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Car Care in Summers. Extra Car Care Maintenance Tips in Summers

Car Care in Summers. Extra Car Care Maintenance Tips in Summers

With Summers round the corner, Top Tips to help you maintain your Car, AC System, Mechanicals, Tyres in best of condition during this hot season


Car Care in Summers

Every one wants to beat Scorching Heat by staying Indoors, in Cool AC Environment - but think of your car facing this scorching heat - the entire day. Top Tips and Safety Measure to help you maintain car in best of condition this Summer

Tyre Pressure :- As a fair practice in Maintenance, get Tyre pressure checked once a week. Generally, its a common myth to reduce tyre pressure during summers - as air may expand. But in actual - An Underinflated tyre can cause pressure on tyre sidewalls and enhances probability of burst or bending of it. Its of utmost importance to maintain tyre pressure as recommended in your Service Manual.

Parking your Car:- Try to park your car under shade. Heat causes battery fluid to evaporate faster and can shorten the life of battery considerably. Also - impact on Car Paint - if car is parked for prolonged hours - under scorching heat of sun. 

Prevent your Car from Overheat :- If your Car Service is due and is in your 'to do' tasks is Replacement of Engine Oil, Oil Filter and clean or replaced Air Filter - its time to get your car to workshop for service, without delay . Engine Oil lets the engine work efficiently and is like the lifeline of the engine. Low or Contaminated Engine Oil can turn your car to overheat and decreases life of engine considerably. Additionally - Replacing or Cleaning Air Filter and Oil Filter prevents contaminants clogging the engine.

Even - also check for Coolant, Brake Fluid, Gear Oil - the level should not be below minimum and if require - get a top up done for efficient Performance of your vehicle.

Car AC System :- If your Car AC Servicing is due for long, you may need to get it done. Check for Antifreeze (AC Gas), get Car AC Serviced - so that it can beat the summers with efficient and quick cooling without fail. If your car has Cabin Air Filter - ensure to get it cleaned.

Also - give a life to AC - by not keeping it on, at time of Ignition. Switch on AC only after 30 seconds of turning on the Ignition. Also switch it off the AC atleast 30 secs before your destination. Refer more on:-  Car AC Maintenance

Avoid Greenhouse Effect :- Do you know - a car temperature can increase by as high as 15 degree - than the temperature outside - due to greenhouse effect. Buy a Couple of Sun Shade and put it on the window - if you going to park your car for long hours under the sun.

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