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4x4 AWD SUV Cars from 10 Lakh to 50 Lakh Price Range in India

4x4 AWD SUV Cars from 10 Lakh to 50 Lakh Price Range in India

4x4 Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive SUV Cars List from Rs. 10 Lakh to 50 Lakh Price in India. Engine Specs, Transmission Choice as Manual or Automatic, Price List for Off Road Experience


4x4 SUV Cars in India - Updated in 2020

You might have been hearing a term from your friend, family or Auto Expert that SUV is a SUV if its 4x4 or All Wheel Drive in India. The Macho Drive Output, Handling and Off Terrain Conditions Drive improves Multifold, if the Car you buying is what a 4x4 Wheel Drive Car.


What is 4x4 Wheel Drive and how is it different from 4x2

The Basic Principle of 4x4 and 4x2 Wheel Drive is the transmission of Power Output to the Wheels of the Vehicle

Here First 4 - represents number of Wheels, and Second 4 or 2 - represents number of wheels where Power is Flown to. In Layman Terms -

  • 2x1 Wheel Drive: In Bike - Power Flows to the One Wheel which keeps the bike moving. Its known as 2x1

  • 4x2 Wheel Drive: While in Cars - Most of the Vehicles Sold in India are Front Wheel Driven or Rear Wheel Driven. It means - Power flows to either Front Wheels / Rear Wheels - which keeps the car moving. These Cars are known as 4x2 Cars. Like Honda City is a 4x2 Front Wheel Drive while Mahindra Scorpio and Toyota Innova Crysta are 4x2 Rear Wheel Drive.

Toyota Innova Crysta photo

  • 4x4 Wheel Drive: However - 4x4 Cars are those where Power Flows across all 4 Wheels Simultaneously. Here once the driver engages in 4x4 Wheel mode - power is automatically sent in almost 50:50 or 60:40 to all the 4 wheels. The 4x4 Cars are better on Off road dynamics as the driver can lock in 4x4 mode and can also use in differential lock in extreme conditions. Unlike All Wheel Drive Cars which have center differential, 4x4 Wheel Drive cars comes with differential lock on both Axles for Off roading experience.

Landrover Discovery Sport photo

Importance of Differential Lock in 4 Wheel Drive SUV: Differential lock implies that suppose the car is been driven where the right wheel is stuck on Slush muddy road then the Differential lock will send much more power to the left wheel so that the car can come out from such muddy road. 

Here differential lock plays much more advantage as it send each wheel (on Left Side or Right Side) to rotate at different speeds means if left tyre losing traction then right tyre will get more Power with higher speed to take car away from such slush road, unlike the case of all wheel drive - where both front / both rear tyres gets same power.

There are different Mode in 4x4 Cars effectively used

  • 2H (High) - Flat Roads like Driving in City or Regular Traffic Condition where only Rear Wheel are Used
  • 4H (High) - One can use in 4H for Gravel roads, under construction roads but driving easily on Moderate Speed 
  • 4L (Low) - Used when the SUV is Stuck. Like when driving on Muddy, Slush Road then use in 4L 

Also for Controlling Car effectively on Hill Drive comes with

  • Hill Hold Assist (HA) - When driving on Hill Drive, A Feature where car will Automatically hold the Vehicle for 2 Seconds to let it go back and give time to driver to control
  • DownHill Assist Control (DAC) - When going Downhill, then this feature when enabled will help in providing control to driver to prevent wheel lock up when brakes applied 


All Wheel Drive: There is another concept of All Wheel Drive (AWD) in which one can gain the best of 2 Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive. Here effectively a car drives most of the times in regular 4x2 Wheel drive, and once due to road conditions, off road, muddy slush road - the car sensor depicts that one of the wheels is having lesser traction due to Wet Road / Muddy road - the car sensor depicts and send more power to wheels on other side.

Like if front wheel have less traction then rear wheels gets more power so that the car can come out of the bad road. Its like the other wheel gets a more traction to help in taking off the car from such road.

By Default All Wheel Drive cars runs on 2 Wheel Drive, one can choose in Auto Mode where  the car sensor if depicts that one of the wheels is having lesser traction due to mud / bad road - the car sensor depicts and send more power to wheels on other side.

Also is 4 Wheel Drive Lock system available in All Wheel Drive SUV which is recommended to use only in case of slow controlled speed for off roading or taking car out from slush, mud as Power is delivered to Front and Rear Wheel at same time

Most of the All Wheel Drive Cars / 4x4 Cars in India are Part Time, means vehicle will drive on 2 Wheel Drive and one can also choose in Auto Mode where when the Front Wheel lose traction, the power delivery automatically shifts to rear wheel or one may choose in 4 Wheel Drive system for experiencing off road drive


Effectively, the difference

» All Wheel Drive send Power to both wheels on

  • Front and Rear as required
  • or Increase Power to either Front Wheel or Rear Wheel to help Car gain Traction 

New Cars

Check Prices with Complete Features


» While in 4x4 the Power Flow is done through Differential on even

  • Left Side or
  • Right Side or
  • Front or
  • Rear or
  • Both front and Rear as required

for higher torque. For Off roading is what 4x4 System an advantage, as Power Flow is better to either Side of Wheel 

Other than Off Road - Advantage of All Wheel Drive over Rear Wheel Drive 

Add on USP is that there is no Torque steer and the Car looks even better planted on high speed drive in terms of drive-ability aspect vis a vis Front or Rear Wheel Driver Cars

Jeep Compass photo Ford Endeavour photo


4x4 Wheel Drive SUV Cars in India - Updated in 2020

Below is Range of 4x4 Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive SUV Cars in India starting from Rs 10 Lakh to Budget of 50 Lakh in India for very best of driving Experience.

4x4 Wheel Drive / All Wheel Drive SUV Cars in India Transmission Engine Output Tyres / Wheel Price Range (Ex-showroom)
Mahindra Thar Crde 4x4 Manual 2.6 Lit 63 BHP 183 NM 16 Inch Steel 9 to 10 Lakh
Force Gurkha 4x4 Manual 2.2 Lit 140 BHP 321 NM 16 Inch Steel 11 to 13 Lakh
Renault Duster All Wheel Drive (Independent Suspension on Rear) Manual 1.5 Lit 110 BHP, 248 NM 16 Inch Steel / Alloys Discontinued, now only in Used Car Market
Mahindra Scorpio S11 4x4 Manual 2.2 Lit 140 BHP 330 NM 16 Inch Steel Discontinued, now only in Used Car Market
Isuzu V Cross 4x4 Manual 2.5 Lit 134 BHP 320 NM 16 Inch Alloys 16.5 to 20 Lakh
Tata 'Hexa 4x4 Manual 2.2 Lit 152 BHP, 400 NM 19 Inch Alloys 19.29 Lakh
Mahindra XUV500 W11 AWD Manual & Automatic 2.2 Lit 155 BHP, 360 NM 18 Inch Alloys 18 to 20 Lakh
Jeep Compass 4x4  Manual & Automatic 2 Lit 171 BHP 350 NM 17 Inch Alloys 21.96 Lakh Onwards
Jeep Compass Trailhawk Automatic 2 Lit 171 BHP 350 NM 17 Inch Alloys 27 Lakh
Hyundai Tucson AWD Automatic  2 Lit 181 BHP, 408 NM 18 Inch Alloys 27 Lakh
Isuzu MUX 4x4 Automatic 3 Lit, 175 BHP, 380 NM 18 Inch Alloys 27.5 Lakh to 30 Lakh
Mahindra Alturas G4 4x4 Automatic 2.2 Lit 180 BHP, 420 NM  18 Inch Alloys 31 Lakh
Toyota Fortuner 4x4 Manual & Automatic 2.8 Lit 174 BHP, 420 NM 17 Inch Alloys 31 to 35 Lakh
Ford Endeavour 4x4 Automatic  2 Lit, 170 BHP, 420 NM 18 Inch Alloys 33.25 Lakh
Honda Crv All Wheel Drive Automatic 1.6 Lit 120 BHP, 300 NM 18 Inch Alloys 33 Lakh
Audi Q3 4x4 Quattro Automatic 2 Lit 182 BHP, 380 NM 17 Inch Alloys 40 Lakh
BMW X1 Automatic 2 Lit 190 BHP, 400 NM 18 Inch Alloys 42 Lakh
Landrover Discovery Sport Automatic 2.2 Lit 148 BHP, 400 NM 18 Inch Alloys 50 Lakh
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Very briefly explained Thank you so much
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