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Tata Safari Storme Service Schedule, Maintenance Costs in India

Tata Safari Storme Service Schedule, Maintenance Costs in India

Tata Safari Storme Service Schedule with Replacement Interval of Oil, Filter along with Spare Part Prices and Maintenance Costs in India

Tata Safari Storme Maintenance

Tata Motors offers 4 Labor Free Services on Safari Storme (excludes service at 30000 Kms)

» 1500 Km or 1 month - which ever earlier - Labor Free

» 10000 Kms or 6 month - which ever earlier - Labor Free

» 20000 Kms or 12 month - whichever earlier - Labor Free

» 30000 Kms or 18 month - whichever earlier - Paid Service

» 40000 Kms or 24 month - whichever earlier - Labor Free

Its to be noted that Service Schedule in New Storme MY 2015 Facelift Version been changed to 10000 Kms from Previous one having 15000 Kms as Service Schedule recommended.

Also - Engine Oil replacement now called at 20000 Kms or 12 month from previous 15000 Kms Schedule.

Safari Storme


Tata Safari Storme Maintenance Schedule

Safari Storme Service Service Schedule
CI4 Engine Oil (7.5 Litre - 15W/40 or 5W/40) & Oil Filter Every 20000 Kms or 12 month whichever is earlier
Fuel PreFilter Sedimenter Every 20000 Kms
Diesel Fuel Filter Every 60000 Kms
Air Filter Replacement Every 40000 Kms
Replace Timing Belt & Tensioner Every 1.5 Lakh Kms or 5 yrs
Engine Coolant (9 Litre - Premix with 50:50) 60000 Kms or 24 month
Gear Box Transmission Oil (2.2 Lit, Synthetic) First @ 40000 Kms, then every 90000 Kms
Brake & Clutch Fluid - Top up (Dot-4) Every 2 yr or 45000 Kms
Power Steering Oil (1.6 Lit) 1 Lakh Kms
Alignment, Balancing, Rotation Every 10000 to 15000 Kms - basis Condition

Recommended replacement Schedule in New Storme


Tata Safari Storme Maintenance Cost

Oil / Spare Parts / Work Description Cost
Engine Oil  Rs 7500 (with Synthetic Oil 5W/40 - Castrol Edge) or Rs 2000 for 15W/40 Oil (Mineral Oil)
Oil Filter Rs 200
Pre Filter Sedimenter Catridge Rs 300
Diesel Fuel Filter Rs 1800
Air Filter Rs 750
Engine Coolant Rs 1300
Transaxle Gear Oil - 80EP Castrol (1.5 Lit) Rs 370
Differential Oil (2.2 Lit) 85W-140 HPCL Rs 570
Brake Pads Rs 5500 - Front, Rs 5000 - Rear Brake Pads (If have Brake Disc in Rear)
Rear Brake Shoe (if have Brake Drum in Rear - Lasts around 80K to 1 Lakh Kms) Rs 4000 + Approx Rs 1000 as Labor for replacement
Clutch Plate Assembly Replacement Rs 14000 approx
Brake Oil Rs 350
Computer Scanning Rs 600
Combination Switch Rs 4800
Amaron Battery Rs 6000
Suspension Overhaul Rs 20000
Engine Flush Rs 1350
Hard Decarbonization including Carbon, Injector & Fuel System Cleaning - For Very High Driven Safaris  Rs 3500
Fuel Sedimeter Replacement Rs 4600
EGR Valve Cleaning Rs 4000
Front Windshield Glass Rs 7500
Bumper with Paint Rs 12000 - 13000
Front Headlight Assembly - eachside Rs 5000
Timing Belt Rs 2000
Auto Tensioner Assembly Rs 2200
Wiper Blade Set  Rs 400
Intercooler Rs 16000
AC Compressor with Brackets Rs 24000

Approx Indicative Cost - Subject to Vary 

Speed for Best Mileage

UpShift Speed  Downshift Gear Speed
Start at 1st Gear 0 Km - Start 5th to 4th 60 Km
Shift to 2nd Gear 20 Km 4th to 3rd 45 Km
Shift to 3rd Gear 45 Km 3rd to 2nd 25 Km
Shift to 4th Gear 70 Km 2nd to 1st 15 Km
Shift to 5th Gear 90 Km    


Safari Storme Recommended Tyre Pressure

Tyre Pressure    
  With Load Without Load
Front Tyre 34 psi 32 psi
Rear Tyre 34 psi 32 psi


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