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Tyre Manufacturing Date Guide. Find Car Tyre Age in Month, Year

Tyre Manufacturing Date Guide. Find Car Tyre Age in Month, Year

Find Tyre Manufacturing Date, Month and Year of Make. Know why is important to buy latest Manufactured Tyres from Michelin, Apollo, Bridgestone


Why is it Important to Buy Latest Manufactured Tyres

Tyres in Car Terminology are considered as part of Wear and Tear Item. As per Most Manufacturer recommendation

» Tyres should not be used beyond 6 years from Date of Manufacturing (even if shows minimal external wear)

» Important to Assess in Tyre pressure on Weekly Basis with Periodic Alignment Balancing and Tyre Rotation

Tyres has several layers of chemical compound. Infrequent use or poor storage condition of 6 months or more can accelerate the deterioration ageing process for Tyres to turn out usable before end of shelve life. Its always advisable to check and own Car Tyres - which are less than 3 month old - for Peace of Mind.

Been Tyres are been manufactured by separate OEM - it has its own Separate Warranty Cover from Tyre Manufacturer which varies from 1 year to 3 year. Even - some Tyre Companies are now offering Unconditional Warranty of 2 yrs - wherein if Tyre Tread is deteriorated by 50% - then new tyre would be replaced in.

Considering Paramount Safety - its important to give due attention to Tyres and thus as first step - important to buy Latest Manufactured Tyres.


How to Decode Tyre Manufacturing Date

How to Find Manufacturing Date of Tyres: The Sidewall of the Tyre provides key important Specs about Size, Brand, Serial Number, Pattern, Mould Number etc

Also contains information about Manufacturing Date (i.e. Week / Month / Year) of Tyre

Generally - after the Serial Number (DOT Serial Number or Serial Number) on the Sidewall - is a 4 digit (Numeric) number which indicates Week and Manufacturing Month and Year Month of Tyre. 

Refer this Picture

Tyre Manufactruing Date

In above Pic after DOT - Tyre Serial Number is the 4 Digit Coded Numeric number 0304 (This is what will indicate manufacturing month and year of Tyres) - wherein the last 2 Digit Indicates the Manufacturing Year '04 - implies 2004. While the first 2 Digits Indicates Week of the Year. Its Manufactured in 3rd Week of 2004. Thus its January 3rd Week 2004 Make Tyres

As we are in 2016. For a 2016 Make March Tyre - it would like be 1016 (10th Digit indicates Mid March, while 16 indicates 2016)

So - whether its from International Brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Ceat or Indian Brands Apollo Tyres or MRF - the decoded process remains same to find 4 digit numeric number - signifying week and year of manufacturing. For Instance: Tyres say Manufactured in last week of December 2015 - will have 5215 as the Code 

So - apart from looking the Tyre Size, Brand its also important to give due credit to Manufacturing Date of Tyres


The 2nd Right Pic above is for fairly Old Tyre having Manufacturing in 5th Week of 2008. Thus its been February 1st Week, 2008


You can now Calculate Tyre Upsize in Seconds

Calculate Tyre Size


Should Tyre be Replaced basis Ageing Pattern

Nothing Lasts Forever !!

Even if the Car is say Rarely Driven and Tyre seems like having good tread - but has met its shelve life of 5 yr - its best to inspect Tyre thoroughly from a professional and in no way should one continue with 7 year Old Tyres (from the manufacturing date)

Tyre apart from Physical Tread has Compounds, Moisture, Oils (which breaks due to weather conditions - over a period of time) and its best to replace the tyres with new one with the ageing process. The Weather Conditions in India -- from Harsh Summer to Winters - impact the performance of tyres.

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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Guest - ANIMESH VATSA on Thursday, 03 January 2019 19:35

hlw sir i just wanted to ask when i buy a new car what should be the accepted DATE of manufacturer for tyres?

hlw sir i just wanted to ask when i buy a new car what should be the accepted DATE of manufacturer for tyres?
Guest - amir on Thursday, 10 August 2017 16:50

best info ever

best info ever
Sunday, 24 January 2021

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