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Toyota Cuts Prices in July 2017 as Post GST Impact. Latest Prices of Toyota Cars

Toyota Cuts Prices in July 2017 as Post GST Impact. Latest Prices of Toyota Cars

Toyota Cuts Prices by upto Rs 1.2 Lakh on Innova and Rs 2.7 Lakh on Fortuner as Post GST Impact. Prices of Camry Hybrid shoot by up more than Rs 5 Lakh in July 2017


Toyota Price Changes in July 2017 after GST

Toyota has revised its Prices as the first one to do it as Post GST Impact in July 2017

It has reduced Prices across the board on its entire range – Etios Liva, Etios, Innova, Altis, Fortuner and has hiked prices of Camry Hybrid

There is Substantial Price Reduction across the board with Innova Prices reducing more than Rs 1 Lakh and Fortuner Prices reduced to extent of Rs 2.7 Lakh in July 2017

Below is the Latest Price Range of Toyota Cars

Toyota Cars Prices Reduced (except Camry Hybrid) Price Range
Toyota Etios Liva Rs 20K - 25K Rs 5.44 - 7.38 Lakh
Toyota Etios Platinum Petrol Rs 30K - 32K Rs 6.66 - 7.53 Lakh
Toyota Etios Platinum Diesel Rs 35K -38K Rs 7.74 - 8.61 Lakh
Toyota Innova Crysta Petrol Rs 90K - 1 Lakh Rs 13.31 - 18.85 Lakh
Toyota Innova Crysta Diesel Rs 95K - 1.2 Lakh Rs 13.52 - 20.07 Lakh
Toyota Corolla Altis Petrol Rs 1 - 1.1 Lakh Rs 14.89 - 18.68 Lakh
Toyota Corolla Altis Diesel Rs 80K - 1 Lakh Rs 16.65 - 18.27 Lakh
Toyota Fortuner Rs 2.4 Lakh - 2.7 Lakh Rs 24.42 - 29.18 Lakh
Toyota Camry Petrol Rs 3 Lakh Rs 28.69 Lakh
Toyota Camry Hybrid Prices hiked by Rs 5.15 Lakh Rs 37.23 Lakh

Exshowroom Delhi Prices Mentioned

However - Surprising is that despite GST as One Nation - One Tax, the Price Difference of Toyota Fortuner in terms of Exshowroom Price in Delhi and Mumbai is close to Rs 40000, with Fortuner 4x4 Automatic at Rs 29.18 Lakh in Delhi, while the same Model is priced at Rs 29.59 Lakh in Mumbai

Been GST as Common tax, and considering even Logistics as one reason for price difference - Still the price differential is steep of Rs 40K in Fortuner. In Etios the price difference in Delhi and Mumbai Prices is mere Rs 3000.

It seems that the Manufacturer is attempting a Strategy to be price competitive in Delhi and NCR Zone - been the biggest market for Toyota in India

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