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Maruti Wagon R Service Schedule and Maintenance Cost Review in India

Maruti Wagon R Service Schedule and Maintenance Cost Review in India

Review Maruti Wagon R Service Schedule and Maintenance Costs in India. Periodic Schedule with Common Wear and Tear Items and Spare Parts in India


Maruti Wagon R Service Cost Review

Maruti Wagon R is the second best selling car in Indian market with a name for most spacious cabin in Segment, Huge reliability with one among best mileage and practical city car for Middle Class Family in India

While both are known for low maintenance - Below are Service and Maintenance Costs of Maruti Wagon R:-


Free Service Schedule

Maruti Wagon r both comes with 3 Labor Free Services (only Oil and Filter Cost to be charged as per actuals without labor charges for replacement)

Free Service   
  Maruti Wagon R
1st Service 1000 Kms or 1 Month
2nd Service 5000 Kms or 6 month
3rd Service 10,000 Kms or 12 month
Further Paid Service after completion of Free Services 10,000 Kms or 12 months - whichever is earlier


Paid Service Schedule

 Oil & Filters Maruti Wagon R Service schedule
Engine Oil & Oil Filter 10,000 Kms or 1 year
Air Filter 40,000 Kms
Brake Fluid 20,000 Kms or 2 year
Coolant 20,000 Kms or 2 year
Gear Oil / Transmission Not required to change till 1.6 Lakh Kms / 10 yrs
Fuel Filter 40,000 Kms or 4 year
Spark Plug 40,000 Kms or 4 year
Timing Belt NA
Wheel Alignment & Balancing Every 10,000 Kms

Paid Service is performed every 10,000 Kms or 12 months - which ever is earlier


Estimated Periodic Service Costs 

Service Component Maruti Wagon R Service Cost
Engine Oil (2.9 Litre), Oil Filter & Gasket Rs. 1330 (0W-20 - New Series Wagon R) / Rs 1000 (5W-30 for Old Series Wagon R)
Air Filter Rs. 300
Cabin AC Pollen Filter Rs. 350
Brake Fluid (500 ml) Rs. 350
Coolant Refill + Distilled Water Rs. 450 
Gear Oil / Transmission Oil Replacement Rs. 800
Fuel Filter Rs. 300
Spark Plug (4) Rs. 300 
Timing Belt including Labor NA
Wheel Alignment, Balancing, Tyre Rotation Rs. 750
Throttle Body Cleaning Rs. 750
Front Brake Pad Replacement with Labor Rs. 1500
Brake Cleaning with Caliper Pin Greasing Rs. 800
Clutch Plate Assembly (including Clutch Plate, Pressure Plate, Release Bearings, Flywheel) with Labor Charges Rs. 7000
AC Servicing with Gas Refill and Labor Rs. 2500
Periodic Maintenance Rs. 1550

Major Service Cost Estimates

» Major Service with Maruti Wagon R will be @ 40,000 Kms, 80,000 Kms - Expect Bill of Rs. 6000 - 6500 approx

Does not include Wear & Tear Items like :- Brake Pads, Clutch Plate Assembly, Tyres etc - over and above additional

Basis current prices, subject to vary  basis inflationary costs in Future.

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