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Car Accessories Essentials on Must Buy List. Useful Safety, Styling, Convenience Accessories

Car Accessories Essentials on Must Buy List. Useful Safety, Styling, Convenience Accessories

Car Accessories which are Top Notch Essential with Safety, Convenience, Infotainment, Exterior to Interior Body Protection with Prices and Brands

Useful Car Accessories

A Car Accessories List is basically add on Features or Cosmetic Add on for Improving Security, Convenience, Utility or Styling of Car

Modern Age Cars comes Standard with Basics - AC with Heater, Power Steering, Front Power Window - which are available as Standard in more than 95% of Cars sold in India.

Know Useful Accessories - which can further enhance the Safety Aspect, Appeal and feel of your Car


Essential Useful Accessories for New Cars

Essential Pack

« Gear Lock - Especially Useful and should be the first and foremost accessory for securing your car. Gear Lock from AutoCop / MultiCop basis design will range from Rs 1500 to 2500. Its Important to use Gear Lock as First Level Protection of Car from Theft

« Mud Flap, Matting, Steering Wheel Cover - Matting and Mud Flaps are basic. Its best to Choose in :- Rubber Mats (rather than economical Fabric Mats) as they provide better durability and are easier to clean in. Choose in Art Leather Steering Wheel Cover - Enhances the Grip of Steering Wheel. Mud Flaps are basic and pretty useful in blocking Muddy dust to body. Cost:- Rs 750 for Rubber Mats, Rs 500 for Art Leather Steering Wheel Cover, Rs 400 to 1200 for Mud Flaps

Overall Matting, Mud Flap & Steering Cover set ranges from Rs 1500 to 2500.

« Reverse Parking Sensors - Descent Quality Parking Sensor cost in range of Rs. 3000 - Rs. 5000. Especially useful to save the car Rear Bumper / Body from Collision with a Rear Object as also shows distance with a rear object while reversing and beep alarm in case of too close to object.

» Cabin AC Pollen Filter: Surprisingly, most of the Hatchback and even some Compact Sedan Cars are sold without AC Pollen Filter. A Car Cabin AC Filter Traps in Pollen Dust, bacteria and exhaust gases and enhances effectiveness and cooling of Car AC System on Longer term. Ideally - should be must buy accessory. Cost Rs 350 to 650. Life Span of around 10,000 Kms - when it calls for replacement. Know details on - Cabin AC Filter

« Car Perfume - Do you want your car to feel Afresh when you Step in. Ambipur or Dr. Marcus Car Perfume will cost in between Rs. 300 - Rs. 350. A Must Buy for New Car Buyer

Highly Recommended is this Essential Pack which ranges from Rs 6500 to 10000 - basis Brand, Type available in all Hatch, Mid Sedan Cars


Useful Safety Accessories

« Remote Central Lock with Security Alarm System - If you Car does not have Keyless Lock. Upgrade with a Remote Central Lock with a Security Alarm System. No need to check manually check every time whether doors are locked. Do it on click of Button using Remote Lock - Add on is Safety Feature of Car through Builtin Alarm System

If any Intruder tries to open doors - An Alarm will buzz off with Full Intensity protecting Car from Unauthorized Intrusion. Cost around Rs 5500 to 6000. Its important to protect car safety by using Security Alarm Feature protection. Do not miss Gear Lock as first level of Protection

« Pair of Front Fog Lights - Especially useful, if you stay in North India or areas which have dense fog during Winters. It helps you drive and cruise through fog during winters. Approx cost for Fog Lights with Direct Installation is in range of Rs 3000 to 5000 in Most of Hatch, Mid Sedan Cars. If there's no provision of Fog Lights in Bumper - it may require some cutting and cost may go higher up to Rs 10K to 12K

» Auto Dimming IRVM: A Very Useful Accessory, if Drives Often at Nights or on Highway Drive. It Protects by dimming in the Headlight Glare of Cars in rear view mirror. Though - it costs Rs 5000 - 6000, but considering paramount safety - should be must on radar list.

» TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System: With Tubeless Tyres - rarely the tyre gets Flat immediately. The pressure loses over continuous drive or hours to cause flat tye. But - knowing when the air pressure reduces or the puncture causing leak in Tyre pressure - can prevent to take timely replacement. Essentially useful accessory. Though - Online retailers sells TPMS in range of Rs 4000 to Rs 6000. But reputed one from Steelmate would cost Rs 10K Onwards and from Blaupunkt - even at Rs 15K Onwards. Know Details on - Tyre Monitoring System

Blaupunkt TPMS System

» Headlight Upgrade Bulbs: Most of the Cars Sold in India comes with Standard Halogen Lights. Check out - if your Car has Standard Halogen Lights -Choose in Xtreme Vision Bulbs as Upgrade for Better Night Driving Visibility. Take an upgrade by replacing Stock Bulbs with Xtreme Vision - Costs Rs 1200 to 1800. Know Details on Better Visibility on - Headlight Bulb Upgrade in Car


Car Accessories


Convenience & Infotainment Accessories

« Rear View Camera - Feel like no need to Strain your Head while Reversing the Car. Need a Camera. Reverse Camera will add on Rs. 8000 - Rs. 15000 - basis functionality, Color Clarity and is an add on feature with Parking Sensor. Note: Rear View Camera has only a Camera, Sensors may well be required in form of Parking Sensors along with it 

« GPS Navigator (Mobile Phone Holder) - Essentially Not required with New Age Smart Phones, with updated Google maps, Offline Navigation Feature - making Smart Phones playing in the role of GPS Navigator. But - its important to use - Mobile Phone Holder - so as to hold the Phone on Dash and View in the maps as and when required easily without turning the attention.

In case you seek to have other Family Members driving Car and not comfortable with Using Mobile as Navigator, then can buy in GPS Navigation Range basis Screen Size (3.5 Inch to 5 Inch) ranges from Rs 10000 to 18000. Garmin, MapmyIndia are leading Navigator Providers

» Bluetooth : A Must if you are one of those who takes Frequent Calls. With Bluetooth - you can Accept or Reject Calls as Hands Free Telephonic Interface or Play Music from your Ipod / Mobile Phone. Bluetooth Device cost in range of Rs 3500 to 5000.

« Music System with Bluetooth Connectivity - Its better to go with Double Din Music System than a Single Din Music System. A Descent range starts at Rs. 8000 - 10,000 and with a price upto Rs. 13,000 - Rs. 15,000 can get brands like Sony with a 6 Inch Screen adding on to theatre Experience in the Car.


Car Handling & Protection

New Cars

Check Prices with Complete Features



» Alloy Wheels: Replace Steel Wheels with Alloy Wheels for Better Exterior Aesthetics, Relative Easier Handling and Drive of Car. Though - an expensive affair - 13 Inch Alloys cost in between Rs 16K to 18K, 14 Inch Alloys cost in between Rs 20K to 22K, 15 Inch Alloys cost around Rs 30K to 32k

« Seat Covers - Seat Covers are especially useful in Protecting Original Seats from Spills / Dusts / Torn

There's an Entire Range of Seat Covers available from Fabric (Rs 3500 - 5000), PU Art Leather (Rs 4000 - 7000), Pure Leather (Rs 22000 - 30000)

If you go for Branded one like AutoForm - PU Art Leather Seat Cover Ranges from rs 6000 to 8500. While from Stanley, GSport - Leather Covers will range in around Rs 50000. Know about :- Best Seat Covers

» Anti Rust Coating - Though not to be defined as accessory - but, if you Stay in Coastal Area with High Moisture Content then may consider an added Car Under Body Protection from Rusting. Comes with 5 yr Warranty. Anti Rust Coating Package ranges from Rs 2500 - 3500. Else - one may tend to avoid - Refer - Anti Rust Coating

» Teflon Coating : Not Advisable as what been done by most of Dealer Workshops is More of Waxing and Polishing instead of Teflon Coating. Refer Teflon Coating Issues


Utility Accessories

» Luggage Carrier : If your Car comes with Relative Smaller Boot Space, you may look for Luggage Carrier on your Car. Available in Range basis Metal Quality - it ranges from Rs 6000 to 10000 in Most of Hatchback Cars in India. Disadvantage is - Increased Weight (of 30Kg approx) will rather hit in efficiency a bit of smaller cars - with marginal reduced pickup, mileage,


Important Pointer Tip

Dealers have huge margins in accessories from an average 30% to as high as even 50% in some accessories. Do not miss to negotiate on Package Price - if you are choosing a set of Accessories and Package cost is exceeding beyond Rs 10000. 

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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Guest - Stephen Narayanan on Wednesday, 13 December 2017 18:43

Could you please let me know the Price of Tata Nano: Brake Shoe, Brake Cyllinder & Bearing price please.

Could you please let me know the Price of Tata Nano: Brake Shoe, Brake Cyllinder & Bearing price please.
Guest - Cibi on Wednesday, 20 September 2017 03:57

I am planning to buy a Maruti Suuki Disire LXI model, could any one help me with what all acessories should i go for? like GPS, rear sensor with camera and other essential accesssories keeping in mind the cost.

I am planning to buy a Maruti Suuki Disire LXI model, could any one help me with what all acessories should i go for? like GPS, rear sensor with camera and other essential accesssories keeping in mind the cost.
Saturday, 22 September 2018

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