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Top 10 Safest SUV Car to buy in 2024. 5 Star Rated SUV, MPV Cars

Top 10 Safest SUV Car to buy in 2024. 5 Star Rated SUV, MPV Cars

Top 10 SUV Cars with Best Safety Ratings in 2022. Know Best Build Quality SUV Cars with Highest Safety Features of 6 Airbags, ESP, Hill Hold Assist and 5 Star Rating


Top 10 Safest SUV Cars India in 2024 - Only 5 Star Safety Rated Cars

Safety Features, Build Quality and NCAP Crash Test Rating is emerging as a strong parameter in Car Purchase Decision by Indian Car Buyers.

Thanks to Eye Opener Results by Global NCAP which showed the brutal reality of Cars as sold in India, making Indian OEM to focus on Safety Aspect.  

Gone are the days when only ABS and Dual Airbags used to be offered. Now Indian Cars in Sub 4 Meter Segment are now even offered with

  • 6 Airbags
  • ESP
  • Traction Control
  • All 4 Disc Brakes
  • ABS, EBD and Brake Assist
  • Wide Tyres for Ensuring Grips
  • Ultra High Tensile Steel Used in Manufacturing

Safety as Parameter gone level up with 3 Out of 7 Compact SUV now offered with 6 Airbags Safety in India

Here is List of Safest SUV Cars as available in 2022 in India


Safest Compact SUV Cars in India - Only 5 Star Rated Cars

Well if you Seek Compact SUV or Ultra Compact Crossover and seek no compromise on Build Quality with one among highest Safety Score then our Top Picks would be


1. Tata Punch : Smallest yet Safest in 5 Star Safety Rating Club is Tata Punch, if you are a Car buyer who has Budget of  Mid Hatchback and seek a Hatchback kind car yet with with SUV kind ground Clearance and 5 Star Build Quality then you cant wrong with Tata Punch.

Immaculate Build Quality along with AMT Models available with Advanced Traction Pro Mode along with very Impressive Braking Experience, High Speed Steering Feedback to ensure confidence to driver

Tata Punch photo


2. Mahindra XUV300 (all Variants as base W4 Variant scored 5 Star in Global NCAP): Awarded Safer Car for India Award. Top End W8 Option available with 6 Airbags, All 4 Disc Brakes, ESP, Traction Control offering best in class Safety to Indian Consumers

You just cant go wrong with XUV300 if Safety scores on top in your Preference Criteria

Mahindra XUV300 photo


3. Tata Nexon (all Variants): Awarded 5 Star Safety Rating and available with ESP, Traction Control, Hill Launch Assist. Nexon time and again proved its metlle with Solid Well Designed Structure, Ultra High Intensity Grade Steel and respected as one among most Safest Cars in Sub 4 Meter Segment. Now offered with 6 Airbags as Standard in 2024

Tata Nexon photo



Important for Venue and Sonet Buyers

New Cars

Check Prices with Complete Features


Although NCAP Crash test yet to be done and there is no Specific Data which can be used to state that Venue and Sonet in Build Quality can be safer than above 4 SUV - but New Venue, Sonet are loaded with 6 Airbags, ESP, Traction Control, Hill Launch Assist as standard - providing Best in Class Active and Passive Safety Features.


Safest Car in Mid SUV Segment - Only 5 Star Rated Cars

Care for Level up Game then in Mid SUV Segment - Yes, you can experience the best in form of


1. Mahindra XUV700: A Dream Car for Buyers who seek 5 Star Safety with Performance, Lifestyle Features, Space and Styling Aspect in one go. XUV700 Proudly is the Safest SUV Car with Highest Safety Score in India. However, we recommend going ahead with minimum Ax5 Model or above when you spending a Moolah as Curtain Airbags can make a difference in Side Impact and if can go ahead with Ax7 you can experience ADAS Safety making it further more safer for you as next level Safety Alerts

Mahindra XUV700 photo


2. Jeep Compass: There is no second thought that Jeep Compass leads as Authentic SUV which Indian Car Buyers can buy in world of Pseduo SUV, Care for a Feel on how a Real SUV is in terms of Driving capabilities, Off road dynamics, Performance and yet with Solid Build - check out Jeep Compass and ideally Limited Model Variant for package of Advanced Active and Passive Safety Features

Jeep Compass photo


3. Tata Harrier, Safari Twins: Yes its Harrier and Safari which is what offered with Immaculate Build and Dynamics. No Second thoughts on Build Quality, Ultra High Intensity Grade Steel, Crumple Zone set up for ensuring Safety Elements in Harrier and Safari

However, the only Missing Point in Harrier that despite of Premium SUV - ESP and 6 Airbags is only available from XZ and Onwards. Lower End Model Variants - XE, XM, XT, XT PLus offered with ABS, EBD, Dual Airbags without advanced ESP and no Side Airbags and no Curtain Airbags in lower trim - so suggestion is if you seek lower Variants - Safari comes standard with ABS with EBD, All 4 Disc Brakes, ESP, Hill Hold Assist, Traction Control and would be a better pick in Safety Element over Harrier - else top of line Models of both these SUV are pretty well stocked in Safety Specs

Disclaimer - NCAP ratings not available yet of Harrier and Safari

Tata Harrier photo


4. MG Astor Top of Line: MG Astor is essentially the Gasoline Version of Zs EV, and Zs EV scored 5 Star Safety Rating in Euro NCAP. Although yes MG Astor as what sold in India is not crash tested and there is no specific data too available on differences in structure build of Indian MG Astor and European Mg Zs EV.

But giving an edge of benefit basis International Level NCAP Score and Fully Loaded Active and Passive Safety Features in Sharp Edition with ABS EBD with Brake Assist, All 4 Disc Brakes, ESP, 6 Airbags (Dual Front, Side, Curtain Airbags), TPMS, Traction Control, Hill Hold Assist, Hill Descent Control - can expect Mg Astor Sharp Model to be equally Safe at par with the Best and with option of ADAS can be next level safe experience.

MG Astor photo


5. Skoda Kushaq / VW Taigun: Known for Immaculate Build, Global Engineering - Skoda Team is pretty confident that Kushaq has all traits of 5 Star Safety Ratings. With VW as group proven in International Markets for Build Quality along with Segment Best High Intensity Grade Steel and fact that top of line model offered with 6 Airbags, ESP as Standard along with Impressive Brakes - you can expect the very best of 5 Star Safety Aspect from Kushaq and Taigun.

Strongly recommended for Buyers to consider in either Kushaq Style or Taigun GT Line as specified Variant if seek Unmathed Safety Element in your dream Car.

Skoda Kushaq photo


6. Mahindra Scorpio N: Mahindra and Tata Motors setting new benchmark and Mahindra Scorpio N is latest SUV to feature in 5 Star Safety Rating. With a big turn around to Suspension, Performance along with stringent body and advanced active and passive safety features - Mahindra Scorpio N is an excellent proposition for 5 Star Rated SUV Car in Indian Market

Mahindra Scorpio N photo


Important for Hyundai Creta / Kia Seltos Buyers

Hyundai Creta photo

Although NCAP Crash test yet to be done and there is no Specific Data which can be used to state that Creta / Seltos as 3 Star cars are safest - but important to note that Creta & Seltos are stuffed with Advanced active and passive safety of 6 Airbags, ESP, All 4 Disc Brakes, Traction Control, Hill Launch Assist, TPMS

So - Care for Best in Class Safety check out given Model Variants 

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awesome information ❤️❤️
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Excellent Update. thank you... for all buyers they are the best to be advisory.
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Big fan of your channel. Great article. Thank you Gagan bhai.
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suggest me best safety ncap cleared car
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