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Virat Kohli Car Collection. Virat Audi S6,Q7,R8 with Dream Car

Virat Kohli Car Collection. Virat Audi S6,Q7,R8 with Dream Car

Virat Kohli Car Collection with Pictures in India. Renault Duster, Toyota Fortuner, Audi S6, Audi Q7 and R8 with Dream Car as Aston Martin DBS


Virat Kohli Cars

Virat Kohli, aged 28 yrs is one of the most promising faces in present Indian Squad. From Captaining Under 19 Cricket World Cup in 2008 to ICC Cricket World cup in 2015 - Virat has scored fastest 5000 runs in the world - equalling Sir Vivian Richard Record in 114 Innings and presently leads as Captain of Indian Cricket Team 

Speed, Class, Elegance - a Passion is reflected with a connect of Successful Personalities with High Performance Cars.

Indian Cricketers apart from Cricket - have a rich passion for Cars. From Sachin love for BMW to MS Dhoni for Hummer or Yuvraj love for Porsche to Virender Sehwag Bentley - all cars reflects in the rich taste and personality of these cricketers

Here - we will write about Cars owned by our New Generation Cricketer - Virat Kohli

» Renault Duster 110PS : Won it as Man of Series Award in 2012 in Srilanka. Aged 23, Average of 74 Runs. Cost 12 Lakh rs

Virat Kohli Renault Duster

» Toyota Fortuner 4x4 : Virat Kohli is the brand Ambassador for Toyota Kirloskar Cars in India. He is presented a Toyota Fortuner 4x4 Wheel Drive which is Best Selling Luxury SUV above 25 Lakh Price in India

Toyota Fortuner photo

» Audi S6 - Audi S6 is the Performance Edition of A6 Sedan. With unmatched Terrain Quattro performance in 4 Litre TFSI Petrol Engine - it covers 0 to 100 in little more microseconds than 5 seconds. Priced at Rs 95 Lakh in Indian market.


» Audi Q7 4.2 : Again the best among SUV with 4.2 Litre Diesel Engine in Indian market available at price of 1 cr. Power Terrain comes in 4x4 wheel drive with 4.2 Lit Diesel Engine with 335 BHP Power and 800 NM Torque.

Virat Kohli Audi Q7

» Audi R8 V10 Lmx : The recent purchase in 2015 and most expensive car as of now Virat Owns (he infact sold off his Old Audi R8 and and bought this exclusive edition V10 Lmx) . Its a 2 Door High End Sports Car with 5.2 Litre V10 Engine with 7 Speed S Tronic Transmission displacing massive 570 PS Power with 540 NM Torque - available at On Road Price close to 3 crore. Only 99 Units of this Limited Edition Audi R8 V10 Lmx are been manufactured in the world.

Do you know a Cheetah (is known for fastest running) can attain 0 to 100 Km/hr speed in 3 Secs and this Man made Machine on Land - Audi R8 V10 Lmx can also accelerate from 0 to 100 Km/hr in 3.4 secs.

Virat Kohli Audi R8


Virat Kohli Dream Car

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In one of the Interviews - Virat Kohli mentioned the car he loves to buy Audi R8 - which he owns now and Maserati - as has fascination towards it. However - his dream car is Aston Martin DBS which comes in 6 Cylinder V12 Cylinder and as per Virat - he has driven that car and it feels much different from the rest of the league. 

Its the same Aston Martin DBS which is used in legendary James Bond movies - noteworthy (Goldfinger, Golden Eye, Tomorrow never Dies, Casino Royale and many others) and car is available at Indian Price of Rs 4 crore.

Virat Kohli Dream Car - Aston Martin DBS

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