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Bulletproof Cars in India. Modification Cost of Bulletproof Car

Bulletproof Cars in India. Modification Cost of Bulletproof Car

How to Own Bulletproof Cars in India. Know Cost of Converting a Personal SUV Car to Bulletproof Car with Modifications in Glass, Body, Suspension, Tyres


Bullet Proof Cars in India

Considering Risk of Life or seek Additional Safety Measure then in Mobility Solution a bullet proof car is a viable option and is on increasing search in India and International Market.

There are layers of Armor Plate - or Bullet Proof Glass or Run Flat Tyres available - which can prove useful in case of an attack. Good point is - Any Personal Car can be converted by doing Modification and there are many Companies operating in this Space

Downside of this Kind of Cars - No Warranty, Been the Body Weight increased Multifold - the Power Pick is reduced and the High Cost Factor. Its best to only Choose High End Diesel SUV, Sedan Cars - having high Power and Torque levels for Bullet Proof Option - so that the drive-ability remains intact despite of additional weight


For those who want Factory Fitted Bullet Proof Car

Mahindra Marksman is what should look out. Although Mahindra has developed it exclusively for Defence and Military and comes as India first armoured capsule based light bulletproof vehicle with Level B6 with Ballistic Steel Interior Frame

The Car is powered with Mahindra Proven 2.2 Litre M Hawk Engine displacing 120 BHP Power and 280 NM Torque in 4 Wheel Drive. Basis the level of Safety needed - Mahindra can do customize Marksman and starting price of the car starts from Rs 40 Lakh

Mahindra Marksman


Bullet Proof Car (After- Market Modification) - How is Made

Any Personal Car can be converted into Bullet Proof by :- Modifying Body Design with Armor Plate inside the Structure, Changing Side Window Glass and Front and Rear Windshield, Modifying Rubber

  • Bulletproof Steel Body - Generally the Body (including doors, Bumpers, Fenders) of the car is initially removed and a layers of Armour Plate (combination of Bullet Proof Steel from 5mm to 6mm thick with Kevlar) is used to cover the entire Structure and doors. Then the Door Panels, Bumpers, Fenders are added back on to this. It does not change in the Body Design of the car. Only - the Body is now Protected with additional layers to absorb in gun attack.


  • Bullet Proof Glass - A Bulletproof glass is generally combination of Polycarbonate and Leaded Glass which is 2 inch to 3 inch thick and is considered to stop shot from Rifle. Side Window Glass and Windshield in Front and Rear are Modified with this Special Glass. Generally, the price starts at Rs. 10,000 per Inch of Bullet Proof Glass. Only one Side Window can cost upto Rs. 4 Lakh


  • Tyres - Bulletproof Tyres are tyres where in another rubber with polymer used inside the tubeless tyres and generally considered no flat tyres. Despite of a shot, the tyres will not go flat instantly but would be able to help the owner to take the car away to a distance in range of 100 km - 200 kms at a high speed of upto 100 kms/hr. Each Bullet Proof Tyre can cost starting at Rs. 2 Lakh / Tire INR


  • Suspension Modification - Been the Weight of the car is increased Substantially - the Suspension is completely overhauled with New Shockers, Lower Arm, Link Rod, Steering Joints etc - so that the additional weight can easily be accommodated. 

Note - No Engine Modification is generally done - as thats an outcome of fine mechanical from Manufacturer and this is not been touched while doing Modifications. Its best to choose in Powerful SUV or Diesel Sedan with High Torque and Power as a first step.


Armored Vehicles

Bullet Proof Car Manufacturers in India

New Cars

Check Prices with Complete Features



There are Some Designers - Makers - who Modify Personal Car to Bullet Car

  • ArmTech (M/s Bharji Fabricators)
  • Laggar Industries)
  • Jeet Glass
  • Star Wire India 

Also - if you Intend to Own Luxury Car - make speak to Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz etc - wherein they may customize the vehicle from Plant Itself as Armored Vehicle.


Bullet Proof Car Cost

A Bullet Proof car can cost in range of 80 Lakhs to 4 crore i.e Hundred Thousand Dollars to 500000 US Dollars (depending on quality and material used). Generally, SUV Like Toyota Fortuner, Tata Safari, Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Landcruiser Prado, Mahindra Scorpio, Ford Endeavour are mostly heard as converted to Bulletproof cars

But - an Indian made Custom Kit - can be obtained for close to 50 Lakhs. For Instance - Scorpio used to come with Bullet Proof Edition having

BulletProof Windshield and Side Window Glass, Body Panels 

» Fire Proof Fuel Tank 

» Run Flat Tyre System 

» Blast Proof Carpet 

Defence Land Systems was providing above Kit in around 40 to 50 Lakh Rs. So - for those on budget - but still seeking Safety from Pistol attacks upto 9mm - can choose in above Safety Kit

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Guest - Abhishek Kumar on Wednesday, 04 November 2020 16:19

It was really an Informative post about Bulletproof Car thanks for sharing such a good post here

It was really an Informative post about Bulletproof Car thanks for sharing such a good post here
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