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Maruti Dzire Diesel Review. Not the Best Value Buy in Maruti Suzuki Range

Maruti Dzire Diesel Review. Not the Best Value Buy in Maruti Suzuki Range

Considering All New Maruti Dzire 2017 Diesel Model. Review on Maruti Dzire Diesel Review from Value Buy in Performance, Features, Space, Mileage, Styling


Maruti Dzire Diesel Review. To Buy or Not

Maruti Dzire has a strong recommendation in Petrol. Its a descent attempt to bring in host of changes with improved drive-ability in Dzire Petrol

But - if you considering Diesel Version, is it good enough ? We dont think so and to our view even within Maruti Suzuki Portfolio there are better Cars

Before Explaining the Alternatives - its Important to know the Financial Obligation. If taking a Car on Finance then additional 1 Lakh Loan Amount will result in additional EMI of

» Rs 2100 EMI per month for 5 Years 

» Rs 1635 EMI per month for 5 Years 

Its important as the Alternative Modes to Dzire Diesel are well within 1 Lakh range Maximum

Maruti Suzuki Dzire photo


Maruti Dzire Diesel Vs Better Cars in Maruti Suzuki Range

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz photo

See the Price Difference in Dzire Vdi Diesel and Onwards (leaving Ldi Diesel as its a very basic variant without Power Window, without Central Lock, Black ORVM etc) against other Cars within Maruti Suzuki Portfolio

Maruti Dzire Diesel Price Alternatives Prices
Maruti Dzire Vdi Diesel Rs 7.29 Lakh Maruti Brezza Vdi Option Rs 7.91 Lakh
    Maruti Ciaz Sigma Hybrid Rs 7.89 Lakh
    Maruti S Cross Sigma Rs 8.07 Lakh
Maruti Dzire Zdi Diesel Rs 8.05 Lakh Maruti Ertiga Zdi Hybrid Rs 8.35 Lakh
    Maruti Ciaz Delta Hybrid Rs 8.29 Lakh
    Maruti Brezza Zdi Rs 8.71 Lakh
    Maruti S Cross Delta Rs 8.78 Lakh
Maruti Dzire Zdi Plus Diesel Rs 8.95 Lakh Maruti Ertiga Zdi Plus Hybrid Rs 8.75 Lakh
    Maruti Ciaz Alpha Hybrid Rs 9.56 Lakh
    Brezza Zdi Plus (without Dual Tone) Rs 9.7 Lakh
    Maruti S Cross Zeta (has Touchscreen AVN) Rs 9.91 Lakh

As can be seen that the Highest Price Difference is not even 1 Lakh - Owing Alternative Car would marginally increase in EMI with a much better Value Proposition.Ex-showroom Prices Delhi. Discount Schemes on Ertiga, Ciaz, S Cross will result in further reducing the Price Gap

Maruti Suzuki S Cross photo


What is Add on Difference in Ciaz, Brezza, S Cross, Ertiga over Dzire Diesel

The Biggest Difference is 

» TurboCharger Difference:  Basically all the Alternative Cars comes with VGT Turbocharger as against Fixed Geometry Turbocharger in Dzire Diesel. The Engine Efficiency is better in VGT Turbocharger giving better Torque and Power Output.

» Better Space: Although New Dzire Diesel has Improved in Space, but if comparing with C Segment Sedan like Ciaz or SUV like Brezza or Cross over like S Cross - they feel better spacious than Dzire

» Build Quality: SUV are known for Macho Build. So if thats the reason expect S Cross to be the best Build Car in Maruti Suzuki Portfolio followed next is Brezza. Both of these feels superior as against Dzire

» Performance: If seeking for more fun to drive car, you can have better fun and ease in Ciaz and Ertiga Hybrid as against Dzire Diesel

» Suspension: Suspension Dynamics of S Cross and Brezza are Top Notch in Maruti Suzuki Car Range and if thats the criteria - you have better cars as S Cross and Brezza

New Cars

Check Prices with Complete Features


Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza photo

» Aesthetics: In terms of Premium In Cabin Experience - S Cross and Ciaz beats Dzire in Interior Aesthetics Appeal. Infact they deliver a more Premium Experience.

» Exterior Styling: Again - Brezza, S Cross, Ciaz - all looks Premium in Exterior Styling as against Brezza. Especially Brezz and S Cross feels much more Macho with Wider Tyres, Taller Stance.

To our View - if Diesel Car is what your consideration, you can have alternate Cars like Brezza, S Cross, Ertiga, Ciaz Offering Superior Value Proposition than Dzire Diesel.

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