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Best Cars for Middle Class Family in India in 2022. Super Value Buy Cars in India

Best Cars for Middle Class Family in India in 2022. Super Value Buy Cars in India

Best Cars for Middle Class Family in 2022 in India. Super Value Cars in Hatchback, Sedan, SUV from Rs 5 Lakh to 12 Lakh with Features, Safety, Space, Mileage, Performance

Best Cars for Middle Class Family in India - 2022

Gone are the yester year days when Cars for Middle Class in India means Cheap Entry Segment Cars where sole criteria was Mileage and Service. 

With a Paradigm Shift in Car Buying Perspective - a Middle Class Family means a well Informed Family who do Proper Research through Websites, Youtube and spend time so as to find Best Car which offers

  • Offer Social Status, Features, Safety and Space and Peace of Mind Ownership. Remember Middle Class No Longer give any importance to Cheapest Entry Segment Cars and thats the reason Datsun unabe to make success in terms of Redi Go, Go, Go+ in Indian Car Market.


  • Who keeps an eye on EMI and strike to achieve a balance between Status and Comfort yet a car which meets there Aspirations too. Middle Class Indians too buying Cars with Sunroof, Touchscreen Music System, Auto Climate Control to meet there Aspirations and yet decide a budget where can find Best Value Car meeting there needs through Proper Research.


  • No Longer Limited to First Car. Now a day Most of the Middle Class Familes in India own 2 Cars - One as Primary Usage Family Car, and second as small Entry Segment Car for Local Usage


Also - Purchase Horizon of owning a car which can be Companion for the Family for next 7 to 10 Years time frame.

With Transformation happening with Next Generation Views are equally Important too, Here are the best cars for Middle Class Families in India from 5 Lakh to 10 Lakh in terms of Value Buy


Best Sedan Cars for Middle Class in 2022

3 Box Cars always are on Priority List of Middle Class in India and here in recommending the very Best for a Great Experience to consider in 2022

  • Honda Amaze S, Vx @ 7.16 Lakh to 9.05 Lakh: What a Brillaint Packaging in terms of Space, 4 STar Safety, Reliability and Socia STatus. Considering Buying in S or Vx Trim in Manual or Automatic Transmission you will find Comfort Oriented Ride and Plush Experience with Premium Honda Experience for a long lasting Peace of Mind Ownership  

Honda Amaze photo


  • Hyundai Aura S CNG @ 7.67 Lakh: Care to Beat High Running Cost and yet in Style then Hyundai Aura with Factory Fitted CNG is a Stylish, Spacious, Low Maintenance and yet a Car with Running cost of less than Rs 3 per Km - Aura CNG has in all to appeal on minds of middle class. Infact Boot Space of Aura still has some space left after CNG to keep your Luggage on go

Hyundai Aura photo


  • Maruti Dzire Vxi, Zxi @ 7.14 Lakh to 8.32 Lakh: People Choice Car but Dzire feels more Premium in Cabin Experience against Amaze and Aura and not only Prmeium but Dzire Driving Dynamics feels superior against Amaze and Aura too. Adding on Spacious Cabin, Rear AC Vents, High Reliability, Fuel Efficiency - Dzire is an excellent Value Buy Choice in Vxi and Zxi Trim in both Manual and AMT

Maruti Suzuki Dzire photo


  • Maruti Ciaz Sigma to Delta @ 8.72 Lakh to 9.36 Lakh : Full Fledged Mid Sedan Car where Suspension Tuned for Comfort Oriented Ride, Rich Premium Experience and bigger 1.5 Petrol Engine is a perfect Upgrade over Compact Sedan Segment (if do not feel like going overboard). Despite of Sigma as Base Model you will be plesant surprised with the kind of Features as offered in Sigma Trim

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz photo


  • Honda City 4th Gen SV or V Model @ 9.3 Lakh to 9.99 Lakh: Yes its Honda City 4th Gen and Possibly a Car with Rich Social Status, Dream 1.5 Litre IVtec Petrol, Lots of Space, Premium Interiors, Features and Proven in Indian Market. Only Visible Downside is Relative Higher Upkeep Service Costs where car Scheduled Service planned every 6 Months - else this car has all traits to be a fantasic Product for Middle Class Family in India

New Cars

Check Prices with Complete Features


Honda City 4th Gen photo 



Best Compact SUV for Middle Class in 2022

SUV is what the fastest growing Segment and is on Priority List of Middle Class in India as the Trending Segment in India. Want a Compact SUV check out 

  • Wait for Next Gen Maruti Vitara Brezza or Urban Cruiser expected from 8 Lakh Onwards (Launching in Feb to March'22) :  We all are aware of Maruti Vitara Brezza Capacbilities in terms of Comfort Oriented Ride, 4 Star Safety Rating, 1.5 Litre 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine for refinement, space, reliability. With Next Gen Brezza coming soon - this will take away the cons of Poor Plastic and INteriors with a revamped Premium Experience. Expect Next Gen Brezza to be launched by March 2022 in Indian Market.


  • Tata Nexon from Rs 7.29 Lakh Onwards : 5 Star Safety, Build Quality, ESP, Traction Control with good space, features offers an excellent pick in form of Tata Nexon and available in over 20 Variants in Price Braket from 7.29 Lakh to 12.99 Lakh in Petrol, Diesel - Manual and AMT with every Variant well Stocked with Features, Styling and has its Own Charisma. Adding on Nexon is now a Matured Product in Indian Market with over 4 yrs Track Record and all intial Niggles been resolved to offer Peace of Mind Ownership - so if you considering Nexon in 2022 you cant go wrong with it.

Tata Nexon photo


  • Mahindra XUV300 W6 and Onwards (@ 9.87 Lakh onwards): Awarded 5 Star Safety with Safer Car for India, One among most Spacious Cabin in Sub 4 Meter Segment where 5 Adults can actually Sit in, Soft Side Suspension, Build Quality and Performance Oriented Petrol and Diesel Engine - XUV300 has lot in to cater for best in class experience.  Yes Boot Space and in Cabin Interiors are what downside but overall Value Proposition of XUV300 is high. Our Recommendation is XUV300 Petrol Manual Transmission, XUV300 Diesel MT and Diesel AMT

Mahindra XUV300 photo


  • Nissan Magnite CVT Automatic (XL CVT, XV CVT @ 8.39 Lakh to 9.15 Lakh): If its Nissan Magnite then to view should only consider in CVT Automatic Turbo Variant as thats what the Signature Element of this Car from Convenience, Space and Lifestyle Feature Perspective. Somehow its the CVT Experience which is what USP of Nissan and Magnite is Best only if chosen in same   

Nissan Magnite photo


  • Hyundai Venue IMT Turbo or Kia Sonet IMT Turbo (@ 9.1 Lakh Onwards): Care for Impeccable Reliability, Rich Features, Performance, High Speed Dynamics and yet in car where can have convenience of Drive without Manual Clutch Pedal and yet Performance Oriented Petrol Engine - IMT Turbo is a boon and can pretty well consider in Venue IMT Turbo or Sonet IMT Turbo

Hyundai Venue photoKia Sonet photo


Best Hatchback, Entry Crossover Car for Middle Class in 2022

Among Hatchback Segment - here are recommended picks

  • Maruti Ignis Sigma @ 5.1 Lakh: Excellent Value Buy Choice in 1.2 Litre, 4 cylinder engine, raised Ground clearance and relative better sturdy design

Maruti Suzuki Ignis photo

  • Tata Tiago @ 4.99 Lakh Onwards : 4 Star Safety, Suspension, Steering with all essential Convenience features makes Tiago a good pick

Tata Tiago photo


  • Tata Punch Pure to Adventure Rhytm AMT @ 5.49 Lakh to 7.34 Lakh: 5 Star Safety, Build Quality, Space, Kind of Ingress and Egress and yet a Character of SUV imbibe in this Small Car - if you are someone who do not believe in 0 to 100 Time Seconds and drive car in Relaxed Way - be assured Tata Punch has a great Value in Pure, Adventure and Adventure Rhytm Model

Tata Punch photo


  • Maruti Swift @ 5.85 Lakh Onwards: Swift is what an evergreen Car, you cant ignore Swift basis Superior Driving Dynamics, Pickup Performance, Refined 4 Cylinder Engine, Flat bottom Steering Feedback, Space, Reliability, Features making Swift an excellent pick.

Maruti Suzuki Swift photo


  • Hyundai Grand i10 AMT @ 6.67 Lakh Onwards: Care for a City Usage Car with Good Suspenion, Feature Loaded, Reliability and Convenience - Grand i10 Nios AMT is an excellent pick for need. Infact AMT Response is what the signature aspect of this car as feels like most refined Electric Actuator set up and you at times feels like driving like smoothness of Torque Converter. So if its Nios then choose AMT for Best Experience

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios photo


  • Maruti Baleno Delta to Zeta @ 6.86 Lakh to 8.69 Lakh : Yes Impressive Features, Very Impressive Space, Reliability, Styling all matters a lot. Adding on Option of Manual and CVT Automatic - Baleno Delta offers an excellent choice from Nexa Range in Value Buy Proposition and can very well be on radar of Car Buyers looking for a Great Experience.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno photo


  • Hyundai I20 Sportz @ 7.75 Lakh to 8.91 Lakh : Possibly the most spacious hatchback we have in Indian Market along with Option of 1.2 Petrol in Manual, CVT or 1.0 Turbo IMT with reliability, fuel efficiency, Lifestyle Features - all new generation of I20 offers lot superior value proposition and to view its the Sportz Trim which is what Positioned as Modern Age Stylish Product for Premium Experience.

Hyundai I20 photo


  • Honda Jazz CVT (@ 8.74 Lakh to 9.89 Lakh): Care for an Automatic Car with Smooth Refinement, Lot of In Seating Cabin Space which can beat even Mid Sedan Cars, Paddle Shifters for Fun Experience and Car which offers Relaxed Drive - you cant go wrong with Honda Jazz CVT. We strongly recommend that if you considering Jazz - consider its Automatic over Manual Transmission.

Honda Jazz 2020 Facelift Key Changes with New Features, Prices in India



Best Mid SUV Cars in Value Price for Middle Class in 2022

If you feel like Increasing Budget for Mid SUV Segment Entry Trim then here in recommending 

  • Skoda Kushaq Active @ 10.79 Lakh: Care to Unleash in Drive Experience in Turbo Petrol Engine with Immaculate Driving Dynamics for Superior Grip on Highway, Better Build Quality and a Car which despite of base Model is pretty well stocked with ESP for enhanced Safety, Touchscreen with Android Auto, Apple Car Play and Best in class Steering Feedback - it has to be Skoda Kushaq for you. Not only that - you will be pleasant surpised with the kind of Space for Seating - a great cabin for 4 Adults in Legroom Perspective.

Skoda Kushaq photo


  • Hyundai Creta Ex Petrol @ 11.12 Lakh: Brand in SUV with Road Presence, Refined Engine, Space, Well Stocked Features and Drive-ability. Be assured you buying Best Selling SUV Car of India and Creta Ex has all traits of essential Modern age Convenience, Styling, Infotainment Features to deliver Premium Experience

Hyundai Creta photo

  • Kia Seltos HTK Plus IMT Petrol @ 12.19 Lakh: Feel like owning even more Stylish Mid SUV yet with even Superior Lifestyle Features as Electric Sunroof and a SUV which comes with convenience of drive with IMT - Kia Seltos HTK Plus IMT Petrol can well be on your radar  

Disclaimer: All Prices Ex-showroom Delhi at time of Posting Blog

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Guest - AYUSH on Thursday, 23 July 2020 14:57

I suggest u to go for verna 2020 base model or hyundai venue s or sx model .

I suggest u to go for verna 2020 base model or hyundai venue s or sx model .
Guest - ashok on Thursday, 20 June 2019 14:20

bro i suggest you foe ciaz or hyundai venue

bro i suggest you foe ciaz or hyundai venue
Guest - Abhay Kumar Mishra on Monday, 31 July 2017 19:54

Impressive blogs, quite informative... Apart from general info, I was also looking for CSD prices, post GST...... qhich is not available though. Hope u wud publish it soon

Impressive blogs, quite informative... Apart from general info, I was also looking for CSD prices, post GST...... qhich is not available though. Hope u wud publish it soon
Friday, 09 December 2022

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