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Premium Leather Seat Covers for Cars with Best Brands, Prices in India

Premium Leather Seat Covers for Cars with Best Brands, Prices in India

Pure Leather Seat Covers for your Cars from Premium brands like Stanley, G Sport, Ovion, Ceralli, Karlsonn with Range, Prices, Quality and Best Luxury Fit


Premium Leather Seat Covers for Cars

Having a Plush Cabin delivers Rich Feel in a Car and is what an Owner Pride. A Luxury, Comfortable Seating along with Good Seat Cover Cushioning with Premium Leather Finish and top Notch Fit can enhance the feel good factor to be in the car.

Car Buyers who are buying Top End Model Variants even seek best with Premium Grade Seat Cover Choices for best Car Ownership Experience. 

While Auto Form is the leader in PU Art Leather Seat Covers which offer Seat Cover in range of Rs 7000 to Rs 12000. But - if you looking for Pure Leather - one name - which is the largest and most renowned in India is - Stanley Leather Seat Covers


Stanley Seat Covers: Stanley is a Premium Luxury Brand and offers Top notch Quality Grade Leather Seat Covers. They Offer in Premium Nappa leather seat Covers which costs anywhere from Rs 1 Lakh from Mid Sedan to 1.3 Lakh for 7 Seater Car like Fortuner and Innova. Extremely soft with top notch fit and finish is what the exclusivity of Stanley Premium Nappa Grade Leather Seat Covers. This is in range of 1.3mm to 1.4mm in density

Stanley Seat Cover Density Price
Nappa Leather 1.3 mm to 1.4 mm Rs 1 Lakh to 1.3 Lakh
Satin Leather Grade 1.2 mm Rs 65K to 90K
Classic Range .9 mm to 1 mm Rs 45K to 65K

Then is the Stanley Satin Leather Grade (aka Automotive Grade) for Buyers, but yet reliability and premium appeal of Stanley. Cost around 35% lesser as against Nappa Leather Seat Covers from Stanley. This is around 1.2 mm in density

Lastly is the Stanley Classic Range which is around 50% cost of that of Nappa Leather and is around .9mm in density thickness. For Mid Sedan - the price starts at around Rs 50K while that of a 7 Seater SUV would be around Rs 70K

Stanley Boutique Outlets are in some Major Cities - Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Cochin and offers in Exclusitivity

Stanley Leather Seat Covers

Some Other Renowned Brands or Shops for Premium Leather Seat Covers for Cars

» GSport Leather Seat Covers: Another renowned Seat Cover Brand and is present in more than 10 States and around 20 cities in India

» Ovion Leather Seat Covers: Ovion offers in Nappa Sport, Silkina and Eterna and offer in various styling. A Quiet reputed name

» Ceralli Seat Covers: A Premium name in Bangalore for Seat Covers. Works on Precision on premium Leather Seat Cover range 

» Karlsonn: Available in Bangalore, known for top notch Stich, Fit, Finish along with Premium Leather Grade. is around 20% Economical than Stanley Seat Covers


Important Tips while buying Leather Seat Covers

» Remember Leather Seat Covers need exclusive Maintenance and should best be avoided under direct Sunlight Park. It can slowly fade in color tone. Also - Leather Seat Covers ideally to be cleaned once every month and a Professional cleaning with Polish is suggested once every 6 months to have the shine intact. So - if ready to maintain then only invest your hard earned money for these Leather Seat Covers. If not so caring then it advisable to choose in PU Art Leather Seat Cover

» Some Shops may offer in Leather Seat Covers in Economical range, but avoid if leather is less than 1 mm in thickness - it wont be as durable as you expect. Ideally choose in Pure Leather with 1.1 mm to 1.2 mm in thickness. Even some Leather seat covers comes in 1.5 mm in thickness which though will last longer but may not be as soft as what Nappa leather known for.

» Important to go with Genuine Pure Leather from Authorized Shops. Dont compromise on Quality as when you already have decided to go with best leather range, its equally important to choose on best grade thickness and quality for long lasting durability.

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