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Car Accidents in India. Fines and Penalty on Violating Traffic Rules

Car Accidents in India. Fines and Penalty on Violating Traffic Rules

India has distinction of highest road accidents in the world. Know fines and Penalties with Mindset on Violation of Traffic Rules

Do you Know

- Do you know that India has dubious achievement of highest road accidents in a year the world

- Do you know that every 6th car which meets accidents in the world is from India

- Do you know on average in an hour, over 15 casualties are reported in road accidents

- Every month over 12,000 casualties are reported in Road Accidents  in India. Alarming is that of these 1/3rd of Casualties pertains to age group of 15-24 years

- Deaths in Road Accidents in India is not coming down but rather increasing. Over 1.3 Lakh people died in 2010 and 1.43 Lakh in 2011 in India

Source : WHO Reports, Online Encyclopedia, Times of India and Research Reports on Cars Accidents in India

Fines on Violation of Traffic Rules

Lets check the fines of some of the traffic offences

- Jumping Over the Red Light - Rs. 100 in Delhi. Rs. 300 in Punjab

- Exceeding Speed Limit - Rs. 400

- Driving by Minor - Rs. 500

- Using Cell Phone while Driving - Rs. 1000

- Drunk Driving - Court Challan. Rs. 2000 fine and / or 6 Month Imprisonment on First Offence. Rs. 3000 fine and / or Imprisonment upto 2 years

Also a Provision of Imprisonment also there for 3 months on some of above offences. But have you ever heard in India that a driver is put behind bars because of jumping red lights or exceeding speed limit !!!


Who's Responsible

- Mindset of Youth to take traffic rules for granted

- Easy Fines and Escape on Violation of Traffic Rule

- Whole Process of Issuing Driving License to a Person

or something else


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