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Top 25 Cars with Sunroof from Rs 8.87 Lakh Onwards in 2022

Top 25 Cars with Sunroof from Rs 8.87 Lakh Onwards in 2022

Top 25 Cars with Sunroof in Hatchback, Sedan, SUV Segment in India from Rs 8.87 Lakh Onwards in 2022. Sunroof Fitment Cost, Pros and Cons Explained too


Top 25 Cars with Sunroof in 2022

Sunroof act as a Top Notch Dream Aspiration Feature in India.

While, Sunroof used to be Prominent only in Luxury Cars till around 5 years back, but basis aspiration Factors is now offered in Cars under 10 Lakh too to meet the Aspiration of Consumers. 

Consumers when Buy a New Car with Sunroof tends to get

  • Feeling of Joy in Family for Advanced Feature
  • Smile on Face of Kids
  • A Differentiation Factor for 'Sunroof Vaali Car' as a feel of Luxury

led to be asking for Sunroof, even though the Utility of this Feature tends to diminish in Ownership years. Been India as a Hot Country where People do not even Open Car Windows for keeping them Protected from Heat, Pollution. Traffic condition reduced speed, Sunroof only appear to be limited as just a Gimmick Feature for show-off feel and that too is been lost as the feature now available in Mass Market Cars.


There are 2 Types of Sunroof classified based on Design

  • Electric Sunroof - Covers only Small Area above Driver and Co Passenger Side 
  • Panoramic Sunroof - Covers 70% of the Roof Area with Sunroof Glass - Covers in both Front and Rear 

Electric Sunroof                                                                           Panoramic Sunroof

Electric SunroofPanaromic Sunroof

As of 2022 

  • Tata Nexon is Most Affordable Car which comes with Factory Fitted Electric Sunroof starting from Rs 8.87 Lakh Onwards


  • MG Astor is the most affordable Car which comes with Panoramic Sunroof starting from Rs 12.98 Lakh Onwards


When Should you Avoid Aftermarket Sunroof Fitment

There are many Cars which do not come with Factory Fit Sunroof. Like none of Toyota Range - Corolla Altis, Innova Crysta, Fortuner not available with Sunroof.

None of the Hatchback Car sold in Indian Market comes with Sunroof. Owner Feels to go for Sunroof from After-Market Fitment as accessory.

The Point is whether one should go for Sunroof as After-Market Modification !!

If your Car does not has Sunroof and is Build on Monocoque Design - its best to avoid any After-market Fitment of Sunroof. Reason - Monocoque is Designing a car in such a way so that it integrates the body and frame chassis of vehicle into one structure.

The Strength of the car is integrated in one design and any after-market Roof Modification in form of Sunroof fitment can take away Strength of Car and make the car Vulnerable.

Unless - its a Straight Factory Fit Fitment - do not go in for Sunroof in Monocoque Cars.

Even has higher Probability of Leakage too which may happen due to Sunroof fitment from After-Market. Remember this Fact - 'Sunroof is by Design, not by Choice'

Refer Tata Harrier Owner Experience on Issue Faced due to Sunroof (when he Installed Sunroof as Accessory in 2019 Model - at that time Sunroof was not available as Factory Fitment)


Top 25 Cars with Sunroof in India - Factory Fitted in 2022

However, below are the list of Model in Hatchback, Sedan, SUV and Executive Sedan Segment starting from Rs 8.87 Lakh onwards available as Factory Fit Sunroof

For Cars above 30 Lakh in Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Jaguar Range - they offer Sunroof / Moonroof in Most of there Model range 

Segment Models Ex-showroom Price
Hatchback Honda Jazz Zx Rs 8.98 Lakh (MT) / Rs 9.89 Lakh (CVT)
  Hyundai I20 Asta Option Rs 9.41 Lakh (1.2 MT) / 10.61 Lakh (Diesel)
  Hyundai I20 DCT Asta Option Automatic Rs 11.25 Lakh
Compact Sedan None as of now  
Sub 4 Meter Crossover and SUV Segment Tata Nexon Sunroof
Rs 8.87 Lakh (MT) / Rs 9.52 Lakh (AMT) & onwards
  Mahindra XUV300 Rs 9.87 Lakh onwards 
  Tata Nexon Diesel Sunroof
Rs 9.99 Lakh (MT) / Rs 10.65 Lakh (AMT) & onwards
  Honda WRV Rs 9.89 Lakh onwards
  Hyundai Venue Sx Rs 10 Lakh onwards
  Kia Sonet Rs 9.79 Lakh onwards
Mid to Executive Segment Sedan Hyundai Verna Petrol Rs 10.98 Lakh onwards
  Honda City Vx, ZX is available with Electric Sunroof 12.62 Lakh Onwards
  Hyundai Verna Diesel Rs 12.2 Lakh onwards
  Hyundai Elantra Automatic (Petrol) 17.86 Lakh Onwards
  Skoda Superb Manual, Automatic Panoramic Sunroof 29.99 Lakh Onwards
Mid SUV Segment Kia Seltos Rs 12.19 Lakh onwards for HTK+ IMT Petrol
  MG Astor Sharp Panoramic Sunroof Rs 13.98 Lakh onwards
  Hyundai Creta Sx Panoramic Sunroof Rs 14.13 Lakh Onwards (Petrol) / Rs 15.09 Lakh (Diesel)
  Skoda Kushaq Rs 14.6 Lakh onwards
  VW Taigun Rs 14.61 Lakh onwards
  Mahindra XUV700 Panoramic Sunroof 15.49 Lakh Onwards for Ax5 Model
  MG Hector Sharp - Panoramic Sunroof Rs 17.37 Lakh onwards
  Tata Harrier XT Plus Panoramic Sunroof 17.85 Lakh onwards
  Tata Safari XT Plus - Panoramic Sunroof 18.79 Lakh onwards
  Jeep Compass Limited Plus - Panoramic Sunroof Rs 23.49 Lakh onwards
  MG Zs EV  Panoramic Sky Sunroof Rs 24.18 Lakh onwards
MPV MG Hector Plus Panoramic Sunroof Rs 18.12 Lakh onwards
  Kia Carnival (Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof) 28.95 Lakh

Ex-showroom Prices as in January 2022

New Cars

Check Prices with Complete Features



Sunroof Fitment Prices 

Dont worry - if the car you Intending to buy dont have sunroof or you desiring to have it in your existing car (advisory to not to do Sunroof Fitment in Monocoque Design Cars as this will weaken in Body Shell of Monocoque cars). Its not difficult as there are some After-market companies who Install Sunroof on your Existing Model

Below are Estimated Prices of Sunroof Installation from Webasto - as Global leader for Sunroof Installation in Various Cars in Indian Prices

Sunroof Type Glass Panel Dimensions Estimated Price
Manual Detachable Sunroof with 3 Inches Tilt 29x15 Rs 30K
Basic Electric without Sunshade Screen with 2.8 Inches Tilt 29x15 Rs 40K to 50K
Sunroof with Sunshade Protection, 2 Programmable Settings and Auto Closure on Turning Off Ignition 30x18 Rs 80K to 90K
Larger Sunroof with Sunshade Protection, 2 Programmable Settings and Auto Closure on Turning Off Ignition 32x18 Rs 1 Lakh
Larger Sunroof with Sunshade Protection, 2 Programmable Settings, Multi colors Operated and Auto Closure on Turning Off Ignition 31x19 Rs 1.25 Lakh
Deluxe Automatic Panoramic Sunroof for Front & Rear with Soft Top Cover 30x13 in Front & 30x13 in Rear Rs 2 Lakh to 2.25 Lakh
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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Guest - Tuhin Chattopadhyay on Tuesday, 23 April 2019 18:01

Thanks Gagan... liked the post.

Can you please come out with similar post for SUVs in the above 30 Lakh segment?

Thanks Gagan... liked the post. Can you please come out with similar post for SUVs in the above 30 Lakh segment?
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