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Car Music System, Speakers Buying Guide for Best Range in India

Car Music System, Speakers Buying Guide for Best Range in India

Music System and Speakers Buying Guide for First Time Infotainment System Buyers in India. Best Speakers, Sound Quality, Prices with Tips for Buying

Car Music System Buying Guide

Music System acts a Life to Car. Having a good music system with Fine Sound Quality not only refreshes the mood, but also increases the interior aesthetics and styling of the car.

A Music System for a User has 2 Components

» Headunit - Which is Hardware Centerpiece of Music System to Control Functions, Play Music, Switch between FM / CD Player

» Speakers with Additional Tweeter and Sub Woofers for Sound. Size, Power Output and Quality of Speakers with Tweeter Control Surround Sound in Car


If your car doesn't have Music System and keen to buy one - know what all types are there :-

» 1 Din Music System

» 2 Din Music System

» Touchscreen Systems including AVN (Audio Video Navigation Systems)


1 Din or 2 Din Music System

Most Popular Standard Music Systems are : 1 Din and 2 Din and difference in between them

» Size of System : Basically, DIN Represent Size of music system. 1 Din Implies Standard :- 7 Inch Length * 2 Inch Height while 2 Din implies - 7 Inch Length * 4 Inch Height - which is the prime difference.

» Functions - A 2 Din Player - due to bigger size can have slight more features and functions list and is easily scalable with many more features like - Bluetooth, Aux USB, CD Player, DVD Player vis a vis 1 Din CD Player.

» Aesthetics - Been the Head Unit Bigger - it looks relative more Stylish as against a 1 Din CD Player

Things Important while Buying HeadUnit:- RMS Power Output Rating and Features and Functions. Do Go clearly with the Features list including compatibility with Bluetooth, USB, Aux, Ipod etc and your requirement before buying a head unit of the music system,

A Common Myth Spread by Sellers - Difference in Sound Quality in 2 Din is better as against 1 Din. Its to be known that 2 Din System has higher Features like Treble Controls, Amplifier, Bass helps in customizing Sound - but Quality remains more or less similar.

If you are Primarily looking for Sound Quality and care less for other added gimmicks of size, features - you may also choose 1 Din System with Superior Speakers


Sound System - Speakers, Twitters, Sub Woofers

Speakers : Heart of Music System. Sound Clarity is what comes through Speakers. Comes in Primarily 2 Types

» Coaxial Speakers : Are Probably the speakers which are common in Factory Fitted Music System in most of Cars. Capable of producing multiple frequency, as have very small Tweeter with Mid Range Woofer system installed in Speaker itself - it tries to do job of Speakers, Tweeters and Woofers - as Jack of All by producing good all frequencies (high, mid, low) from the speaker itself with good sound quality.

» Component Speakers - Especially useful if use Component Speakers along with additional customization of Tweeter or Woofer, as overall sound quality will best been component speaker will provide one frequency range, tweeter for high frequency and subwoofer for low frequency and all 3 system produces impeccable sound quality. Using Component Speaker alone without Tweeter and Subwoofer will reduce the overall sound quality experience as against Coaxial Speaker. Useful when customizing the sound with Tweeter and Woofer

Tweeter : Useful in Loud Music, where Tweeter produce high end sound frequency transforming into crystal clear sound. Generally Very Small in Size and uses for increasing finesse of sound quality.

Woofer / SubWoofer : Useful in Low to Mid Range Notes. Sound Clarity is you feel to hear low end Notes in Music or Light Songs with Crystal Clear Clarity. But the Size of Woofers from 8 Inches to as high as 18 Inches makes it fitment a tough Job. Especially fitted in Back Dash in Sedan and Boot Space in Hatch. Unless - you are a hardcore Music Lover and only want Top Notch Music Ouptut - then only go for Woofers

Most Important aspect of buying Speakers is Frequency Range. With a wide range from low output to high output - Speakers deliver crystal clear sound quality. 


Popular Music System Brands and Prices

Some of the Prominent brands are:- Pioneer, Sony, JVC, Kenwood, Alpine etc. The cost you generally found is of the Headunit which can vary basis the features and compatibility

For example - a Touchscreen DVD Player can cost twice a 2 DIN CD Player - though both will have Bluetooth, USB and Aux. Also - an AVN with 6 Inch - 7 Inch Height with GPS Navigator, Rear View Camera with DVD Player can cost 3 times the 2 Din CD Player

With respect to Speakers - Various Brands are there :-

» Harman Karond or Bose Speakers for very high end - Rs 15000 to 50000 for Pair

» Infinity Range, Alpine, Hertz, Blaupunkt, Sony Xplod, Kenwood Premium - Rs 3000 to 6000 for Pair

» Nippon, JBL Speakers, Standard Sony Speakers - Rs 1500 to 4000 for Pair

** - Estimated Price for Pair of 4 Inch to 6 Inch Speakers

So - it all depends on what features you seek for. Speaker cost is additional which can again vary basis Power and Brand. Fpr ex- a 160 W pair of speakers can cost around Rs. 1600 - 1800 for brands like Sony. However - if you go with Infinity - a pair of speakers can cost around Rs. 5000. Higher Power Output - again higher cost. You go with Sub-woofers wherein Amplifiers are also required - cost goes up additionally by Rs. 10,000


Cost of Music System

Some of the Price Range of Music System are referred herewith :-

» Single Din CD Player Music System with FM, Mp3 player (Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer) - Cost in Range of Rs. 4500 - 8000

» 2 Din CD Player with Aux, USB - Cost in Range of Rs. 8000 - 15,000 

» 5 Inch - 7 Inch Touchscreen DVD Player Music System - Cost in range of Rs. 15,000 - 25,000. Know More on Touchscreen Music Systems in India

» AVN System with Navigator - Rs. 25,000 to 50,000.

Note: Price Varies basis Features, Functions supported by Head Unit - Like Bluetooth, USB, Aux, Ipod etc. Speaker Cost Additional and above is estimated cost of Head-Unit Systems only.

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Guest - shafi wahid on Sunday, 23 December 2018 19:47

thanks for this nice post. actually, mycarhelpline.com is one of my favorite blog that I like most as I learned much more new interesting thing about the car speakers

thanks for this nice post. actually, mycarhelpline.com is one of my favorite blog that I like most as I learned much more new interesting thing about the car speakers
Guest - Anil Kumar S on Friday, 03 August 2018 16:31

Kindly suggest a good pair of co axial speakers (max.budget Rs.5000)for my pioneer DEH-S1090UB..

Kindly suggest a good pair of co axial speakers (max.budget Rs.5000)for my pioneer DEH-S1090UB..
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