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Hidden Terms of Car Warranty, Extended Warranty with Prices Explained

Hidden Terms of Car Warranty, Extended Warranty with Prices Explained

Car Warranty Terms with Hidden Conditions Explained along with Extended Warranty Cover with Prices for Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, Tata, Mahindra, Ford


What is Car Warranty

Car Warranty is a Service Contract between Manufacturer and Customer which includes repair or replacement of

  • Mechanical i.e Engine Related Components
  • Electrical Components in Car
  • Emission System of Car
  • Suspension System

causing technical problem in car provided same has not occurred due to any consequential or reasons mentioned as specified by manufacturer.

Although Standard Warranty ranges from 2 Year to 3 Year with most of the Manufacturers, but Companies now offering Optional add on Extended Warranty on marginal payment basis (at around 1% to 1.5% of ex-showroom Price) for further add on 2 years which offer peace of Mind Ownership to car owner as it cover for failure of any Manufacturing Fault in Car.

Note: There is no difference in between Standard and Extended Warranty of Car. Extended warranty as name suggest is an extension of standard 2 year warranty to 4 or 5 years.


What is Covered as Part of Car Warranty

  • Engine and Transmission Components (if not due to Engine Oil Leakage or Hydro Static Lock caused by driving on water logged roads)
  • Turbo Charger, ECM, Wiring Harness, 
  • AC Compressor (However, AC Gas Leakage where only Gas refill needed is not part of Warranty)
  • All Motors related to Power Window, Windscreen Motor, 
  • Fuel Injection System, Fuel Assembly (if not due to adulterated Fuel or by putting say Petrol in Diesel, or Diesel in Petrol Car)
  • Steering Assembly and Column, Struts
  • Any Mechanical, Electrical Issue or Malfunction in car as per Terms & Condition of Manufacturer



What is not Covered in Car Warranty / Extended Warranty (Hidden Terms & Conditions)

As its Warranty, so no scheduled Service Components - Oil, Fluid, Consumable are covered under Warranty. Also, any impact due to Accident is covered in Insurance, rather than Warranty

Below Car Parts, Repair are not covered under Warranty :-

  • Wear and Tear Items - Brake Pads, Clutch Plate Assembly, Bulb, Belts, Hoses, Bushes, Seals, Gasket, Consumable Items and all Bearing related to AC, Clutch Bearing, Hub Bearing are not covered in Car Warranty
  • Repairs like - AC Gas Leakage, Fuse Change, Relay, Wiper Blade, Rubber Components, Windshield Glass Crack etc unless found a manufacturing defect due to which same happen
  • Rusting, Corrosion and Paint Defect are not part of Warranty (unless specifically mentioned - like VW Group offers in 6 Year Warranty)
  • Battery, Tyre, Music System, Parking Sensor, Speakers and Tyre not covered under Manufacturer Warranty - but has separate warranty from there OEM for 1 year or 2 year at best

Also, Any repair arising due to Consequential damage is not covered under Warranty. Some examples are:-  

» Driving Car with Engine Oil leakage which can seize the Engine or

» Radiator Damage due to Coolant Leakage or

» Trying to Jump Start Car with Drained Out Battery which can Cause Catalytic Converter to Fail or even

» Running Car in Deep water which can cause engine seize


When Car Warranty Can be Void ?

  • When Scheduled Servicing of Car is not done as per recommended Service Schedule specified or not at Authorized Workshop
  • Any Damage to ECU due to fitment of non genuine accessories or incorrect fitment from unauthorized center can damage ECU
  • When Repairs done from an Unauthorized Center or Counterfeit Spare Part Used or Non Genuine Accessories used in Car which can impact Car Wiring
  • Attempting to Install any Accessory by Slicing / Modification in Car Electrical Wiring System or sub standard wiring of Accessory used
  • Fitting LPG / CNG even from Manufacturer Authorized Dealer or CNG Authorized Center Place - unless specifically and cross checked mentioned by Manufacturer that installing CNG from Authorized Dealer will not void warranty and same obtained in written.


Extended Warranty for Cars

Extended Warranty acts as Mediclaim Policy to your car. If you love Cars and Seek Peace of Mind, Extended Warranty acts like a health policy of your car, which offers a (free repair or replacement) cover for failure of any Electrical, Mechanical Parts as specified at time of taking warranty.

Warranty includes Breakdown of Mechanical and Electrical Parts of Car Including Engine, Mechanical Components of Cars. It gives an assurance to owner that the car is well covered against any Manufacturing Defect in the Vehicle.


Extended Warranty Price - Updated in 2020

Standard Warranty in India is from 2 yrs - 3 yrs depending on car Manufacturer. Extended Warranty is offered by almost all Manufacturers till 4th Year and some even offers comprehensive 5th Year Warranty too (except Toyota - where they offer 3 year Standard Warranty)

Below are Price Package of Extended Warranty offered by Car Manufacturers (for 3rd & 4th Year & 5th Year - if Offered) :-


Maruti Suzuki Extended Warranty - 5 Year Warranty / 1 Lakh Kms (3rd Year, 4th Year)

Maruti Suzuki Offers 2 Year / 40,000 Kms Standard Warranty in Car Range. However, an option of additional 3 Year Extended Warranty also offered to offer 5 Year / 1 Lakh Kms on Maruti Suzuki Car Range 

Maruti Suzuki Swift photo

The Pricing of Extended Warranty is as below for Maruti Suzuki Extended Warranty Program

Maruti Cars Royal Platinum Warranty - 5 Years / 1 Lakh Kms Cost in 2020
Maruti Eeco Rs 5500 - 6200
Maruti Alto Rs 4500 - 5500
S Presso Rs 5000 - 6000
Wagon R, Celerio Rs 5500 - 7000
Ignis Petrol Rs 6500 - 9000
Swift Petrol Rs 7000 - 11000
Dzire Petrol Rs 8200 - 12500
Maruti Nexa Baleno Petrol Rs 8000 - 12000
Maruti Brezza Rs 15000 - 19500
Ertiga Petrol Rs 10700 - 13700
Ertiga Diesel Rs 15000 - 18500
Ciaz Petrol Rs 11500 - 15000
Ciaz Diesel Rs 17000 - 21000
Maruti S Cross DDIS 200 Diesel Rs 16000 - 20000



Hyundai Cars Extended Warranty - 5 Year Warranty / 1 Lakh Kms 4th & 5th Year)

Hyundai India Offers 3 Year / 1 Lakh Kms Standard Warranty in Car Range. However, an option of additional 2 Year Extended Warranty also offered to offer 5 Year / 1 Lakh Kms on Hyundai Car Range 

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios photo

Hyundai Cars 5 Year Warranty / 1 Lakh Kms Cost in 2020
Santro Rs 5000 - 5500
Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Petrol, Diesel Rs 7500 - 9000
Hyundai Aura Petrol, Diesell Rs 8000 - 9500
Elite I20 Petrol, Diesel Rs 10000 - 11500
Verna Petrol Rs 11000 - 12500
Verna Diesel Rs 15000 - 16500
Creta Petrol  Rs 14000 - 15500
Creta Diesel  Rs 18000 - 20000
Elantra  Rs 16500 - 18000


Honda Cars Extended Warranty - 5 Year Warranty / 1 Lakh Kms

Honda Cars India Offers 3 Year Standard Warranty in Car Range. However, an option of additional 2 Year Extended Warranty also offered to offer 5 Year / 1 Lakh Kms on Honda Car Range 

Honda Amaze photo

Honda Cars 5 Year / 1 Lakh Kms Warranty
Amaze Petrol Rs 7000 - 8000
Amaze Diesel Rs 7500 - 8500
Jazz Petrol Rs 7200 - 8000
Jazz Diesel Rs 8500 - 9500
WRV Petrol Rs 8000
WRV Diesel Rs 9500
Honda City Petrol Rs 8000 - 8500
Honda City Diesel Rs 12000 - 12500
Honda BRV Petrol Rs 7500 - 8800
Honda BRV Diesel Rs 9500 - 11000
Honda Civic Petrol Rs 17000
Honda Civic Diesel, CRV Petrol Rs 25000
Honda CRV Diesel Rs 35000

Also - Anytime Warranty can be purchased for Honda Cars for 5th, 6th and 7th Year - after completion of 4 Years


Tata Cars Extended Warranty - 5 Year Warranty / 1.25 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh Kms)

Tata Motors Offers 2 Year Standard Warranty in Car Range. However, an option of additional 3 Year Extended Warranty also offered to offer 5 Year Kms on Tata Car Range 

Tata Nexon photo

Tata Cars 5 Year Warranty / 1.25 Lakh  to 1.5 Lakh Kms Cost in 2020
Tiago Petrol Rs 10500 - 13500
Tigor Petrol Rs 16500 - 20000
Altroz Rs 16500 - 20000
Nexon Petrol Rs 19000 - 21500
Nexon Diesel  Rs 20000 - 22500
Hexa Rs 21500 - 23000
Harrier Rs 25900


Mahindra SUV Extended Warranty - 5 Year Warranty / 1 Lakh Kms

Mahindra Offers 2 Year Standard Warranty in Car Range. However, an option of additional 3 Year Extended Warranty also offered to offer 5 Year Kms on Tata Car Range 

Mahindra XUV300 photo

Mahindra Cars 5 Year Warranty / 1 Lakh Kms Cost in 2020
KUV100 Petrol Rs 15000
KUV100 Diesel Rs 19000
Bolero Rs 12500
Thar Rs 16500
TUV300 Rs 15500
XUV300 Petrol (3rd,4th, 5th Year) Rs 14000
XUV300 Diesel (3rd,4th,5th Year) Rs 15500
Marazzo (4th & 5th Year) Rs 16500
Scorpio (Maximum Warranty upto 4 Years Offered) Rs 20000
XUV500 Rs 23500


Toyota Extended Warranty - 5 Years / 1 Lakh Kms (4th & 5th Year) 

Toyota Innova Crysta photo

Toyota Cars 5 Year / 1 Lakh Km Warranty
Etios Liva  Rs 11500 - 12000
Etios  Rs 12500 - 13000
Toyota Glanza Rs 11000 - 12000
Toyota Yaris Rs 14000 - 15000
Corolla Altis Petrol Rs 23500
Innova Crysta Rs 24000
Fortuner Rs 33000
Camry Hybrid Rs 38000

Also a timeless Warranty can be purchased for Toyota Cars for 6th and 7th Year - after completion of 5 Years. Corolla Altis and Fortuner still continues with 3 year Standard warranty which is not extendable


Volkswagen, Skoda - 4 Year Warranty is Standard on all Petrol and 5 Year Warranty on Diesel Cars Offered on all Volkswagen and Skoda Cars in India

MG Motor - MG Motor offering 5 Year Warranty as Standard on Hector and Zs EV 


Renault SUV Extended Warranty - 5 Year Warranty / 1 Lakh Kms

Renault Offers 2 Year Standard Warranty in Car Range. However, an option of additional 3 Year Extended Warranty also offered to offer 5 Year / 1 Lakh Kms on Renault Car Range 

Renault Triber photo

Renault Cars 5 Year Warranty / 1 Lakh Kms Cost in 2020
Kwid Rs 6600 - 7700
Triber Rs 10000
Lodgy Rs 13500
Duster Rs 14500 - 16500
Captur Rs 16500


Kia Extended Warranty - 5 Year Warranty / 1 Lakh Kms

New Cars

Check Prices with Complete Features


Kia Seltos Prices, Model Variant Wise Features Detailed. GT, Tech Line

Kia Motors offering 3 Year / 1 Lakh Kms Warranty on Seltos, which can be extendable to 5th Year. Cost of Extended Warranty for Kia Seltos is:

Kia Cars 5 Year Warranty / 1.2 Lakh Kms Cost in 2020
Kia Seltos Petrol Rs 19100
Kia Seltos Diesel Rs 21000
Kia Carnival To be Updated


Ford, Nissan Extended Warranty

Model Extended Warranty
Ford Figo Rs. 11000 - 13000
Ford Freestyle Petrol Rs. 12000
Ford Freestyle Diesel Rs. 14500
Ford Ecosport (BS6 gets 3 Year Warranty as standard) Price to be Updated
Ford Endeavor Rs. 45000
Datsun Go, Go Plus Rs 5000
Nissan Micra Rs 6000 - 7000
Nissan Kicks 5 Year Warranty as standard Offered


Is Extended Warranty Useful

Yes, a breakdown in electrical components can happen to any Electronic Item. The costs are pretty low of taking an extended warranty and the spare parts are quiet expensive of car. Its worth, as in will do a job more like insurance but against any Manufacturing defect or Failure of Electronic Item or Part of car during regular usage !!

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