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Kapil Sharma Show StarCast Luxury Cars. BMW, Range Rover Range

Kapil Sharma Show StarCast Luxury Cars. BMW, Range Rover Range

Luxury Car Collection of Start Cast in Kapil Sharma Show. Kapil owns Range Rover Evoque, Sunil Grover has BMW 5 Series, Chandan and Kiku has 3 Series


Luxury Cars Owned by StarCast of Kapil Sharma Show

Kapil Sharma is a household name in India. The best comedy, the best humour and one of the best successful personalities with his own Aura and Style - all defines Kapil Sharma aptly

From Comdey Circus to now Season - 2 of Kapil Sharma show - the Starcast remains same. However, the Popularity has haped in show actors to make descent money and own Luxury Cars for themselves

Know Luxury Cars as owned by actors in Kapil Sharma Show

» Kapil Sharma - RangeRover Evoque SD4 was bought by Kapil, during Comedy Circus Telecast in April 2013 and is what Kapil love. Costing around 60 Lakh in Mumbai is the Luxury car which is owned by Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma RangeRover Evoque SD4

» Sunil Grover - Popularly known as Gutthi of Comedy Circus Season - 1 or Doctor in Season - 2, Sunil Grover owns Luxury Saloon BMW 5 Series. This Luxury Saloon also costs in range of 50 to 60 Lakh in Mumbai.

BMW 5 Series photo

» Kiku Sharda - Kiku Sharda played a very important role in Comedy Circus and Season 2 by bringing lot of humor in the show. The details of the car owned by Kiku Sharda is not available as of now. Though from the Pic - it looks like as if its BMW X1 owned by Kiku Sharda


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» Chandan Prabhakar - Chandan Prabhakar, who played the role of servant in Comedy Circus season 1 and now playing role of Tea Stall owner has recently purchased a BMW 3 Series 320D Luxury Line in March 2016, which cost around Rs 45 Lakh in Punjab

BMW 3 Series photo

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