollar is equivalent to 50,000 GNF (Guinean Franc)


Other Countries -

- Argentina, Burundi, Iran, Venezuela, Zimbabwe - has Interest Rates from 13% to 15%

- Tanzania, Yuganda, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Sudan - Interest Rates in range of 10% to 12%

Countries with Lowest Interest Rates in World

- Switzerland - 0%, yes there Central Bank do not charge any interest.

Heard of Swiss Accounts, heard of news many times in Indian media about Swiss A/cs of many politicians, atleast you can be sure that money is not appreciating there

Other Countries with Low Rates

- USA - .25%, yes you read it correct its a quarter percent interest rate in America. Even Singapore too has quarter percent Interest Rate

- UK - .5%

- Span and Germany - .75%

- Sweden and UAE has 1% Interest Rate

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