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Best Car Color Pick and Impact : Dark and Light Colors for Cars

Best Car Color Pick and Impact : Dark and Light Colors for Cars

Best Colors for Car Drive with Low Maintenance, Fogs, Winters and High Summers. Light colors - White, Silver and Dark colors - Blue, Black, Yellow


Car Color Preference

Although Car Color is very much an Individual Preference, Liking and Style theme they find best

Some Buyers like Owning White Color Cars, while some love Black. Here is a simple guide to help choose color based on a simple preference set of weather / location area:-

« If you resides in a location where it has hot climate or most of the times the temperature is higher its advisable to go with light colors - White, Silver, Light Blue

« If you resides in a foggy areas, the best color would be Blue and Yellow as defines well visibility even in fogs, atleast much better visibility in drive than white, silver colors

« If you looking for cars with lowest maintenance - Silver, Sand White, Pearl White are the best colors

« If you feel that you are not a good driver somehow, go with Red Color. It immediately catches up attention of any driver on road who feels closer to you to maintain distance.

« A Car Color also reflects much about taste of a individual or gender too. Like a pink colored car (as what used to come in Zen Estilo earlier) may not be well suited for a male.


Best Selling Car Colors - Light and Dark Color Impact

Black Color : Black is beautiful. It almost defines Luxury and rich taste of an individual. But needs significant maintenance as any kind of scratch on the body will make the scratch looks visible on the body.

Dark Colors - Red, Blue : It absorbs high energy sunlight and can impact the color from fade in hot and humid areas. Also, the temperature in the cabin will be relatively high against the light colors

Silver Color : Almost the lowest Maintenance color and best at hiding scratches and dirts. Easy to clean and polish. But risky in areas with heavy fogs

White Color : Represents Elegance. Again low maintenance and been white color - its one of the best colors in locations with summers or heavy sunlight as color will not go fade. But - is much avoidable in areas or locations with winters and fogs

Grey Color : As per most International research reports, Grey color tends to be more of collaborative and people who have a neutral opinion. It generally is the pick of people as personality of individual who does not feel mixed up. In terms of road drive - it again is a neutral color as is not dark and neither light. However the areas with frequent storms - may be this color to be avoided for buying.



Car color yes depicts one's personality. But simultaneously, its also important to see weather conditions in a year, individual drive factor and maintenance factor before selecting or making the final pick

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