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Car Driving Tips for Beginners, Ladies, First Time Car Buyers Online

Car Driving Tips for Beginners, Ladies, First Time Car Buyers Online

Learn Car Driving with Tips, Guide for Beginners, Ladies to First Time Drivers. Also Included Tips for New Car Owners with Max Speed, Start to Stop


Car Driving Tips for Beginners, Ladies, First Time Learners


Initial Set up

1. First and Foremost in Car Driving - A relax mind with a zeal and confidence to drive. Its not at all a tough job, infact when a 18 year old boy, an illiterate and a 70 year Old Youthful Aunty or Uncle can drive a car - is it that you cant drive? Absolutely no - Its very ease to drive car !!

2. Know the Car before attempting the initial drive. Know about clutch plate, brake, how to change gear and brakes and clutch plate position to get car slow down. Its Important to understand in Difference of Brake Pedal and Accelerator

3. Observation. Observe your family members - seating position,steering wheel handling, how smoothly they press brakes, how frequently they change gears. Also - do not miss to Wear Seat Belt before Turning On the Ignition.


Starting to Stopping the Car

4. Starting the car is the first step and what more if you start and take the first acceleration smoothly. Our personal recommendation for initial learning. Ensure that Gear is on Neutral -

» Switch on the ignition

» Put Left Foot on the clutch plate completely

» Time to Change Gear by Shift from neutral to first gear along with your Left Foot releasing clutch slowly. You may also use right foot simultaneously pressing accelerator gently

» Hold the Steering Wheel as mentioned in the picture

Hurray !! the car has started moving. You can slightly increase the speed and shift gear to 2nd gear by again pressing clutch plate and shifting to second gear using left leg and from right leg pressing accelerator slightly

5. Remember, Its not Car Racing Competition. Slow Drive is a Safe Drive. Be Cool and Relax and Follow Lane Driving Approach

6. You can accelerate or slow down by again following this process of pressing Clutch Plate - followed with change in gear and releasing pressure from clutch with simultaneous foot pressure on acceleration

Here is recommended Gear Shift Change in Petrol Cars (as generic range in most of Petrol Cars in India)

Accelerate - UpShift   Slow Down - Downshift
Speed Gear Shifts Speed Gear Shifts
Move Car from 0  1st Gear 35 Kmph Down Shift to 4th Gear
10 to 12 Kmph Shift to 2nd Gear 25 Kmph Down Shift to 3rd Gear
20 to 22 Kmph Shift to 3rd Gear 15 Kmph Down Shift to 2nd Gear
30 to 35 Kmph Shift to 4th Gear 10 Kmph Down Shift to 1st Gear
40 to 45 Kmph Shift to 5th Gear    

Recommended Gear Shift in Most of Entry Segment Cars

7. Before applying brakes or taking side turn - never miss to see rear view mirror or side rear mirror to check distance - there could be some one who may be on speed to overtake. Do not miss to give Proper Indicator with Apt Distance before taking Turns

8. Obey Traffic Signals, Rules and keep a distance with a car in your front ahead . Dont frequently change lane and dont make sudden jackup and jackdown speed of car

9. Avoid Attending Mobile Phone Call - It seriously diverts attention. While overtaking - be relax to make a wise judgement to overtake

10. Do not attempt to change gears very frequently. Like in split of seconds some people changes gears numerous times. Try to maintain a speed depending on traffic condition

11. Last comes stopping the car. Slow the car by coming back to either 1st or 2nd gear. Before 40 - 50 meters where you need to park the car,Press clutch plate and slowly use Brake to bring down the acceleration. When you have reached, stop the car, take the key out, pull your leg away from the clutch and brake gently and simultaneously to avoid a jerk.

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Like one can not learn swimming by reading a book, one can not also learn driving while reading these tips - But If one follow the basics and Rules and go on the road - within a very short span of time - one can find him/her driving a real pleasure and fun

Refer this Excellent Video Explaining how Easy is to Drive Car

If you want to learn Automatic Car Drive

Trust Driving Car is very ease, if you are able to concentrate on road and feel to drive it


Car Driving Tips for New Car Owners

First come first : Congratulations on your New Car. You already know driving, but ideal is to maintain gear changing ratio and speed during the initial run

  • First 1000 to 1500 Kms are considered the warm up period for your new car. Whether its Petrol or Diesel, ideal is to maintain speed to gear change ratio in equilibrium so as not to cross 2000 RPM during first 1500 Kms Driving


  • Do not race the car engine during start-up. Move Gently. Ensure to not to speed up too quickly or stop with zoom by applying brakes too hard during the initial run atleast for the first one month or 1000 kms drive


  • Though Covered in Point 1 - but during first 1500 kms, ensure maximum speed to be under 80 Kms. The reasons for above is to avoid strain on Engine, as the Piston Rings are rotating for the very first time and Oil gets aptly lubricated with the Engine Parts. Its best to avoid any kind of strain 


Key Automotive Terms if you Going for First Car after Learning Driving

Top Speed : Its not the maximum speed of the car as per speed o meter, rather the average maximum speed attained during drive when winds are in complete opposite direction.

Power : Power is a Rotational force at which Engine works. Like - if you looking to overtake another car or speed up suddenly, higher the power output by the engine and its capacity - better will be the acceleration of the car.

Torque : Its not Power and nor the Engine capacity. Torque is the force or pulling capacity of the car. Basically, a higher torque at even low speed will make the car easier and comfortable to drive. Thus, the gears will not be required to change too often.

Suspension : Heard of some friend calling that this car has got a bad suspension. The suspension is a system of shock absorbers on the roads to prevents the chassis of the car against road shocks, blocks, potholes

Radiator : One of the prime reasons for stoppage of car is a heatened up Radiator. Basically, Radiator is like a cooling machine of the car. The Coolant and Water is passed through Radiator and transferred back to Engine to make the engine cool down.

Compression Ratio : Compression ratio signifies the fuel consumption at certain speed limit of car. High Compression ratio is what is desirable as it signifies better power output with lower fuel consumption. Its best to compare One Model in Petrol Car with Another Model in Petrol Car, and similar for diesel model.

ECM or ECU (Electronic Control Module) : The Blackbox in the car, controls the fuel and Air mixture through Sensors. Its like a central computer of the car which controls the Engine, fuel efficiency and batter supply.

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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Thanks for the Info and try to add various Test drive Scenarios

Thanks for the Info and try to add various Test drive Scenarios
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Very informative. Thank you Sir
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