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2 Cylinder Vs 3, 4 Cylinder Engine Difference, Performance in India

2 Cylinder Vs 3, 4 Cylinder Engine Difference, Performance in India

Compare 2, 3, 4 Cylinder Engine Types with Difference in Engine Performance, Pickup, Mileage, Speed and Stability with Noise and Vibration Levels

Car Engine & Cylinder

A Cylinder is the Central Part of Engine. Its a Place where Piston which moves up and down and delivers Power to Crankshaft so as to drive in the wheels of the car. 

To make it simpler and on broad term - Car Engine Performance is directly Proportional to Number of Cylinders in it. The more the number of Cylinders - higher the Power Output would happen to a Vehicle - considering Compression and other parameters be constant.


3 Cylinder Vs 4 Cylinder Engine

Benefit of 4 Cylinder over 3 Cylinder Engine

» 3 Cylinder Engine has higher Vibrations as Inherent Feature. Expect Vibrations at Idling and increases with AC. While - 4 Cylinder Engine on a similar platform has much lesser Vibration Levels vis a vis 3 Cylinder one

» Power, Pep, Pickup is relative smooth in 4 Cylinder Engine on High Speed vis a vis 3 Cylinder Engine

» Engine Noise turns much higher on High Speed in 3 Cylinder Engine. Take case - The Piston have to work harder to rotate Crankshaft and on higher speed - 3 Cylinder vis a vis 4 Cylinder - to achieve Speed - will even have faster rotating pistons - which may turn noisier at times

However - if a Diesel Car is in a 3 Cylinder Engine - then expect its Performance at Par (to a 4 Cylinder Petrol) - due to the fact of high Torque. All Diesel Cars Mentioned - Grand Diesel, Xcent Diesel, TUV300 - has excellent low end torque and performs well for daily commute with top notch ease.

Advantage of 3 Cylinder over 4 Cylinder

» Engine is like Heart of the car and is the Major Costing Component. Removing 1 Cylinder will help Manufacturer keeping the Price lower

» Mileage would Tend to Improve been Engine would be Light in Weight, Engine gets cooled off easier and relative lesser frictional loss

2 Cylinder 3 Cylinder Petrol Cars 3 Cylinder Diesel Cars
Tata Nano Maruti Alto 800, Alto K10 Tata Tigor Diesel
  Wagon R, Stingray, Celerio  Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel
  Tata Tiago, Tata Tigor Hyundai Xcent Diesel
  Mahindra KUV100 MFalcon Engine Mahindra TUV300
  Renault Kwid Mahindra KUV100
  Hyundai Eon Tata Tiago
  Datsun Redi Go, Go Hatch, Go Plus Mahindra NuvoSport
  Volkswagen Ameo Petrol  
  Volkswagen Polo Petrol  
  Tata Nexon Petrol  
  Nissan Micra Active, Micra Petrol  
  Ford Ecosport Petrol, Ford FreeStyle Petrol  

Rest - all other Cars comes in 4 Cylinder Engine

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2 Cylinder Engine

There is very little room for 2 Cylinder Engine Cars. Maruti Celerio Diesel is already been discontinued despite been the smallest, Lightest and most fuel efficient Diesel Engine in the World for a Passenger Car.

Tata Nano also likely be axed off from Tata Motor Portfolio 


Been Engine Noise, Vibration Levels with Poor Pickup has almost no scope in this Modern Age Automotive Market

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Vibration of 3 cylinder engine can make passenger uncomfortable?

Vibration of 3 cylinder engine can make passenger uncomfortable?
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