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Ransomware Virus Impacting. How to Prevent from Spreading Virus on Internet

Ransomware Virus Impacting. How to Prevent from Spreading Virus on Internet

Ransomware Virus is Impacting Big Companies, Households and All of Us. Know what is Ransomware Virus and how can it Impact all of us with Prevention Tips


Ransomware Virus

What in a common layman language is that this Virus will encrypt all your data on the system and to decrypt the data you have to pay to use the Anti-Virus Software as developed by developer

Encrypt means – all your laptop, computer, mobile images, photo, video, documents, saved information will be locked and will be inaccessible and to restore the information you have to decrypt using anti-virus software for removal of this Virus

Thus it’s a Online way of Ransom – wherein you are virtually been hijacked and to get a bail so as to use all useful information you have to pay so as to get information decrypted to hackers

The Amount hacker asked is for $300 of Bitcoins equivalent to almost Rs 19000 in Indian Currency


How to Prevent from Ransomware Virus

The Virus has impacted over 2 Lakh Victims and is impacting Worldwide. So much so that there is a news that this Virus is impacting in Auto Maker Software Files, Banks, Hospitals, Hotels and Globally has created Panic

Think of that the Auto Maker Key Important Files are suddenly encrypted

But – still there is a way to prevent from Ransomware Virus

1. If possible create a backup of all Important Files and Folders so as even if the virus is impacting, it can least bother you

2.Have antivirus Activated on your Desktop, Laptop, Mobile from Original Source like Mcafee / Norton / Avast / AVG . Do not attempt any pirated version – it may rather be virus than Anti-Virus

3.Do not Download any Unverified Email Attachment or forward any Links as sent to you

4.If on Wifi in Home, ensure that Kids do not have access so that they may not accidentally click on any links or download any unauthorized attachments

5.If Possible, Isolate yourself from Internet and do only work which is bare essential without going to any unauthorized site. Do not go to re-directed sites

6.Last and ofcourse Most Important – do not use Outdated Systems like Windows 6, Window 7, Windows 8, Older versions of Browser, Outdated aNti Virus. We all are in Technology world, important is to upgrade your Systems

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